Monday, July 30, 2012

just passing the time... pinterestingly.

still no baby!

and that's just fine, the due date's still 10 days away {what?  only TEN?  yikes.}  so in the meantime, things are starting to calm down around here & i'm starting to feel more on top of things & a little bit ready for the newest member of the fam to make his appearance.  my bags aren't packed yet but all the baby clothes are washed & i know we could grab what we needed {by going off the list i've made} in just a matter of minutes... so i'm no longer sweating that.  we've reorganized a lot of the house & decluttered {two trips worth of goodwill donations feels goooood} & things are generally pretty tidy around here these days so the nesting bug has simmered a bit too.

i'm all caught up on photoshoot edits & am finding myself with just a little more time than usual which has led me back to a long lost love of mine... pinterest.  oh man, how i've missed thee.  and i've missed projects.  being creative & watching things go from just an idea to an actual physical completed thing.  i don't think i've done very many projects in the last nine months on account of all my napping.  seriously!  parker's naptime was generally when i'd do cool stuff like fun DIY projects & blog posts & lately his naptime has been MY naptime.  which is nice but not very creatively fulfilling.

so i was perusing pinterest yesterday & found two pins that went together perfectly.  a personalized alphabet book & a code for a free 8x8" photobook from shutterfly.  it was like it was meant to be!

i started on it approximately five minutes later.  that's gotta be some sort of new record for acting on a pin, right?  i'm creating the pages in photoshop & just importing them into the book as full page pictures.  most of the pictures are from archives... it's been awesome to find some use for those pictures that are just living sad neglected lives in my iPhoto albums.  a few of the pages are pictures i've taken just for this project though & that's been fun too.

this book is all about parker & his favorite things.  there's no mention of baby brother because i'm hoping he'll have it as a little keepsake of when he was our one & only... i'm sure there will be lots of parker + baby brother in his future so i want this to be a special little book for him.

and why have i not been doing more photobooks in my life?  such an awesome way to display your photos!!  i feel many many more of these coming on in my future.  i think i'm addicted.

here are just a few examples of some of the pages.  when the book actually comes i'll take some pictures & show off the final product.

but first i have to think of something for U, V & Y.  hmmmmm... any ideas?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 89

oh man, i feel like all my creative juices have been sucked out of me.  i have to force myself to take out my phone & find things to take pictures of... i'm tired, yo!  i keep feeling like when this baby comes i'll have some new burst of energy & more time on my hands. ha!  hahahahahaha, HA! why am i so delusional?

anywho, i managed to take my phone out a few times & snap some pics... here they are!

monday.  i worked in the office on monday this week & realized for the first time that there is a drive-thru starbucks between my sitter's house & my office.  how did i JUST realize this?  a huge hot chocolate & a bagel with cream cheese & i was on my way.  and p-ray had an awesome time hanging out at his sitter's.  she has a crazy collection of thomas & friends stuff so he's pretty much in heaven the whole time he's there.

and i only have one more day of work in the office {next week} before maternity leave... that made it reaaaalll hard to motivate myself to tackle that inbox.   a nice little post-work pedicure made up for it though.

tuesday.  picked up this amazing lion hat for baby boy two while shopping at the mall tuesday night during girl's night {no pictures of girl's night?  i know, i'm lame}.  sam thinks it's ugly, i think it's amazing.

i came home to see this adorable little monster passed out in his bed... is there anything better than coming home to your sleepy tucked in toddler?  nope.  then it was time to sit on the couch & watch boy two bounce around in the belly... this kid is a night owl!

wednesday.  started our day off with a walk around the lake with a girlfriend & parker got to see a mama duck & her babies.  which brings me to my next point... why can't i just lay some eggs to sit on & then have my baby pop out one day?  seems so much easier than this baby in the belly business.

wednesday night sam & parker watched fireworks videos {one of p-ray's favorite things lately... random, i know} and then off to the church to play some basketball.

thursday.  still stroller strides-ing it up where i can... my doctor would probably scream if she saw me doing that plank & would never let me complain about back pain again.  ah well.

after stroller strides we met up with lindsey & cami for a walk around the marina & some time at the park.  then it was back home for coloring & a night of washing, folding & putting away itty bitty baby clothes.  getting closer to being ready!

and parker?  well, i guess he's still working on this whole big boy bed thing.

friday.  despite the fact that i got up & actually showered & did my hair & put on real clothes, parker informed me he just wanted to stay home.  seriously, i tried to get him dressed & told him we needed to go to the store but he responded, "no, stay home."  so we did.

there was story time in the laundry basket, self-photo-shoots, lots of coloring & then wrestling when sam got home.  friday night was spent snuggling on the couch watching olympics.  yay!!  go usa!


