Monday, October 31, 2011

pinteres-ting on hallow's eve!

i can't not post on halloween, right?  it's only one of the funnest holidays of the whole year.  i mean, seriously.  candy, pumpkin patches, pies, cookies, crisp fall air, spooky movies, kids in cute costumes & all kinds of fun decorating?  i'm in.  except for the part about the pumpkin patch... it wasn't until saturday night that i realized we never made it to one this year.  MOM FAIL.  oops.

anywho, i'm not failing at doing at least one halloween themed thing that i pinned on pinterest.  because if you're anything like me, you created a whole halloween board & had grand ideas of making decorative spiders & gorgeous pumpkin centerpieces for the table & all that stuff.  turns out, i didn't have a single pumpkin in my house until this morning... and even that one is still sitting in my car.

ok, enough about me.  on to the cute craft!

i saw this a while back & immediately liked the idea due to its simplicity.  three ingredients, no baking & it's chocolate.  win win win.

here are the steps... as if you need them.  the hardest part about making these is saving some of the fudge stripe cookies to make witch hats out of.  i like to eat them.

and that's it!  easy peasy.  and cute, right?

now go have a fun halloween & come back tomorrow for what will hopefully consist of cute parker costume pictures.  but ya never know... it's impossible to get a picture of anything but the back of that kid's head these days.

happy halloween!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 50

and then another week went by.  we had fun, we worked out, we ate ice cream, we made cookies, we went shopping.  you know... the usual.

here's what it looked like in pictures:

monday morning was gorgeous so parker & i got ourselves to stroller strides for an amazing workout in the sun.  then we came home & had a dance party & played with stuffed animal friends.  just a typical day with my favorite little man.

when sam got home we spent a couple hours working on project toy box.  my chalkboard paint panels were cured & sam was anxious to frame it up.  parker watched to make sure everything was being put together according to code.  and he made sure the chalkboard was up to his standards, of course.

next up?  more painting, the lid, & legs!  then, toy box debut.

tuesday was one of those days where we had nothing on the calendar & the house didn't need a whole lot of attention.  so what'd we do?  shopping trip to the mall & target of course!  parker passed the time by playing with cars on the floor of the gap & looking extremely bored/annoyed while i tried on clothes at target.

while parker was not enthused with me trying to snap pictures of his cute post-bath belly, he was reallllly into the puppies sam was showing him on youtube.  then he slept with his bum in the air & i took pictures.  obvi.

wednesday involved a costo trip with a cart full of babies.  parker was really into sharing the front with his bff kaylee, but not into looking at the camera when we were trying to take a picture of all four kiddos.

after parker recovered from his post-nap-groggy state {one of my favorite times of the day}, we headed out to the grocery store to pick up things for dinner & most importantly, pumpkin cookies.

thursday.  after work p-ray & i went for a lovely walk with some friends & hung out for a while at the playground.  most of my playground pictures of parker look like this because he's usually running towards me with that exact look on his face.  love the look of my baby when he's high on playground.

after some father/son snuggles & bedtimes, i stayed up into the wee hours of the night editing & finalizing a couple client albums.  did i mention i love what i'm doing these days?

friday.  i kinda forgot to take any pictures {or maybe they were all just starting to look the same to me} until we were getting ready to head out to our church's trunk or treat.  so consider this a sneak peak at p-ray's vintage baseball player costume.  more on this to come.

friday night involved a walk in freezing weather to get blizzards, hanging out in pj's watching dvr'ed shows & then some more working late into the night.  so yeah, it was good.

bonus points if you noticed the changes in the blog design!  i was already sick of the yellow header & am now really into this super simple one.  whattya think?  love it or hate it?

