Friday, July 13, 2012

today i am thirty-six weeks.

the soon-ness of when this baby boy will be here is really starting to hit hard.  as of today, there are only four weeks between now & kid two's due date.  believe it or not, about 95% of me is completely excited & ready.  i'm ready for the chaos that will come with two kids & i spend a lot of time wondering what this little boy will be like & look like.  i can't wait for parker to meet his baby brother & to hold my little newborn & most importantly?  take five hundred thousand pictures of him.  approximately.

the other 5% of me?  freaking out, man.  we only have {give or take} four weeks left with life as we know it.  only four more weeks with parker as my one & only.  and only four more weeks of sleeping through the night for who knows how many months.  so there's that.

and then there are all the things left to cram into these next four weeks.  we've crossed a few things off our bucket list but i still have quite the agenda.  i can already see a lot of these things aren't gettin done... but that's fine.  some of them can wait until after boy two is here or some of them can just wait, period.

and you guys, i'm tired.  it's getting harder & harder to get motivated to pack me & parker up & get out of the house each day.  as the temperature rises here in the northwest, i feel more & more inclined to just melt into the seat of my couch.  dealing with parker's occasional tantrums/defiance is so much easier in the comforts of my house than in the parking lot of target & even lifting him in & out of his carseat is enough to fatigue me.  i'm such a wimp!

ok but mostly?  i'm crazy excited.  the baby stuff is starting to pile up around here & reality is setting in... this baby is coming.  i picked out what he'll come home from the hospital in, there's a shiny new carseat just waiting to cart him around in {we bought parker's used & it's now thrashed} & i cannot WAIT to run with my babies in our new double jogging stroller.  actually, i just can't wait to run again!!  yay fitness!

oh man, four more weeks.  it's gonna crawl & it's gonna fly by all at once.  hopefully i can motivate myself to get out of the house enough times to cross a few more things off our list & make the most of these four weeks.  we'll be looking at sleepy newborn pictures before we know it!!


  1. Soooo excited for you! Seriously, brothers are the best. And staring down the barrel of two kiddos scares everybody a little, right?

  2. Oh man...he's coming! I'm SO excited for you!

    You can cross off "roast hot dog" with us next Friday. Also, let's get a date night for you and Sam on our calendar ASAP so you can do that fancy dinner! And I'm still up for painting a nursery if you need help! The sewing? Meh...that can wait until the fall/winter when it's raining. :)

  3. Holy moly, I can't believe you are already 36 weeks along!!! I feel like it was yesterday that you told me you were pregnant! It's so amazing how quickly time goes. And girl, I totally don't blame you for being tired and fatigued. Those last few weeks are tough, and especially with an active 2 y/o boy running around to keep you even more exhausted. I feel ya. But? you're so right... in a matter of weeks you will have your snuggly little baby in your arms. SO SO SO exciting!!

  4. I'm just a few weeks behind you! and i totally's flying by and going so slow!

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  6. oh my goodness!! it is getting so close!! so excited for you!! and i totally agree... time is just flying by!!

  7. how did 36 weeks come around so freaking soon?!?!?! how exciting! I'm going on 26 weeks and we have nothing done for this new little boy arriving in october. i'm starting to really feel anxious. eeek! can't wait to see what the little dude looks like! :)

  8. You are getting so close! These next few weeks are going to just fly by!

  9. Can't believe it's almost time! It seems like just yesterday you were announcing your news. Excited for you and your family. Can't wait to see all 5 hundred thousand photos of the new baby. :)

  10. I'm your newest follower... I found you over on Once a Miss' Sponsor page... Cute family and blog!

  11. ahhhhhhh!! light at the end of the tunnel!!
    can't wait to see all 500,000+ photos you take of that squishy newborn babe!!


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