Friday, June 21, 2013

our {last two} weeks in iPhotos | 25 of 52

it's the busy season, people.  maybe this is just the busy season of life?  i mean, this stage i'm at right now... does it get any less busy?  probably not.  photography, training for my half marathon, teaching stroller strides & playing with my three boys is my whole life right now.  it's pretty awesome but it doesn't leave much time for much else... which unfortunately includes blogging.  i think i have to lower my expectations for this little space of the internet?  it's basically become my place to dump iPhotos & journal our weeks because i just don't sit at the computer & edit personal photos that often.  and seriously, when the iPhone camera is as bad-ace as it is?  it's just easier.  

we had some good times in the last two weeks.  we bought a double bike trailer & took the boys on an adventure.  we've spent lots of time in the sun & some time doing normal things like hanging out around the house, grocery shopping, playing at parks & the such as.  i ran a 5k in 27 minutes & continued to stick to my half marathon training plan so i guess that's still happening.  we're three weeks in now so i guess that's pretty committed?  eeeek, scary.

instagram has kinda became a stand in for the blog for me... it's the place i get my creative outlet need fulfilled by posting pretty pics.  or pics of my kids at least, which to me are pretty!  so if you're not following me there let's be friends & instabond, yes?  find me here!

happy weekend & first day of summer, friends!

Friday, June 7, 2013

our week in iPhotos | 23 of 52

there's a definite theme in this week's pictures... early morning runs, my kiddos, repeat.  and that was pretty much our week!  just a routine week to get back into the swing of things.

i started week one of my 14 weeks of half marathon training by getting up at 5:45 am to run before Sam leaves for work three out of the five weekdays.  there's something awesome about getting up and going running while everyone else sleeps & then going about the rest of your day having had that quiet hour to yourself.  that being said, i am sooooo not a morning person and by the third day was forcing myself out the door to run.  i know the only way this half marathon is gonna become a reality is if i run in the morning before sam goes to work, which means getting to bed at a decent hour.  and there enlies the challenge.  wish me luck.

in other news, we had some awesome weather & got to spend a lot of time with friends outside enjoying it.  decent weather is supposed to stick around for the weekend and we're gonna go on an adventure!  we just don't know what yet.  but i'm sure it'll be awesome.

have a great weekend friends!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

parkerlyfe | peanut butter & jelly sandwich maker.

you guys... so far having a three year old is awesome.  this kid is hilarious & so grown up.  who knew making pb&j could be so much fun?

and also?  maybe you should think twice about having a pb&j over at our house... because a whole lot of the above was going on.  double dipping... about twenty times.  ha!  love this little monster.

Monday, June 3, 2013

our week(ish) in iPhotos | 22 of 52

so much awesome in this week's photos you guys.  ahhhhh, vacation. it's where my heart is.  our last week & a half or so included a quick extended weekend trip down to colorado.  i got to see lots of my family, we got to explore a new city & life was good.  the kiddos were good.  traveling is my favorite!

a few highlights of our last week, shooting my first wedding of the year, awesome kiddos on flights, amazing colorado sunsets & hiking & food {ie: ice cream}, arrested development episodes {kinda weird?}, donuts, bowling {3 year olds in bowling shoes!!}, and churchy church.  that's what we've been up to.

i have so many "real" posts in my head that need to get out.  hopefully soon.  until then, iPhotos!  and you can see most of this if you follow me on instagram.  do you instagram?  let's instabond!
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