Wednesday, May 30, 2018

hawaii 2018

i don't think i ever got around to posting last year's hawaii trip but i did blog half of hawaii 2016.  i really wish i blogged more, like real blogging.  i still love going back & revisiting old posts & reliving old vacations or milestones.  my posts these days are pretty much just me popping in once or twice a year to dump a bunch of random photos, make some comments about how quickly time is flying, how fast the boys are growing up & wow, i wonder if i'll ever be able to actually catch up on blog posts.

the answer is no, this is probably the new normal.  time isn't slowing down (despite our best efforts), there just isn't ever enough time & when we do manage to take a deep breath & enjoy life a bit, i'm trying to do it unplugged.  while these moments are fleeting, i'm so grateful to have photography to help me capture it.

hawaii this year was amazing.  every year is better than the last.  the boys are more comfortable in the ocean, parker learned to swim & snorkel & it actually all feels much more like a relaxing vacation as opposed to just parenting in a different setting.  this is our family's happy place.

can't wait to go back.

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