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Friday, July 27, 2012

thirty-eight weeks. bumpdate!

so i just realized with parker i only had updates up to 39 weeks because he was born two days early.  that means i might only have ONE MORE of these updates before baby day, guys!!

and between you & me & the fly on the wall?  i'm kinda glad.  check that, reaaaalllly glad.  can i please have something else to blog about besides pregnancy... please?  give me a cute baby to take pictures of, show me parker's face when he meets his baby brother & for the love of pete, let's have some posts about getting back in shape, yes??

so as i type this i'm having braxton hicks like whoa.  nothing's been regular, i've never been inclined to time anything but my belly just seems to love to contract.  i'm a wee bit dilated & effaced which i know doesn't mean anything about when i might go into labor, but i'm thinking it might have something to do with how quickly things will go once labor does happen?  is this true, does anyone know?  parker's labor was only 11 hours, if this went faster that'd be cool with me.

i spent last night doing baby laundry & can now say baby boy officially has something ready to wear home once the time comes.  parker's bag is packed if he needs to quickly be sent over to someone else's house for the day.  i have a list of things to grab quickly as we run out the door but haven't packed anything just yet... i should probably do that.  just give us one more week baby boy, i think i could really be ready in one more week.

sidenote:  ya'll excited for the olympics?  i am.  when else in your life can you be excited about your country having the world's best shot-putter or triple jumper or synchronized swim team?  the olympics are rad & i hope the opening ceremonies are awesome tonight.  we're getting pizza & camping out with an opening ceremonies party... go crazy!

go usa!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wordless{ish} wednesday: at the ocean.

we've taken parker to beaches in hawaii & beaches in san diego & both times he wanted nothing to do with the sand, the ocean or any of it.  he was unimpressed & not having it.  this last weekend?  he was ALL about the beach at the washington coast.

he's my true little pacific northwest baby.

and don't expect anything too exciting to happen in this video... it's just p-ray walking around being p-ray.  in other words, it's totally worth watching.

to see the video in full on "HD" mode hit the HD button & go to vimeo's site.  it's pretty sweet.
{shot using video mode on my canon 7D.  i really need to use that feature more often!}

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Monday, July 23, 2012

thirty-seven weeks. bumpdate!

yeah, that says baby is the size of a "wintermelon"... not a typo.  what the freak is that you ask?  i have no idea.

full term mutha-truckas!!  baby boy is fully baked.  he could come at any moment & that would be just fine... for him.  as for me?  i think i could use two more weeks.  yes, i am more uncomfortable then EVER.  i am no longer waddling, i am full on limping from the back pain.  i feel like my legs are gonna give out when i get up from bed, the couch or a chair & i always feel like someone gave me a hard kick to the rear.  he is low & there's lots of pressure down there!  ouch.

but yeah, at the same time?  a couple more weeks would be great.  i'm in full nesting mode... i'm making progress on a few projects around the house i've been meaning to tackle & things are starting to get organized up in here.  we have the special perfume/dye-free laundry detergent & heaps of baby laundry is about to get washed.  i still need to pack a hospital bag & finalize parker-arrangements for our hospital stay.  i'm all caught up on editing family sessions from the photog biz & i'm ready to just relax for a while, so baby boy?  take your time... for now.

if i could pick a perfect day for him to come, it would be august 3, exactly one week early.  it's a friday so sam would have his week off {he's only taking a week... heaven help us!} bookended by two weekends.   that'd be nice, right?  so everyone think magical thoughts about august 3, mmk?  thanks.

in other news, progress continues on the bucket list.  parker is fully transitioned to his big boy bed, i squeezed another pedicure into my life & we took a day trip to the ocean.  the nursery is all set up to accomodate both boys & i've enlisted the help of a friend in making boy two a baby blanket.

some of the other stuff will have to wait til after baby.  i don't think i'm up for a day trip to mt. rainier or northwest trek at 37+ weeks pregnant as much as i would be if we went with me packing an infant in an ergo post-partem & the quilt i want to finish might be a better project for my mom & i to work on when she's here.  so there's that.

but really?  he could come at any moment & it'd be ok.  you guys, this is exciting!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 88

there's gonna be a lot of parker up in here this week.  just like the last post says, he's my little homie.  i'm so happy to have these good times with him these last couple weeks before baby brother comes.  he's not gonna know what hit him!

here's what our week looked like in iPics.

