Saturday, December 31, 2011

last couple-a weeks in iPhone pics! w. 58 & 59

oh hello there my neglected blog of late!

have you gotten the sense that things have been a bit crazy around here lately?  no?  well they have been.  it's a good crazy though!  the kind that usually surrounds the holidays.  after being home for three days, we are back on the road headed to my family's for a little bit!

so i'm officially on vacation.  again.

but since i flaked out on "a week in iPhone pics" last weekend, i just couldn't bare to do it again.  here are some highlights from our last couple-a weeks!

there was christmas shopping, sam's baking, fro-yo eating, road-tripping, presents-opening, family hanging-outing, anniversary celebrating & newborn photo-shooting!  whew.

happy new year!

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

six years.

{circa 2005.  our engagement shoot.}

six years ago today i married my best friend.

at first i just thought he was hot but then he made me laugh {a lot!} & i realized i could be my complete & total self around him.  he was smart, motivated, athletic & into sports, he had spent two years in australia as a missionary for our church {hot!} & liked to camp, fish & hunt.  we clicked from day one.

today?  he is still my best friend, i still think he's hot & he's the father of our child.  there is nothing in the whole world like seeing your husband become a father.  my heart is so full of love for the two boys in my life it hurts.

i am such a lucky girl to be celebrating six years of wedded bliss with this guy.

happy anniversary sam!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

wordless{ish} wednesday: christmas in a collage.

holy whirlwind weekend of a holiday, right?

yes, we're among the group of those who are still recovering.  we were out of town friday through monday with sam's family & now?  we're gearing up for some more time away with my family this coming week.  but i had to stop in & post some pictures of our holiday.  because it was fantastic.

what these pictures don't show are the hours of laughing, good-food-eating, puzzle-putting-together-ing, secret-santa-plotting & delivering, relaxing & all around general good-times-having.  because that pretty much sums up our weekend.

parker had a crazy amount of fun with his nana & papa & his auntie & uncle & we all had fun spoiling him & watching him take it all in.  he loved all his presents & it just makes me so much more excited for more christmases to come when he gets the whole thing a little bit more.

so because heaps of laundry & overflowing suitcases are currently calling my name {as is my bed!} here is an unedited photo dump from our day.  i am so so SO sad i didn't get a picture of our little family all dressed up in our sunday best for church but i only have myself to blame.  i totally forgot!  fail.

i guess there's always next year.  only 362 more days til christmas!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

monkey hat 2010 vs. 2011.

i just wanted to post a little hello before i sign off for the holiday.  i'm not sure if i'll be on a computer  at all this weekend so i wanted to post a little christmas cheer before we left!

there were a few pictures last christmas that easily ranked as my favorite p-ray pics from the season.  it was his cute chubby little face smiling out from underneath his sock monkey hat handmade for him by chelsey's mom.  otherwise known as these pictures from this post.

so i thought, hey?  let's attempt to recreate them, yes?

i just might attempt annual versions of these pictures until he's 25.  or 30.

anyways, i hope everyone has a very merry christmas & spends lots of quality time with friends & family doing the things they love & relaxing & eating lots of food.  because that's what i'll be doing!

merry christmas, friends.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wordless{ish} wednesday: santa pictures.

alright, no more mrs. hum-bug around here, people.  i wasn't kidding when i vowed to get my christmas spirit in high gear & i've already crossed a few things off the bucket list.  we've watched a few christmas classics, we've done quite a bit more christmas shopping {parker is done!  well, until i see something else he just has to have}, we delivered home-made cinnamon rolls to our neighbors & yesterday morning i took parker to get his picture with santa!

there's really not much else you can say about our santa photo experience except santa had a yellow beard & smelled like smoke.  but hey, you won't be able to smell it looking at the pictures in ten years, right?  so no big.

and i usually don't love to post unflattering pictures of my child on the interwebz... but, screaming-child-on-santa's-lap-pictures are the exception.

here ya go.

they both look a little unsure, yes?  maybe one more than the other.  i decided to jump in & see if we could get one that didn't look entirely like parker was having the worst experience of his life.

if parker wasn't looking a little disheveled & the hair wasn't sticking to his sweaty face you'd never know he was screaming for his life moments earlier.

he'll thank me some day.  or... he'll require years of therapy.  we're just gonna have to wait & see how this one plays out.

merry christmas!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

no seriously, it just gets better & better.