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

is this the part where i get emotional?

when parker turned one?  i took it like a champ.

i was so excited for what my baby was becoming that i never had any of those "holy crap where did that first year go?  where is my baby?" emotional meltdowns.  i embraced my emerging toddler & waved bu-BYE to those itty bitty baby days.

but today?  the day where parker turned eighteen months & one day?  it hit me.  he is growing up & there is nothing i can do to make it slow down.  he's now closer to a two year old than a one year old & pretty soon i won't be tracking his age in months.  the years will fly by.  he'll stop blowing me kisses & squeezing my legs for hugs & soon enough, he'll be walking out my door to college.  he won't fit in my lap for stories or stand at my feet with his arms in the air saying "up! up!"  i'll probably feel weird tickling under his chin to make him giggle & he'll lose interest in matchbox cars.

these days are numbered.

why is this hitting me now?  because i think i'm realizing just how fast time can fly when you're having fun.  these last six months since parker's birthday have seriously been a blink in time.

right now?  parker isn't malicious.  he doesn't know how to intentionally hurt anyone & he doesn't know anyone is capable of intentionally hurting him.  he doesn't know what this world has in store for him & all he knows is his mommy & his daddy & how he loves his blanket.  how he loves stories & puppies & throwing sawdust in the air.  he starts his mornings with a small dose of elmo & loves to point at my nose & my ears & my eyes while i sing to him before bed.  right now?  he is perfect.

we don't fight, he's never called me a mean name & he's never talked poorly of anyone.  those things will change.  i won't be able to lift him up anymore & he'll go places without me knowing where he is.  and the kicker?  is that parker will spend the vast majority of his life not even living under our roof.

someday i'll have to let him go.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wordless{ish} wednesday: mom fail?

tell me i'm not the only mom who has taken her kid into a target dressing room to change his diaper & then conned him into not screaming bloody murder by letting him watch movies on her phone & then proceeded to leave him there whilst she tried on clothes.  


ps: p-ray turns eighteen months old TODAY.  whaaaaaat?  i am not sure how this happened, because there's no way that many months have gone by since i birthed him out of my womb.  it's impossible.  monthly update post coming soon.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

feelin' the passion.

if you clicked on this post in your reader cuz you thought it might contain some steamy juicy details about my home life, you will be sorely disappointed.  no steamy details here folks.  this is all about me & my current love of life.  yup.  sounds super cliche right?  blogger writes about how wonderful life is.  *yawn.*  but sorry, this is me being cliche.  i'm just in a happy place right now i guess.

i am having a BLAST with this photography stuff you guys.  i can feel myself getting better with each session & really finding my style & getting better in my editing.  i've made enough to pay for a lens upgrade & hope to be upgrading my camera soon too.  that?  gives me butterflies.  so what if at the end of the day i made absolutely no profit... right?  ha.  money is overrated.

but seriously, i am addicted to photography at the moment {don't let your eyes fool you... that says pho-tog-raphy}.  i live eat & sleep this new business.  and i can't get enough of it.  i have to force myself to do other things because i don't want to burn out in a week, but if it was up to me?  i'd set up 14 sessions a week, i'd edit pictures 24/7.  i'd email perspective clients all day long,  i'd revamp my pricing sheets & my invoice forms & update the photography facebook page nonstop.  it's like i'm back playing "business" as a kid.  what?  you didn't set up folders with labels & have a briefcase with files in it & arrange inboxes around your room as a kid?  loser.

ok, i know that this is more than just fun & games.  eventually the novelty will wear off & it will feel like what it is.  work.  there may even come a day when i'm not enjoying it & the financial gains aren't panning out & i become another statistic... because the odds are against me.  did you know that 85% of all photographers don't make it into their 3rd year?  true fact.  but the fact of the matter is that right now i'm feeling this.  it's something i am super excited about & when i wake up in the morning it makes me happy.  so i'm sticking with it.

this also brings me to another topic... finding your passion.  why did it take me {almost} thirty years to find something i absolutely love & feel like truly brings out the real me?  and since it did take that long, why is it ok that we're supposed to decide our life's career path at 18-19 years old?  not cool society.  not cool.

but despite the fact that it's taken me this long to take the plunge, i'm glad i did.  and i'm grateful for all the support & good feedback i've gotten by those around me.  sam has been an awesome cheerleader/business manager/advisor/idea-bouncer-offer as well as my friends & family.  and i've had awesome clients that have made the experience awesome so far too.

and then there's this guy.  he makes me happy too.  so there's that.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 49

another whirlwind week folks.  this week seriously went by in a blur & i can't believe the weekend is almost over too.  someone.  PLEASE make time slow down.  ok?  i'll be very appreciative.