monday.  after stroller strides we hit up costco & got food to take to a potluck with friends monday night.  there was bbq & swings & hand holding with older girls.

tuesday.  umm, who is this grown up little boy?  helping me make sandwiches, sitting on the potty {yes, his shorts are up... just getting used to the idea!} & jumping on his BIG BOY BED.  pinch me, interwebz.

tuesday afternoon it was off to hesitantly stand in cold lakewater with cami & then home to snuggle with daddy.

wednesday.  family night at the mall!  shopping for big boy underwears & then dinner at chipotle made this little guy absolutely exhausted.  he's been sleeping on his big boy bed all week & LOVES it.

thursday.  that belly?  holding a full term baby folks.  while i went into the office, ate at our bbq potluck & received awesome baby-presents from awesome co-workers {thank you guys!!} parker hung out with his girlfriend cami.  he reportedly insisted on holding her hand everywhere they went & in turn, melted my heart into a big gooey puddle.

and guess what?  baths are back in p-ray's good graces!  hooray for no more baby-bathing-torture!  baths are fun again.

friday.  a torrential downpour led parker & i to starbucks for a breakfast date rather than stroller strides {who needs to work out when you're 2-3ish weeks away from baby day anyway, right?} and then it was off to a birthday party friday afternoon where parker slept the whole way there with his blanket over his head.  i couldn't make this stuff up.

after we partied it up halloween-style, we met up with our friends lindsey & tim who were camping about five minutes from our house.  we crashed their campfire to roast hot dogs & s'mores & i crossed one more thing off my pre-baby bucket list.  cooking things over fires is a pretty big deal to me.

saturday.  another major thing sam & i wanted to do this summer before baby?  a daytrip to the ocean. the washington coast is about an hour & a half west of us so we were there by noon.  delicious lunch was had, splashing in ocean water & walking barefoot on the beach was done, exploring the amazing neighborhoods of seabrook went down & then sleeping the whole way home happened.  more pictures of our day will be posted later this week...

probably my best time at the washington coast EVER.


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

parker lately.

i can't get enough of this little guy lately.  parker is in this stage where i swear it's impossible he could ever get any cuter.  if i could freeze him in this stage of life, i just might.

he is giggly, he is funny, he makes jokes, he plays games, he loves reading stories on his big boy bed, he gets crazy excited over his elmo potty, he is obsessed with thomas trains, he claps his hands and yells "yayyyy!" every time we finish singing a song, he picks out what toys will come along for the ride when we run errands, we have an awesome daily routine & he is just my little buddy.  of course, he has his two year old moments... there are tantrums, there are time outs & i've gotten smacked in the face more times than i can count but even that kinda makes me laugh.  i love seeing him grow up & have real emotions. 

we have conversations.  i remember holding him as a newborn & wondering what talking to this little baby in my arms would be like someday.  the thought blew my mind.  and now, as we drive down the road talking about seeing fireworks at the baseball game, petting horses in san diego or going home to see daddy, it's happening.  he's becoming a little person & i'm the mom to a little kid.

at every stage i can't picture loving him anymore than i do now.  but somehow he just continues to get more & more fun & being a mom becomes more & more rewarding.

i've worried a little bit about how he'll adjust to our new family member.  but lately?  i'm just so excited for him to become a big brother.  i know he'll be great.  he talks all the time about "parker's baby brother" & has even talked about bringing baby brother home.  now that he's in a big boy bed he refers to his crib as "parker's baby brother's bed" & loves to climb in & around his baby brother's carseat.  sometimes i actually worry that this new baby will pick on parker, he is just that sweet.

i like to think we're doing something right with him.  he is my best achievement to date & another advantage to freezing time would be not screwing it up.  i'm not ready to watch him be influenced by kids at school or to see his heart get broken by some cute girl.  he's never stayed out past curfew, he's never taken our car & done donuts in a parking lot, he's never put off homework or lied to me about where he was.  i'm not ready for that.

he gives the best hugs & kisses & holding his hand is one of my favorite pastimes.  i think i'll still make him do those things twenty years from now.  that's not weird, right?  i'm his mom & he'll always be my little boy... no matter how big he gets.

love him so much.

