Wednesday, July 16, 2014

life lately // july

and a second post!  just too many pics i wanna share to all put in one post.  so here's a second in one day.  i'd love to say i'll get a little more regular with the posts but i just won't make any promises... we all know how that goes.

summer is pretty much killin it.  my boys can't get enough sprinklers & water action & i'll be honest, i'm workin on one of the best tans i've had in years.  we are getting pretty used to these 85 degree days around here & are living like they'll never end.  life is good.

here's a few pics from our july so far.  most of them are from my photo-a-day project (see them all here: flickr // my website) which i'm still stickin with!  almost to a whole year now... although i technically started over january 1st so that i'd have a whole calendar year when i was done.  i can't even tell you guys how must this has changed my photography & shooting style!  photo a day has been awesome.  although, it is SO HARD.

anywho, how is your summer going?

life lately // june

hey look, i'm posting!  been a lot going on in these parts.  work is nuts, getting ready to move is nuts & the weather has been nuts.  all good things.

here's a glimpse into what our june looked like.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

our life lately // my P365 & other random bits

hey look, it's my semi-monthly post!  the last few weeks have been full of sun, work & more sun.  it needs to never go away, ever.  we've gotten outside every chance we can & we're all working on some legit tan lines.  so far, so good.

i shot my first wedding of the season a couple weeks ago (check it out here!) & am pretty excited that it's all business pretty much every weekend from here on out til the fall.  i mean, it's good & bad.  when i'm busy with work there's this whole big part of me that gets filled up.  i still get butterflies before every shoot but when i walk away with a couple memory cards full of awesome images i practically float my way back to the car & then it's like a junkie needing their fix until i get on the computer to start editing.  weird?  maybe.  but photography is a huge outlet for me & creating awesome images is my fix.

my half marathon training is stalled.  let's be honest, i lost motivation.  thirteen miles is no joke, you guys.  the training requires you to run a lot & it just wasn't happening.  i'm running a five mile race this weekend & am pretty excited to test myself on this shorter distance rather than freaking out about my body lasting for thirteen.  but seriously, where has my motivation gone?  clean eating, cutting junk out of my diet & getting in shape have all been low on my priority list for months now & i gotta figure out why.  how do you get back on the wagon when being off is so comfortable?  aside from all that feeling a bit uncomfortable in your own skin thing, it's pretty easy to just eat junk & be lazy.  in fact, it's nice every now & then.  but ugh, it's gotta stop.  so here goes nothin.  today was clean eating day one & it was less than perfect but practice makes perfect, right?  that's what tomorrow's for.

and with that i'm off to bed!  i'm meeting my bestie/running partner/life partner for four miles tomorrow morning at 5:30.  aaaand that's gonna come early.  here's a little photo dump from the last few weeks of our goings-ons.  you can follow along in real time (aka: i update much more frequently) on both flickr & instagram.


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