i was kinda lacking in the iPhone-picture-taking department this week.  sometimes i'll be in a situation where i know i should whip out the phone & attempt to take pictures, but then they don't come out doing whatever is happening justice, or i missed the ginormous smile parker was making or it's too dark & the picture is blurry & i'm like, "well that was 30 seconds i'll never get back."  ya know?

but i did take a few, so take a look.

monday.  after i buttered parker up by letting him throw sawdust on the big toy at stroller strides, i proceeded to take him down a peg or two by spending some time at the craft store.  poor kid.  but he forgave me when he saw the cool new "BATH" decoration in his bathroom, so that's good.  

that afternoon he chased squirrels around the wildlife refuge with sam while i had a family session {yes, that is parker hurdling the boardwalk & staring down a squirrel}, & then i stayed up into the wee hours of the night editing this said session.  because most the pictures looked like this & were adorable... so obviously i couldn't stop.

tuesday.  you guys, i swear we did lots of stuff on tuesday but for the life of me i can't remember what.  well, besides ride around in a shopping cart eating samples & giggling at trader joe's & then go home, eat an apple & spy on our neighbors, of course.  

wednesday consisted of some happy-pretzel eating at target {as if there's any other kind of pretzel eating}, some closet cleaning where i found this old newsboy cap & took a picture that i hoped wouldn't show my dirty bathroom mirror as badly as it does {don't look close} & then some pre-bedtime father/son cuddles.  we did other stuff, but apparently those were the highlights.  

thursday.  while parker hung out with heather & kaylee at stroller strides crafting & playing with cars, i worked in the office & treated myself to some chipotle for lunch.  which was kinda awesome.  amazing.  delicious.

friday morning p-ray & i went to starbucks with all our stroller strides homies {because class was cancelled due to some unforeseen downpouring} & had time for some mommy/son photoshooting while waiting for our hot chocolate.  isn't parker thrilled?

friday afternoon i drove to my family session in the pouring rain since they didn't wanna cancel {how's that for some true pacific northwesterners??} & came home soaked & happy.  we had an awesome session.  then it was bath time for parker where we practiced color sorting.  i figure it's probably time to start teaching my kid something.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

this guy.

{linking up with the paper mama's photo challenge:  "face."  because?  this face kills me.}

oh man.

i started this post off in my head with the intention to rant a little.  but as i sit down here at the computer in my quiet house in my quiet little office while everybody else sleeps, i just can't do it.  i can't complain about this guy & his chubby little face.  so i won't.

but what i will say?  is oh my gosh you guys, he's changing.  not like cracking voice, oily-skin-acne-face changes... oh no, thank heavens not yet.  not for like twenty more years i don't think.  he is however changing into a little boy.  he is getting so much more strong willed & independent & with this new found independence comes a new found determination to do things his way.  or maybe it's just a newfound determination to do things.

and just because sometimes it's not exactly what i would love for him to be doing doesn't make it any less amazing.  yes, it's taking so much more energy out of me to chase after him & try to keep him entertained with what he should be doing & yes we do have the occasional showdown over wether or not he is going to pick up some of the food he threw on the floor at lunch, but know what else he does?  a lot.  like, he actually tells me he wants to eat.  he doesn't just sign "eat," he walks into the kitchen, pulls his bib off the hook where it hangs, walks over to his high chair, holds his bib up to his chin & says "eeeeaaat!"

so what if half that food ends up on the floor, splattered across the cupboards, or smeared across the curtains right?

and who cares if the kitchen floor is hardly ever walkable because it's constantly covered in canned foods & cake mixes from the lower cupboards?  parker can't help it if those things make perfect stacking blocks & are super fun to line up around the edges of the kitchen rug while i cook, ya know?

i guess he's just doing what any curious eighteen month old should be doing & i guess i'm just reacting like most every other mom... going crazy learning to be patient.  because really, at the end of the day it's all pretty amazing.  sure, sometimes i get my hair pulled, my face scratched, or my shoulders bit from an angry kid who would rather stay on the floor playing with cars than get picked up to have his messy diaper changed, but i also get random hugs, kisses & snuggles too.  so i guess it evens out?  yeah, it does.

