Monday, July 20, 2015

summer in these parts // updates & pictures

july is almost over... how??  the days are just flying by.  i'm in the market for a kindergarten backpack for parker & should probably start thinking about some sort of preschool or regular playgroup for elliot because fall is just around the corner.  boo!

we are loving these long summer days.  so much time spent just hanging out & trying to stay out of the crazy heat & evenings spent running through sprinklers or playing with the hose.

i've had another crazy run of motivation to get our house set up.  my mom is coming to visit for a couple weeks next month & has never seen the house so i want it to look good!  we've been here almost a year & most of the walls are still bare.  i'm afraid of commitment.  when you have 100 year old plaster walls hanging things is pretty scary.  i use a lot of 3M velcro strips where i can but the bigger things that require legit anchors take lots more planning before hanging.  it's coming along though.  hopefully i will have some pictures of completed walls soon.

i'll also be painting our bathroom soon & hopefully finishing up our cool industrial-ish reclaimed wood bench we're working on.  but there's always something.  it's fun though!  i've spray painted more things in the last couple weeks than i can count & it's just so gratifying to see things come together.

i really do love our house.  it may be small in places & quirky & have a non-flowing 100 year old layout but there is just so much character inside these walls & i'm so grateful we get to live here.

with that, here are a few pictures of our lazy summer days from the last few weeks.  and house update pictures to come soon!

utah & the fourth // picture log

we spent about a week down in utah over the fourth visiting family & celebrating the holiday.  it was so much fun!  the boys had their first snow cones, jumped on a big trampoline for the first time (and with a sprinkler underneath!), held their first sparklers, legit swam in a lake for the first time & basically just had an amazing time.

it's always so hard to say goodbye to the fam.  we only get down there a couple times a year & by the end the boys are so warmed up to all their cousins, grandparents, aunts & uncles & having so much fun that it's so hard to leave knowing they'll lose some ground over the distance in the next six months.  and of course i miss them all terribly too.

at least we have all these fun pics to remember the good times!  crazy trampoline jumping, swimming with sharks, kayaking, dinosaur park, the farm & our family.  love all these crazy people.

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