i kinda feel like people with kids like to scare new parents.  like, they're super quick to point out all the negatives instead of telling you the awesome parts.

at six months it was, "oh, he's starting to crawl?  you're in for it now!"  and looking back it turns out crawling was awesome.  it was so much fun to watch parker gain the beginnings of his independence & explore his surroundings.  it was the start of "crawling adventures" together & watching him transform from a baby blob to a little person with curiosity & personality.

when it took him a while to walk on his own & we would voice frustration people would say, "be careful what you wish for... once they start going they'll never stop!"  dude, walking is the coolest.  no more muddy knees at the playground & what?  i need to get something out of my purse & i have to put you down?  no big deal, just hang out there standing on your own.

now that we're staring toddlerhood in the face we get it all.  "oooh, the terrible twos!"  but you know what?  i think toddlerhood is rad.  i am loving toddlerhood.  yes there are tantrums, yes he voices frustration now & then & occasionally he {gasp!} does things i tell him not to.  but the flip side?  so much fun.  there is nothing quite like watching your kid pick up on something new.  parker is really into naming all his body parts & will give you the run down from nose to ears to eyes to arm to teeth at any given second.  he gets so proud of himself & that's pretty much the best thing ever.

this morning parker stood up on a chair in the kitchen & helped us cook for the first time.  turns out, that's the kinda stuff you have kids for.  kids are awesome, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  there are challenges & some days might even suck but there is nothing like having the love of a child & watching them grow... even when they're screaming at you & hitting you for changing their diaper {yes, this happens around here} i wouldn't change a thing about my job as a mom for the world.

and it just keeps getting better & better.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 57

welp, this week i have a pretty legit excuse for being a day late in posting this post.  my iPhone DIED you guys.  died.  this is like a catastrophic life-altering event.  is it sad that we live in a day where i seriously felt like the world was going to end because i had to go a day without my phone?  how would i tell time?  what if i got lost while we were out?  what if my car broke down on the side of the road & i had no phone to call for help?  or even worse, what if something awesome was posted on instagram & i missed it??

don't worry, none of those things happened.

i got through the day without my phone just fine & now am the owner of a new swapped out replacement iPhone that works.  long story short, apple replaced my phone that had a corroded charging port {due to my dropping it in the toilet back in january} for a replacement fee.  half an hour in the apple store & i walked out with a new phone in hand already loaded up with all my contacts, apps, music & photos.  gotta love iCloud.

here's what the rest of our week looked like.

monday.  parker got real excited as we shopped for candies to take to our 2nd annual gingerbread house making party.  i looked really special holding my manger scene made out of graham crackers & then parker went home & passed out in a crazy sleeping position.  per the uge.

tuesday.  the day started a little rocky when parker threw a fit at stroller strides.  i can't remember what it was about but i'm sure it involved sharing & cars & not getting everything he wanted.  the day got better fast when parker's new dino-spike hoodie arrived in the mail & we went out to get our christmas tree.  yay!  pine tree smell!  sparkly lights!  christmas has officially landed in our house.

wednesday started super crafty when lindsey came over & spent the whole morning sewing stuff with me!  i feel so domestic.  i whipped up the start to my pinterest inspired tree skirt & she worked on some super cute felt animal puppets.  we're such moms.

wednesday night i had to get a quick chinese fix & parker wowed people in his dino hoodie.  i tried on hipster glasses at costco & parker made pig faces in plastic & had us cracking up.  ok, that actually happened last weekend but i was short a picture & it still cracks me up.

thursday i worked in the office & enjoyed my lunch out on the town & then realized all the pictures at my work desk are about five years old.  aka:  not a single picture of parker.  what kind of mom am i?  sam compensated for my lameness with lots of wrestling.  actually those things have nothing to do with each other.

friday.  well my phone died thursday night so i actually didn't get any iPhone pics during the day.  but i did take lots & lots of pics with my real camera & i'm sure more pictures from our day will make their appearance on the blog soon so act surprised.  including parker in his sock monkey hat & parker playing outside in his dino hoodie.  can you tell i'm kinda obsessed with this new hoodie?

friday night we hit up red robin & ate ourselves silly with burgers & steak fries.  wow, i just realized how much fast food i ate this week & am now going to go throw up.  see ya!