actually no, it's not even.  it's way better than even.  i had no idea being a parent would be this awesome.  i had no idea that watching parker learn things & laugh & have fun & grow & explore would bring me such a crazy amount of happiness.  like actual, physical, i-can-feel-it-in-my-gut happiness.  because that happens daily.

so the moral of the story?  after all the food throwing, hair pulling, face scratching, & mess making is said & done, i would still have it no other way.  my kid is growing & developing & loves me despite the screams for "daddyyy!!!" through diaper changes.

for that?  i'm grateful.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

october large sponsors are rad.

have you noticed that "rad" is kinda my new word?  the weird thing is that i don't think i've said it out loud once.  i just call things rad in my head & in my blog apparently.  anywho, here are the awesome people who believe in this little internet space i call home enough to actually sponsor it.  they're rad.  see for yourself:

jessica from scentsy.

who hasn't heard of scentsy?  i'm pretty sure only people living under a rock.  we love our scentsy warmer & i pretty much want to drink the wax out of the dish since the smells are so tasty.  but then again i tend to get all the food-related ones like "toasted sugar cookie", "baked apple pie" & "sticky cinnamon bun" so i really only have myself to blame.

and have you seen scentsy buddies?  ummm, pretty much some of the cutest little stuffed animals ever.  and add in the yummy smell pack factor?  heaven scent.  ha!  i'm so punny.

good news:  jess sent us our very own scentsy buddy to try out {we got "roarbert the lion"}.

better news:  she's giving one away on this here blog very very soon.  stay tuned.



by now ya'll should be used to seeing jamie, owner & mastermind behind lilybaby, & her pretty face around these blog parts.  but how much did you guys love her teepee giveaway?  i loved it long time.  

didn't win?  bummer.  you should probably go check out her etsy shop asap & treat yourself to some retail therapy by picking up an "avery hoodie" {i know you all love that one} or a super cute dress for that little lady in your life.  you won't regret it.  jamie's items come at ya completely handmade by herself with love & skill jampacked into each stitch.  promise.  

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amy from photography by amylee

ok yes, this one is me.  shameless self-promotion.  don't hate... you would do it too.  and while we're talking about it, ya need any pictures done?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wordless{ish} wednesday: little projects.

you know how i've been talking big lately about all the projects i have going on around my house?

{this is where you smile & nod}

well i've made baby steps of progress.  but the problem with mixing up the decor of your house is that you can't just change one thing.  i mean, if you change a color scheme everything has to go.  and then you realize this has become more than just getting new curtains, now you have to get new throw pillows & wall accents & oh my gosh wood furniture doesn't look so good with these things let's paint everything white!  but it's like i always say, go big or go home.  i really do always say that.  in fact, i never stop saying that.

so i decided to give you a little sneak peak into my home at a couple of the little projects i've completed around here that make me a happy panda.  and turns out?  some are even pinterest inspired.  so maybe this is kinda a mini-stickin'-it-to-pinterest post?  ok yes, it is.

oh & ps:  this is totally not wordless... just in case you hadn't figured that out yet.

number one.  my wire-clothesline-picture-holder thing.  there are two lines & the top one is about 4' long & the bottom one is about 5' long.  they go on much longer in both directions than this picture shows.  they are hung above my computer monitor & keep me company late at night as i blog & edit into the wee hours of the night.  weird?  not at all.

i was inspired by pictures i've seen like this & this, but really it's not that original it's just something i've seen around & liked.  so i did it.

- wire = $2.50
- pictures = $14
- mini clothespins = $0 (already had)

total cost:  $16.50.  and it makes me very, very happy.

number two.  new sheets & quilt.  i've had a recent obsession with all white bedding.  there is nothing like a bedroom with a bed that has fresh crisp white bedding, right?  think: posh hotel.  yeah... now we're talkin.  and you should know by now that i have become particularly obsessed with quilts.  this is actually the quilt that started Quilt-pocalypse 2011 & after being super frustrated that i couldn't find fabrics i liked as much as these, i ended up just ordering the real one online.  if i had done that in the beginning?  i woulda saved a pretty penny.  but it's too late, & a fabric buying monster inside of me has officially been born.

i am still working on making a handmade quilt though... someday i will reveal it to all of you.  oh yes, i will.

total cost:  let's not talk about it.  because i'd have to include what i spent in my original endeavors of attempting to make it.  oh, & please don't bring this topic up with sam.

let's move on.

number three.  big wire organizer baskets.  these may not look like much to you but they mean the world to me.  ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration.  they're really not that big of a deal.  but they do bring lots of order to the top of my office bookshelf & for that?  i'm grateful.

i was inspired by this & actually plan on hanging a chalkboard above them, similar to the picture.  and i'm going to paint the bookshelves white like the picture too.   i'm such a copycat.

