Tuesday, April 15, 2014

that time i posted a million photos while in texas // family vacay

...and we're only halfway through our time here.  i'm sure my facebook friends are on picture overkill from everything i've been posting but i can't help it!  these pictures make me happy.  and isn't that what this little corner of the internet i've created is for?

people keep asking us "oh, you're headed to texas?  what takes you there?  work?  job interview?"  and the answer is no to both.  we just like to explore new places & texas was on our list.  well, austin in particular.  we've spent the first half of our week here in san antonio & are now headed to austin to see if it's all it's cracked up to be.  i'm excited!

while in san antonio we did the obvious things... strolled through the riverwalk, visited the alamo, ate some freaking amazing bbq & had the best mexican food of my life.  and while those were the big checklist tourist items, some of the best moments have just been hanging out as a family.  lots of popcorn & movie nights, playing in the hotel pool, eating ice cream every night we've been here & just enjoying each other's company.

and per the uge, the week is going way too fast.  vacations just seem to have a way of making time speed up which isn't cool really at all.  it's just the opposite.

Friday, April 11, 2014

our life lately // my p-365

so life has kinda picked back up lately & once again this little blog has been somewhat neglected.  sorrrry.  it's times like now i hope to find 15 minutes to check in & post a few pics of our life these days because i always want this little space of the internet to exist for us to look back on.

but today it's gonna be quick because i can already hear elliot stirring back in his bed waking up from nap so it's only a matter of minutes before his mumbles & little leg kicks against the wall turn into yells for "MAMA!"  and nobody is happy with the stupid neighbor today who decided nap time was an excellent time to pound nails into the fencepost closest to elliot's window for no apparent reason.  i mean don't they know that 1:00 to 3:00 is ideal napping time?  come on people.  i need my kid to sleep longer than 45 minutes & your random fence post pounding is helping no one.

anywho, here are a few pics from my daily photos i'm still chugging away on.  did you know today is day 101 of the year??  it is.  and i know that because i have 101 photos since january 1st to show for it.  still love/hating this project yet still keeping with it.

if you wanna see all the daily shots, check out the full set on my flickr HERE.

happy friday!

Monday, March 31, 2014

weekend adventures // a campfire & a hike.

my spring & summer is about to get real crazy.  i don't have a free weekend in april or may & it's all engagement shoots & weddings from here on out.  last weekend was the last weekend for us to have all to ourselves for quite a while which meant i was itching to do something with it.  unfortunately it was pouring & our choices were limited... so i thought.  then out of nowhere sam proposed lunch & a hike in a nearby state park.  within half an hour we had a lunch packed, friends to meet up with (sam's sister & her husband) & we were on our way to an adventure.

the whole thing was so much fun, even in the mud & rain.  sam & jason managed to get a fire going to roast hot dogs & we ate cookies & donuts & some other snacks.  the only thing we were missing were s'mores, how did we forget the s'mores??  anywho, we put out the fire & headed out on a little hike where sam & i decided we needed to do this a whole lot more.  parker was in heaven finding & counting worms.  we had to push elliot through his nap but he had a blast digging in the dirt & throwing rocks in the bushes.

i'm super excited for this summer, even with all the busy-ness.  these older two are such a blast to take out & about & watch discover the world around them.  have i mentioned i love this stage of toddler/kid-hood?  it's the bees knees.

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