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

i'm not completely failing, right?

so we got our tree this week.  yay!  but... i still feel like a christmas 2011 failure.

i have no idea what i'm getting sam for christmas & we don't even know exactly what we're getting parker.  shouldn't i have christmas lists up the wahoo by now?  i find that i get most excited for christmas when i have great gift ideas for people.  when i have all these fun surprises up my sleeve for the big day & i'm just super excited for it to come already so i can watch their faces as they see how awesome & thoughtful i am.  {yeah i know, it's all about me!}

but... this year?  i got nothin.

also?  i haven't taken parker to sit on santa's lap {you want me to wait in line how long??} & i haven't watched a single christmas classic.  i haven't baked any christmas goodies, we didn't get christmas cards out, my holiday crafts are laying around half finished & parker needs a christmas suit.  obviously.  we didn't go to any christmas parades, parker didn't perform in any christmas pageants & i didn't go caroling at an old folks home.

so you know what i have to do, right?  yup.  make a christmas bucket list.  it means i have just over a week to kick my christmas season into high gear & get some christmas spirit up in here.

here goes:

•  christmas shop for sam & parker.
•  get parker a christmas outfit.
•  get parker's picture with santa.
•  finish my holiday projects.
•  bake something delicious & give it away.
•  watch my christmas favorites {including but not limited to:  a christmas story, the nativity, charlie brown christmas, muppet christmas carol, how the grinch stole christmas {the old school cartoon one.  obviously.}, & elf.}
•  drive around & admire houses who go way too overboard with their christmas decor.

that should suffice.

but don't get me wrong... i have been listening to christmas music non-stop, i've drank my weight in peppermint hot chocolate & we got together with friends to make gingerbread houses this week.  so all isn't lost.  i just like to go pretty all-out, ya know?  i mean c'mon... it's CHRISTMAS!  it's only the best holiday of the entire year.  so, no big deal.

lastly, i am kinda excited about one little thing.  this little blog has officially reached 1,000 followers!  it's like an early christmas present.  so none of ya'll go unfollowing today, ya hear?  i want to do something fun to celebrate.  perhaps a giveaway sponsored by yours truly?  stay tuned.

until then, just enjoy the lights on my little christmas tree.  who finally got put up halfway into the month.  that means it should be good til... say, mid january, right??  i'm sure sam would love that.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wordless{ish} wednesday: baby in a box.

i guess they aren't lying when they say kids dig boxes.  p-ray enjoyed box seats on our couch this weekend, stocked with his favorite stuffed animals & his blanket.  he's very high class.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

nineteen months.

i am embarrassingly late on this one.  parker may or may not have turned nineteen months over two weeks ago & is headed right into twenty months in exactly two weeks.  so i'll keep this short & sweet since you'll be hearing all about his milestones again in two weeks {give or take}.

here he is all growed up to nineteen months.
{compare previous monthly pics here.}

this kid is so much fun.  i keep saying every stage is my favorite & it's definitely true for this one.  he is seriously the sweetest little boy.  loves to cuddle & loves his mom & dad more than anything else in the whole world.  except maybe his lightening mcqueen car.... which goes everywhere with him.  {we've gone through three of them.  somewhere in space there is a black hole hiding all of our missing lightening mcqueens.  the only reason he isn't holding one in this picture is because they were all lost at the time.}

he is getting much more verbal & pretty much every sound out of his mouth is a word of some sort.  well, unless it's a car noise.  he doesn't really speak in jibberish & will say just about any word we ask him to.  he's a rockstar at eating with a fork & spoon & can eat his oatmeal or yogurt without any spills.  the mess happens when he decides to use his hands to get the last few drops.

right now his favorite things in the whole world are cars {especially lightening mcqueen}, his blanket {known simply as "B"}, his sheep pillow {known as "baa"} & his stuffed animals {specifically his puppy & his cow... known as "moo"}.  he is a bottomless pit when it comes to cheerios or peanut butter & jelly & sleeps a solid 12+ hours a night with a 2-3+ hour nap every day at 1:00.  most days when i go in to get him out of bed i ask "parker do you want to get up?" and he'll say "noooooo!" {in the cutest high pitched little squeal} and dive back down into his blanket & pillows.

he has a fascination with lining things up {cans from the cupboard, cars, stuffed animals} & thinks every day has to end with a snack.  he's going through a bit of a stranger-danger stage & will bury his head in my shoulder when a new person talks to him & then slowly peek out at them with a smile.  it's pretty cute.

