the belly

twelve weeks {parker} | twelve weeks {elliot}

thirteen weeks {parker} | thirteen weeks {elliot}

fourteen weeks {parker} | fourteen weeks {elliot}

fifteen weeks {parker} | fifteen weeks {elliot}

sixteen weeks {parker} | sixteen weeks {elliot}

seventeen weeks {parker} | seventeen weeks {elliot}

eighteen weeks {parker} | eighteen weeks {elliot}

nineteen weeks {parker} | nineteen weeks {elliot}

twenty weeks {parker} | twenty weeks {elliot}

twenty-one weeks {parker} | twenty-one weeks {elliot}

twenty-two weeks {parker} | twenty-two weeks {elliot}

twenty-four weeks {parker} | twenty-four weeks {elliot}

twenty-five weeks {parker} | twenty-five weeks {elliot}

twenty-six weeks {parker} | twenty-six weeks {elliot}

twenty-nine weeks {parker} | twenty-nine weeks {elliot}

thirty weeks {parker} | thirty weeks {elliot}

thirty-one weeks {parker} | thirty-one weeks {elliot}

thirty-two weeks {parker} | thirty-two weeks {elliot}

thirty-four weeks {parker} | thirty-four weeks {elliot}

thirty-five weeks {parker} | thirty-five weeks {elliot}

thirty-six weeks {parker} | thirty-six weeks {elliot}

forty weeks {elliot}


  1. Wow, What a nice little bump you had!

  2. I've looked at your adorable little bump before, but I wanted to leave a comment. It looks like you were all babe! I wished I'd thought to wear the same clothes for each picture, I love that it really looks like you're "blooming". (I was going to say transforming, but I don't like Michael Bay that much. ;)

  3. That is so neat that you took your picture in the same shirt every week. You had the most adorable belly!!!

  4. That is so cute.
    I didn't take many when I was pregnant but will next time.

  5. Girl you were ALL belly! Ha ha. Such a good idea to wear the same shirt every time!

  6. holy cow! your belly was straight up like a basket ball! so cute.

  7. Such a great idea! That's one cute bump!

  8. Can I please just say that I have jealousy written all over every inch of my body? Just a few questions. Why didn't your face get fat? Why is your butt the same size in every picture? Why don't you have a double chin? Why aren't your arms hanging down below your boobs? HOW DID YOU LOOK SO CUTE PREGGERS?

    P.S. You totally don't have to answer any of these.

  9. Wow you were really all baby! You were very blessed with some good genes! Really cute.

  10. i am totally stalking your bump pictures because at 18 weeks i feel like i have virtually nothing to show for it unless i stuff myself and take the picture at the end of the night... BUT it looks like you took awhile to pop too.

  11. OMGosh! Talk about it looking like you have a basketball under your shirt! lol.. its adorable!

  12. How cute! you were allll baby:)

  13. Pretty bump! The growing of the baby and the belly is incredibly beautiful!

  14. okay. so i just came to this page because i was wondering if you were going to create a new one for this pregnancy or what? anyway. i think how you're doing it is genius. but that's not the point of this comment. the point is that i can't freaking believe your belly pictures with parker. uummm, if i put my finger over the belly part (and i totally did to test it. yes i'm weird) you don't even look pregnant. like, pretty sure you look the same but with a basketball under your shirt. pretty sure i gained wait in every other part of my body plus the belly. so i guess the point is that you looked awesome and i'm jealous and i'm constantly leaving you comments. the end.

  15. It looks like youre carrying higher this time around! I cannot believe how freaking amazing you look while pregnant.....go you! ;)

  16. I'm right with Michael. Mindy. Dane! A) I'm jealous. I looked like a whale - my son was 10lbs when he was born. But the fact that you look totally perfect everywhere with just a baby bump... yeah. It almost makes me want to have another just to give it a shot! Serious kudos to you!

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