Wednesday, April 15, 2015

halfway through april & all is well

whoa, how are we seriously half way through april already?  make it slow down, please?  parker turns five in less than two weeks & the days just keep on going on by.

life has been picking up lately but does it ever slow down? doesn't seem like it.  i've been working a bit more, shuttling both kids to school (elliot's doing a three hour play group once a week) & working on my fitness.

guys, i'm serious when i say trying to get back in shape is time con-sum-ing.  we need more hours in the day!  but if you want to follow my fitness journey you can check out my instagram dedicated to it at  it's been fun & i have big goals that i'm hoping to smash.  they involve large muscles & a lot less junk in my diet.  check it out!  but i'm not gonna apologize for all the selfies.  sorry dudes.  it just comes with the territory.

on that note, you know what else is time consuming?  cooking a lot & eating fresh, healthy food.  meal planning so that your fridge is stocked with good stuff & then eating it all before it goes bad.  which reminds me, did you know that people today are spending more money at restaurants than they are on their own groceries?  crazy, right?  eating out less is definitely on my to do list.

here are a few glimpses of what we've been up to.  celebrated easter with lots of candy & tasty food, spent all kinds of time outside, spent all kinds of time inside & went on a few adventures.  later dudes!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

it's april // no foolin'

happy april 1st!

i haven't taken too many daily shots since we last spoke.  my goal for this year's p365 is to end up with at least as many photos for the month as there are days.  but not necessarily one photo per day.  i ended march with 37 photos for my p365 so i took a few days off.  i'm not sure this is the best way to do it though, because since i haven't shot for a couple days i kinda feel like i'm losing steam? i don't know.  i also overthink what i should take a picture of.  should it always be my kids? who am i shooting this for? for me to think it looks cool aesthetically or for them to look back on some day? or for my instagram followers who may or may not be so sick of seeing their faces.  ultimately it needs to be about what inspires me, right? it's my project.  i need to stop overthinking.

so now that we've gotten that out of the way, what else is new? i've started a 12 week workout guide & am on week 2.  i'm pretty excited about it! anyone heard of kayla itsines?  she's put out these 12 week workout guides that help you go from ok shape to freaking ripped.  i mean, ya know, results not typical or whatever.  but we'll see.  i'm feeling pretty motivated (says the girl who just ate a couple extra squares of dark chocolate) but seriously.  it's all about clean eating, high intensity circuit resistance training workouts & cardio workouts on the off-circuit days.

i've started an instagram account dedicated to my fitness journey.  i mean did you know this was a thing?  there are millions of fitness acounts on instagram & the supportive community is huge.  but i'm really scared to put this out there to the people who know me though... i've been pretty guarded about who i share it with.  i mean, i'm really putting myself out there here.  ya know, progress pics & sweaty selfies & all that.  it is what it is.  and what it is is a place for me to shamelessly track my progress, report my workouts & post lots of selfies of me flexing.  so there you have it, you've been warned.  if you're cool with that, i'd love to have you follow along! so come find me at <-- boom.

and that's about it. hope everyone's spring is off to a bangin start & i'll catch ya next time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

getting in front of the camera // march

since there was approximately one picture of me in last year's p365 album, i've resolved to make it a higher priority to get in FRONT of the camera once in a while.  actually, i've decided that once in a while should be about once a month.  i figure my boys will want to look back & know i was around too, right?

getting comfortable in front of the camera is really hard for me.  i find so many reasons why today is not the day for a selfie.  my hair isn't washed, i'm not wearing makeup... or... ok, those are pretty much the main reasons.  but on monday evening i decided to forget those things & give it a go. i set the camera up on my dresser, gave the boys the remote & let the shutter fly.  they had a blast pushing the button, watching the red light on my camera come on & hearing it click.  who knew it even had a red light when it shoots?  maybe that's just a remote thing but it was new to me.  apparently being on the other side of the lens is educational, too.

hopefully this is the start of a year-long project.  it'd be so fun to have a collection of images with my boys for every month at the end of the year.  at some point i'll have to start getting creative with setting & poses though right?  i mean how many squishy boy cheek kissy photos can i have?  oh well. for this month it works.

so here's a few of the results of my first month of the getting in front of the camera project.  here goes nothing!

Monday, March 23, 2015

reflections on a monday

i don't historically love mondays.  does anybody?  we usually do all kinds of fun things on weekends so when it's back to real life on monday, i'm always in a bit of a funk.  today was next level funk.

last weekend we had six houseguests here for the ncaa tournament games taking place in portland.  i love love love having company here & the endless party that comes along with that.  sam's parents, sister & husband, brother & a friend were all here & there was lots of eating at our favorite spots around portland, late night games & movies, a zoo trip & some poker.  everyone headed home on sunday so the house felt awful quiet come monday.  lame.

anyways, last week was pretty rad is what i'm trying to say.  the weather was top notch & we got outside a lot. there was good light which means i was able to take a handful of pretty pictures & for me that's the makings of a good week.

also, in light of having all sorts of fun last week (read: donuts, ice cream, slurpees, costco muffins, etc) i am hitting it hard this week with the clean eats & workouts.  i took the last month off due to a hamstring injury & am going to be going to the gym for the first time in a long time tomorrow.  is it weird how excited i am?  i hope my leg holds out & i'm able to get back into a routine.  i miss me some fitness in my life!

on that note, i'm headed to bed.  5:30 gym time comes early... really, really early.  enjoy some pics from our last week & happy tuesday!

Monday, March 16, 2015

elliot being elliot

i think most people would discourage jumping on the bed in their homes... but not around here. we encourage it.  anything for a photo op. ;)

house tour // the boys' room progress

i'm a little torn about posting a room tour when it's really not 100% done... i'd say we're at about 75%?  but i am just so excited at where this room is at, i can't wait any longer.  and really, is any room ever actually 100% "done"??  in the coming months we'll be switching elliot from his crib to a big boy bed.  i already have all his bedding set & ready to go so i'm anxious to finish off this room... but alas, he has his own timing.  he loves his crib & has no interest in a real bed so that's on hold.  i suppose it's probably better this way, they're going to lose a lot of valuable floor space with the second bed in there so i should just stop my rush!

anyway, here is the room as it stands now.  i painted it white (it was like a dull beige before) & sam helped me put up the shelves last night.  so now i'm ready to share it as it is now with the world!  i wanted white in their room because it provides a bright happy blank slate with all their toys & fun art adding a pop of color.

the wall at the head of their beds is still totally blank.  once we get elliot's bed set up we'll put in a nightstand between the two beds & do something with that wall.  right now i'm envisioning a clothesline going the length of the wall for them to display their own art & school projects.  we'll see... i seem to change my mind every day.

here is the room as of now!  sources are posted at the end.

dresser: IKEA
bed: craigslist (old IKEA hemnes model)
crib: target
dinosaur wall art: etsy
quilt: target
duvet: pottery barn kids
sheets: target
quilt: gifted
stool: IKEA
shelves: IKEA
whicker baskets: target
parker & elliot dinosaur watercolor: my mom
vintage toy trucks: flea market
world clock: IKEA
closet organizers & baskets: target
globe: craigslist
parker self portrait: parker
elliot's blanket: gifted
elliot's crib sheet: target
paint color: white dove by benjamin moore
chalkboard paint: benjamin moore

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