he loves to play with other kids but mostly likes to steal their "choo choos" or cars & then freak out when we have to give them back.  he'll run around playing & stop every few minutes to make sure i'm around & run over to give me a hug & then go about his business.  i like it.

diaper changes are still the worst thing in the world & he's starting to outgrow most his 12-18 month clothes.  he has moved up to the next size & is even wearing quite a few 2T jammies.  whaaat?  he's still pretty small for his age though.  at his 18 month well visit he was in the 50% for weight & the 15% for height.

and?  he is still so dang cute.

love this kid.

now, for good measure here is a video of parker during our nineteen month photoshoot.  this is mostly for all the grandmas & grandpas & aunts & uncles out there & also for anyone who enjoys anything ridiculously cute... because that's all it is.  parker, being ridiculously cute.  just saying.

and if you're wondering why he's looking away from the camera over my shoulder, it's because i'm sitting in front of the tv & he's busy staring past me watching picture-slideshow on the apple tv.  he loves him some pictures of himself.

welp... so much for keeping this post short & sweet.  you'll forgive me, right?

ps:  you'll forgive me for the cheesy "mom" voice i have in this video too, right?  gah!  what is it about hearing your own voice on video that makes you cringe??  seriously.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 56

good week, friends.  good week.

we did lots of stuff.  parker's just in this little "my buddy" stage.  he's like this little dude that just hangs out with me & plays & goes shopping with me & chills.  so that's what our week consisted of... lots of me & parker.  no seriously, that's about it in the photos.  yes, sam was there too but he got a break from the camera this week.  he won't get off as easily next week, i'm sure.

this is what we did.

monday started off a little rocky.  p-ray woke up two hours earlier than normal & just couldn't deal.  and by "couldn't deal" i mean he couldn't deal with anything.  "want some milk?"  on the floor tantrum-fest.  "wanna snack?"  tears & screams.  you get the idea.  an early nap ended up being four hours long during which i got lotsa things done.  happy panda.

we turned our crummy day around by heading to the store to buy parker a string of colored lights for the window in his room.  they're pretty much his favorite thing ever.

tuesday started with some post-workout teriyaki with my good ol co-worker friend sophal.  we try to do lunch every other month or so & she loves seeing how much parker has changed in between.  and i love anyone who loves my kid.  win win.

then we headed home & p-ray dabbled with his softer side by playing around in my makeup bag.  a little rouge can do wonders on those pink baby cheeks.

and that last pic?  just parker sleeping.  with his legs up on the bars of his crib.  crossed.  business as usual.

wednesday was probably my favorite day of the week.  you know it's gonna be a good day when your kid wakes up & just wants to chill on his changing table, legs crossed, admiring some art.  he's classy like that.  the rest of the morning was chalk full of p-ray giggles & sock-monkey-hat antics.

to kill some time waiting for sam to get home, we headed out to the fabric store.  parker wooed the old ladies in his pj-bottoms-skeleton-hoodie-sock-monkey-hat number.  no seriously, the old laides LOVE him in that store.  why wouldn't you?

thursday started out a little intense.  ok, a lot intense.

on my way in to work i drove by this massive accident just minutes after it happened.  emergency vehicles hadn't made it there yet & witnesses were just starting to gather on the side of the road.  turns out the semi-truck driver hit another car from behind & then ran off the road into trees.  good samaritans weren't able to pull him out of the truck before it was overtaken by flames.  the freeway was blocked over eight hours & it took all day to clean it all up & get the truck out of the trees.  it was awful!

then i just sat around my quiet office all day & ate a tasty burrito from my favorite taco bus at my desk.  what do i look forward to every week most about my day in the office?  lunch.

friday.  parker clung tight to his favorite stuffed animals at stroller strides.  he is so obsessed with stuffed animals right now & i love it.  maybe because stuffed animals were my favorite thing as a kid & i love watching him grow attached to cute furry little objects.  because what's cuter than that?  not much.

friday night we babysat one of parker's friends & met up with more friends at a reading of "the polar express."  it was pretty packed & the kiddos had no idea what was happening.  and clearly parker had no idea how cool it is to have your picture taken with a guy in a conductor suit since the only pictures i was able to take were ones of him fleeing the scene.

maybe next year.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

i'm not here today... but i'm over there!

at chelsey's blog, the paper mama!