Monday, July 16, 2012

thirty-five & thirty-six weeks. bumpdate!

dudes, this baby is gonna be a full-term real baby human on friday.  that means he could legitimately come at any given moment and everything would pretty much be a-ok.  and you know what?  i'm pretty much ok with that.  we have stuff ready to go {a brand spanking new carseat is just waiting to be spit up in} & i bought a fresh pack of newborn onsies for the hospital & his coming home outfit.  what else do i need in order to be ready?  not much.

we're talking like two to three more weeks here.  CRAZYAMAZEBALLSNUTS.  seriously... is this real life?  i'm gonna have two boys within the next month & that blows my mind.  i'm so excited/scared/nervous/anxious & don't even know where to start.  i'm excited for the next stage of life. of growing my family of four & seeing my two boys together.  i'm excited to work out again & not feel like my entire body is broken when i attempt to sit up in bed.  i will miss baby movements in my belly & sleeping through the night but for the most part, i think i'm done being pregnant.  so we just gotta get through these next few weeks.

oh... and then there's the name issue.  i thought we were making progress but we're kinda back at square one.  it's just so harrrrrd.  it's so hard when you have a little boy already with a name you're absolutely in love with to come up with something "as good."  and now that we already know parker so well, how do we name someone we've never met & expect it to match up?  so i think we're waiting to see baby boy before we finalize things.  kinda exciting in a way?  look at me, flying by the seat of my pants!  wheeee!

anywho, here are bumpdate pics from the last two weeks because with the vacay & playing catch up it got lost in the shuffle.  the belly is getting bigggg.  i can feel it growing, i swear.  or at least, i can feel baby boy's little bum pushing my belly out to make more room for his chubby little self.  can't WAIT to meet him!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 87

hello blog friends!  another crazy week has come & gone & i'm just trying to keep my head above water.  in other words? life as usual.

here's a quick rundown of what our week looked like through iPics.

monday.  threw some workout clothes on the belly & hit up a little stroller strides before heading to the lake where parker just looked like a creeper on the shore & watched all the swimmers {aka, just his girlfriend cami}.  monday night was popsicles & bbq.  heck yeah summer.

tuesday.  put on real clothes & met lindsey & cami for a movie.  the kiddos lasted about 15 minutes at the movie so it was off to the bounce houses next door where they were entertained for a good hour.  per the usual, i napped while parker napped... it requires approximately 10 pillows.

tuesday night parker antics.  nuff said.

wednesday.  worked from home wednesday & parker couldn't be bothered while reading his book on the way to the store wednesday night.  also?  sometimes 11pm cookie dough is so necessary.

thursday.  drove into work on a sunny day & spent a good part of thursday night with parker admiring the construction going on on the road in front of our house.  and parker goofball faces during bathtime.

friday.  getting soaked during a torrential downpour at stroller strides required some hot chocolate to recover.  so our summer lasted about five minutes.

friday night we hit up some of our favorite seattle spots {top pot donuts & a ride on the monorail} before a mariner's game with home-team-dugout front row seats.  and when i say front row seats i mean legit front row.  it helps to have friends with the hook up.  thank you tim & lindsey!  i have two boys that went home very happy that night.


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Friday, July 13, 2012

today i am thirty-six weeks.

the soon-ness of when this baby boy will be here is really starting to hit hard.  as of today, there are only four weeks between now & kid two's due date.  believe it or not, about 95% of me is completely excited & ready.  i'm ready for the chaos that will come with two kids & i spend a lot of time wondering what this little boy will be like & look like.  i can't wait for parker to meet his baby brother & to hold my little newborn & most importantly?  take five hundred thousand pictures of him.  approximately.

the other 5% of me?  freaking out, man.  we only have {give or take} four weeks left with life as we know it.  only four more weeks with parker as my one & only.  and only four more weeks of sleeping through the night for who knows how many months.  so there's that.

and then there are all the things left to cram into these next four weeks.  we've crossed a few things off our bucket list but i still have quite the agenda.  i can already see a lot of these things aren't gettin done... but that's fine.  some of them can wait until after boy two is here or some of them can just wait, period.

and you guys, i'm tired.  it's getting harder & harder to get motivated to pack me & parker up & get out of the house each day.  as the temperature rises here in the northwest, i feel more & more inclined to just melt into the seat of my couch.  dealing with parker's occasional tantrums/defiance is so much easier in the comforts of my house than in the parking lot of target & even lifting him in & out of his carseat is enough to fatigue me.  i'm such a wimp!

ok but mostly?  i'm crazy excited.  the baby stuff is starting to pile up around here & reality is setting in... this baby is coming.  i picked out what he'll come home from the hospital in, there's a shiny new carseat just waiting to cart him around in {we bought parker's used & it's now thrashed} & i cannot WAIT to run with my babies in our new double jogging stroller.  actually, i just can't wait to run again!!  yay fitness!

