Saturday, September 5, 2009

Goodbye Summer... Hello Fall!!

This is me being sad. At the moment I was being sad because I was about to send my niece off on an airplane back to Utah after a super fun extended weekend visit. I thought this picture was appropriate though since I am also sad to say goodbye to all the fun we had this summer!
We did SO much this summer!! Obviously I was just too busy doing all these things since I got absolutely NO blogging in. Maybe that will change. Big fat "maybe". Some of the things we did this summer are:
  • My mom and dad came to visit for a whopping 10 days! It was SO fun and super nice to have them here for so long.
  • Went to Boise for my sister Shelley's first Ironman 70.3.
  • Did my first sprint triathlon.
  • Sam played Hoopfest in Spokane.
  • My niece Jessica came to visit for a long weekend (pictured above).
  • I went to a week of Girl's Camp to be a YCL leader! Yay!
  • Had a visit from Sam's brother Kasey & his family.
  • I got my first black eye... from my husband! (Don't worry, it's not what it sounds like... it was merely an innocent jetskiing accident!)
  • Hung out w/ Sam's other brother Brad in Seattle & his family.
  • Had a long weekend visit from my sister Shelley and her family.
  • Had two of my nieces and a nephew here for a quick visit.
  • Went to the Long Beach Kite Festival w/ Sam's parents and sister & her husband.

And that about sums it up. It was insane here at the Hotel Nielson. Seriously. At one point we had housed 15 people over the course of 1 week. But we love it... wouldn't want it any other way!

Ok, so this blog really hasn't had any point other than just the fact I'm going to start blogging more regularly (seriously!) and making shorter posts. It doesn't have to be a novel! Don't I say that every time?

This week we have a LOT going on... it's Labor Day weekend and we're meeting up w/ Jodi & Jason in the 'Couve to do some river rafting (pray for good weather!), then it's my B-day on Friday!! Yay! Then Saturday is the Cougar game in Seattle, then Sunday is Sam's THIRTIETH B-day!! Woot woot! Whodda thought he'd make it this long huh?

Welp, this is me signing off and saying g'night until next time! There will be a next time, much sooner than this last time was... I promise!!

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