she has been doing this kinda amazing series the last few weeks called "50 DIY days of christmas."  everyday she posts a DIY craft masterminded by either herself or a guest blogger.  welp, today is my day to put my little DIY hands to work & show off something i did my very own self.

so hop on over there & see what i did & how you can do it too.  wahoo!  {sorry, i had to.  it rhymed.}

... posted over at the paper mama.  go check it out!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

giveaway day: win a scentsy buddy + scent pak!

it's giveaway day, yay!

today's giveaway is brought to you by jessica norris, independent scentsy consultant.  and giveaways don't get much cuter than this.  let's cut to the chase, shall we?

most people have heard of scentsy, yes?  the cute little warmers that melt the delicious smelling waxes which make your home smell all delicious & dreamy instead of burning those dangerous fire-inducing candles?  yes?  ok then, we're on the same page.

but have you heard of scentsy buddies?  cutest things ever.  they are plush little stuffed animals that come with an opening for you to insert a crazy-good smelling scentsy pouch.  you'll probably have a hard time picking your favorite.  we did.

we ended up picking "roarbert the lion" because it was basically the only animal parker doesn't have in his insanely large collection of stuffed animals.  but the elephant was a close second.  or the monkey.  or any of them.  check them all out here.

we love him.  clearly.

so now you get a chance to win a scentsy buddy + scent pak of your choice, courtesy of jessica!  thanks jess!

here's how you enter {mandatory}:
•  visit jessica's online store & tell me which scentsy buddy you would pick!

bonus entries {leave a seperate comment for each}:
•  "like" jessica's blog fan page on facebook.
•  follow jessica's blog, "a snapshot of our life"
•  be a follower of my blog.
•  spread the word about this giveaway on your personal twitter or facebook.  something along the lines of "enter to win a Scentsy Buddy of your choice from @amy_agoodlife {if using twitter} @A Good Life {if using facebook} today!"

there ya go, more ways to enter than you can shake a stick at.

can't wait to win your scentsy buddy?  order directly from jessica before december 13 & get free shipping on your order AND have it guaranteed to arrive before christmas!  be sure to mention i scent ya.  get it?  scent!  HA.

giveaway ends tuesday, december 13 at 11:59 am.  winner must respond within 24 hours with their shipping information & choice of scentsy buddy in order to guarantee arrival before christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wordless{ish} wednesday: cars. obsessed.

this kid could pretty much play with cars all day everyday.  and then play with them some more.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it went down just like this.

he was in his jammies, sitting on sam's lap waiting for bedtime stories by the light of his colorful christmas lights hung around the window.  i was slowly making my exit out of the room {we take turns putting him down each night} & saying my goodbyes.

"nigh-night parker... sleep good!  i love you.  muah!"  : : blowing kisses : :

"bye-bye mommy.  i love you."

and then i had to be mopped up off the floor because i had melted into one big giant mess of mom goo.

sure he's said those little words before when he was repeating after me, but tonight it was different.  tonight they were accompanied by a wave goodbye & a little peck of his own hand blowing me a kiss.  if i could just bottle the sweetness i'd have enough to last a lifetime.

and you know what?  i needed that today.  because it was one of those days.  he woke up a couple hours earlier than normal & just couldn't deal with things.  anything.  it was one of those toddler-on-the-floor-kicking-&-screaming kind of days.  this?  this was my payday.

it's funny how after a long day of tantrums & food-throwing, all this little man had to do is get out his cutest littlest voice, say "i love you" & then curl up in his bed holding on tight to his little bear & drift off to sleep in order for me to be excited about doing it all again tomorrow.

he totally redeemed himself.

Monday, December 5, 2011

this little monster is sick & we don't have a christmas tree.

we don't know what said sickness is, but it's causing a fever & a rash & for my little monster to be extra snuggly.  that last part?  i don't mind at all.  i kinda wonder if maybe it's just teething?  he's cutting his canines right now & they look awfully painful.  but whatever it is, it's actually not slowing him down one bit.  so if it wasn't for the random rash on his tummy & the occasional hot headed fever, you'd never know something was wrong.

is it wrong to enjoy a sick day?  last friday we literally spent the whole day in bed.  we watched movies & parker felt it was necessary to wedge his little head right in the crook of my neck, smack dab between my head & shoulders.  i didn't mind at all.  but i did feel kinda guilty for enjoying the extra snuggles.  ah well, his loss my gain.