oh man, four more weeks.  it's gonna crawl & it's gonna fly by all at once.  hopefully i can motivate myself to get out of the house enough times to cross a few more things off our list & make the most of these four weeks.  we'll be looking at sleepy newborn pictures before we know it!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

wordless{ish} wednesday: ice cream eater

vacay was good.  i crossed all kinds of things off my bucket list & p-ray got to bond with his cousins.  he definitely got along best with kimmy... every time she'd walk in a room he'd yell, "it's kimmy!" super cute.

i think she kinda liked him too.  at least enough to share her ice cream with him which is a pretty big deal.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 86

it's vacation week!

we left tuesday night to spend the week with sam's family in eastern washington & have been having so much fun enjoying friends, family & sun.  it's too bad every week can't be vacation week.

here's what it looked like in iPhotos.

monday.  started the week off with some stroller strides where the kiddos had a little race of their own after class.  parker was pretty excited about crossing that finish line.  after stroller strides it was off to the doctor to hear baby brother's heartbeat & then back home where p-ray anxiously waited for his dad to come home.

sam & parker spent the night working out in the yard {aka parker throwing a tennis ball around while sam pulls weeds} & then parker made it rain at dinner with his rice.  side note:  picking rice out of carpet is a really good time.

tuesday.  we picked sam up at work, ate some lunch & then headed to the sunny side of washington.  parker was a rockstar traveler & LOVED looking at all the windmills & rocks & dirt & trucks out of his window for the first four hours & then slept the last two.  what a stud.

wednesday.  happy independence day america!  we spent the day playing with cousins, bbq-ing & riding scooters on the back patio in the sun.  thanks to the 5:30am wake up, the lack of a nap & the day of doing nothing but running at full speed with big kids, parker had a major 7:30pm meltdown.  that equaled early bedtime & no fireworks for p-ray.  laaaaame.

sam & i stayed back at his parents house & watched fireworks out the window while everyone else went to a big show.  bright side?  i got all kinds of work done & p-ray got an awesome night's sleep.  win win.

thursday.  lots of cousin time, running through sprinklers time & eating snacks out on the porch swing time.  thursday night we hit up family hour at the local aquatic center & ended the night with amazing reeses-peanut-butter-cup s'mores.  pretty sure a day gets no better.

friday.  chinese food with oversized sunglasses, a drive through the gorgeous palouse {think nothing but wheat fields, granges & the occasional tractor as far as you can see} & amazing WSU creamery ice cream.  heck yes vacation.


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
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Friday, July 6, 2012

vacation placeholder.

did i mention we were going to be out of town this week?  it's true.  we're on the sunny side of washington state visiting sam's family as our one last little getaway before boy two comes along.

so far there's been sunburns, s'mores & splashing at the waterpark.  in other words, it's been pretty good.  this is the first vacay with family where parker is really totally interactive with his cousins.  it's so fun to see him call them by name & actually play with them like a little kid.  he's one of the kids now & it's blowing my mind.  turns out toddlerhood can be pretty fun.

anywho, the blog may be quiet the next few days or i may find more things to post... i'm not committing to anything.  i'm just relaxing & soaking it all in.

hope everyone had a fun & safe fourth of july & i'll see you real soon with either a huge vacation photo dump or... not.  i told you, i'm being very non-committal.  i'm crazy like that.

Monday, July 2, 2012

thirty-four weeks. bumpdate!

so in, "yeah i'm kinda freaking out" news:  baby boy comes NEXT MONTH!!  and not even just ya know, sometime next month, it's like the beginning of next month.  this is getting exciting.

and i'm starting to feel ready.  i think it's because i've stopped trying to get ready... instead, i'm ready for the chaos that is headed our way.  i'm just ready for him to get here & then to be like, "ok, bring it on... let's do this."  only thing is i'm completely freaked out about labor.  with your first baby you have the ignorance of thinking it won't be that bad.  ha!  

with parker i figured since i was getting the epidural everything would be painfree & i just had a nice little hospital hotel stay to look forward to.  well no one told me the contractions leading UP to the epidural would be enough to make me want to never let sam touch me ever again for fear of being put in this situation again.  and then?  my epidural was a fail.  it didn't work through transition & pushing so i had a fun little surprise natural labor.  followed by a 4th degree tear.  woohoo!  good times.  so needless to say i'm a little scared this time around.  

at least i know i felt the worst pain of my life & i survived, right?  it wasn't fun but it was doable.  and really, from start to finish i was only in labor for 11 hours with pushing only lasting 45 minutes... chances are this time things will go faster.  such a short little window to get a lifetime of cute baby boy here in my life. 

less than six weeks left.  i can do it.
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