Monday, May 11, 2015

may is here // playing catch up

i was doing so well for a while there!  my blog is still an important little corner of the internet to me so i will continue to post here & there as i want.  but per the uge, life gets busy & posting gets harder.  work has picked up & i've shot my first couple weddings of the season.  we went away for a long weekend to the coast to celebrate parker's 5th birthday {those pictures to come} & my fitness journey continues {you can follow along with that here:}.

i'm in another slump with my p365... the weather is grey this week & i have found so many other things to fill up my time & sometimes it just feels hard to get out my camera.  but i will continue to push through this despite missing a few days here & there!  it's a p365 with my own rules which means it can be more like a 355 or 345 ;)

all in all, life is good.  summer is on the horizon & i've even managed to get a bit of a tan here & there.  i'm so excited for what our first summer in portland will bring & so nervous as we spend it prepping parker for kindergarten.  how is that possible??  anywho, here are a few pictures from last month.  i'm just playing catch up, but isn't that always the case??

happy monday.

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