so does everyone but me have their christmas tree by now?  sam decided this weekend wasn't time yet.  and by not time yet, i think he means it's not time to get out in the freezing cold, drudge around until i decide we've found the "perfect" one, drag it back to his old mazda protege, throw it on the roof & strap it down with a million jerry-rigged knots, prune it to perfection once home, drag it in the house, set up it nice & straight, vacuum the millions of pine needles up & then string the lights.  because all those parts?  kinda fall under his responsibility.  i can't imagine why he's not excited about it!

don't worry, we'll get one this week.  and for every day that goes by without a christmas tree, it just means we get to leave it up that much longer after christmas, right??  i thought so.

until then, enjoy some crazy p-ray expressions.

what is it about a kid in christmas jammies, am i right??  freaking love that kid.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 55

you guys.  i'm not sure if you were aware of this but it's DECEMBER!  christmas & a new year are just around the corner!!  whaaaat?  yup.

another week down, another week closer to christmas!  yay!  we did some shopping, some crafting, put up our decorations & some other stuff.

check it out.

monday.  our weekly costco trip, which p-ray doesn't mind at all.  he's my favorite little co-shopper.  then he marveled at the "balls!" on the christmas tree in a shop & went home for pre-bedtime wrestle-mania with his dad.

tuesday.  just chillaxin in the craft store shopping cart, no big deal.  that night i put up our christmas decorations while blaring christmas music & sam & parker {any guesses?} wrestled.  

wednesday.  p-ray slept in til 9:00 & then woke up suuuuper happy.  so happy that he didn't want to get out of his bed.  but when he did?  he asked for oatmeal & hot dog.  seems normal.

then auntie jodi came up to hang out with us which was pretty much our favorite.  and guess who just entered the iPhone club?  my mom & dad!  hooray!  we celebrated by using facetime.  i'm sure my mom is gonna love this screen shot i took.

thursday.  i have a puffy vest obsession.  i'm working on pretty much having one in every color for both p-ray & i.  apparently thursday was red puffy vest day.

thursday night parker did such a good job shopping for our groceries that we rewarded him with his first very own fro-yo.

friday.  parker woke up with a nasty fever so i threw him in a lukewarm bath to break it.  he sat in it & whined but didn't wanna come out.  goofball.  the rest of friday was spent snuggling in bed watching movies in our jammies until sam got home.  then we did some shopping with a happier feeling-better parker who loved the rocking horse.  hmmmm, maybe santa will put one in his stocking!

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

stickin' it to pinterest - vol. 5

seems like it's been a while since i got my craft on, doesn't it?

well i saw this little diddy on pinterest & decided it was something even i could handle.  i pinned it & went on my merry way not really thinking much more about it {as i usually do}.  then one day i was walking around the craft store surrounded by christmasy crafts & decor & music & feeling all hyped up on christmas spirit when i walked right into a display of mixed christmas cardstock on sale.  i immediately remembered these cute stars & decided it was meant to be.

such an occurrence could only be explained by divine intervention, yes?  

i followed this tutorial.  it's pretty dang similar to my own tutorial below... just different paper?  and fonts.  yes, i used different fonts.

not pictured:  stapler & string.  and super glue.  oh & a pencil.  turns out i suck at making supply list photos.

just follow the steps below.  if you can't read the type on the picture, just click & it will enlarge big enough for your reading pleasure.

the original tutorial used plain ol' elmer's glue to stick the stars together.  i didn't have that on hand & couldn't get the stapler to make it work either.  that's where the super glue came in... stuck a few drops on the insides, smooshed the two halves together & now they're bonded for life.  how romantic.

there you have it!  make some in different colors, designs & sizes.  then attach some string & hang 'em up all over the house... i love 'em!

special thanks to my sister in law jodi for making these along side me the other day.  the stapler was her idea & i must say it was genius.  pure genius jodi.

another pinterest project crossed off the bucket list.  hip hip hooray!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wordless{ish} wednesday: parker & duncan. best friends.

parker got to hang out with his best little buddy duncan while on vacay last weekend.  they're such good friends that they already coordinate their outfits together.

 and when duncan seemed bored sitting in his carseat waiting to go, parker entertained his little friend with colander-on-the-head jokes.  cause that's what best friends do.

{linking up with wordless wednesday at and then she {snapped},  baby baby lemonthe paper mama, & a little king & i}
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