Wednesday, November 16, 2016

halloween to the election & all the things in between

let's just look at pretty pictures & pretend everything is ok.  yeah?  are you ok?

i'm alright.  trying to just keep going through the motions & find the time to do it all.  work, kids, husband, dog, repeat.  somewhere in there i find time to shower & take creative photos.  i've been trying to post on instagram more & that brings a whole weird level of self-criticism with it, too.  it's hard not to get caught up in likes & followers & the feeds of everyone else who's doing it better than you.

what was the world even like before social media?  i mean, if you wore a cute outfit & had perfect beach waves did anyone even know about it?  it has at least inspired me to get out of my yoga pants & wash my hair at least twice this week.  so it's good for something!

the boys had a blast representing the dark side this halloween.  it was declared "best halloween ever in the galaxy" & i'd have to agree.  every year it gets more & more fun.  fall has been wet but we've found little pockets of sunshine & dry weather which allowed us to get out & hike a bit here & there.

brooks is almost a year & has settled into our house pretty well.  he's insane, don't get me wrong, but we're getting there.  he's chilling out.  and the boys constantly tell him they will love him forever & ever no matter what he'll always be our puppy so i guess he's staying.

work has been great.  so many amazing families this fall & brides booking for next year.  i love what i do & am totally feeling a surge of excitement for what next year will bring as i ramp it up a bit for 2017.  this year was a bit of a regrouping & rebuilding year after the move & a primary focus on portland clients.  next year?  bring it.  it's gonna be a good one.

here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks.  i'm gonna try to take my camera out more & more & work on shooting on these darker days even when it feels too dark & dreary out.  buck it up buttercup.

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