- each basket = $7
- black spray paint {they were ugly metally metallic originally} = $4

total cost = $25.

number four.  my bathroom makeover.  it's a work in progress.  but here's a little peak at my mini-project inside this bigger project.  i'm not sure why i'm so proud of myself for spelling "BATH" in my bathroom but so far i really like it.  i bought the letters from joann's on sale & didn't have to do anything besides stick on those velcro sticky things & eyeball the arrangement.  it was done in five minutes.  maybe that's why i like it so much?

- each letter = $1.50

total cost = $6.  and that's a price you can't shake a stick at.

so there you go folks.  some of the little things around my house that i've been working on & proof that i'm not all talk when it comes to my millions of home decor "projects."  because i wouldn't want you to think i was saying all those things just to sound cool.  because i know it sounded really really cool... that's what you were thinking, right?  

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Monday, October 17, 2011

steppin' out: colour ess-plosion.

whattup party people.

i hope you all had a terrific weekend because i sure did.  i had two photog-sessions & a whole lotta quality time with my two main men.  our weekend involved some around-the-house-DIY, some fro-yo, some of sam's tasty cooking & a whole lotta time in our sweats.  wins all around.

saturday morning we got the crazy idea to make a toybox/bench thing for the living room & after about half an hour of plans-drawing & designing, we were off to home depot for supplies.  our creation involves wainscoting on the sides, trim all around the edges, white paint on the outside & bright blue paint on the inside & chalkboard-painted-panels on the front.  it all sounds good in my head, we'll see how it pans out.

i did manage to get out of my sweats long enough to dress up for a few hours at church.  looking at this outfit in retrospect, i'm thinking i shoulda gone with my brown boots since the whole ensemble was loud enough without introducing the red ones, but whattyado?

ya live, ya learn.

{linkin' up with mandy at harper's happenings.  you should too!}

i'm also kinda excited because i just purchased another big-girl camera lens.  i took the plunge & got myself the 50mm f/1.4.  it won't come for a week or so, so i probably won't get any sleep between now & then.  you can expect a lot of loopy posts on account of the no sleep.  this girl is excited.

and last but not least, a giveaway winner!  congrats to:

nicole!  yay!  let's get in touch & figure out how to get you your teepee.  congrats friend!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 48

another week has come & gone & now we find ourselves in the middle of october.  whaaaat?

our week was awesome.  it was busy, it was rainy, it was lazy, it was productive, it was sunny, it was lots & lots of fun.  and apparently parker slept in lots of crazy positions this week because there's lots of that too.

just see for yourself.

monday.  we woke up to pouring rain & although stroller strides was indoors we opted for a lazy morning at home.  lazy mornings are just better when it's pouring outside, right?  actually that lazy morning involved lots of cleaning & catching up on stuff around the house, but when all those things are done while never changing out of your pj's?  it feels lazy.

then the UPS man brought parker's new boots & he celebrated the occasion by wearing them around the house over his pj's.  i snuck out for an hour or so to take some senior pictures & parker did some extreme sleeping.

tuesday.  we actually fully intended on making it to stroller strides tuesday morning but when the rain started coming down in buckets we *ahem* accidentally took a wrong turn & found ourselves at the mall.  oooops.  hate when that happens.  i also hate when my favorite stores are having 50% off all markdowns & i'm forced into a shopping spree frenzy.  hate it.

after our shopping excursion we came home & parker put the new boots to good use.  man, i love that kid.

wednesday.  holy moly friends, we made it to stroller strides.  after we got our workout on parker had his friend kaylee get a little fresh with him & he wasn't feeling it.  and by "fresh" i mean, she tried to hold his hand.  and by "not feeling it" i mean he cried & pulled his arm out of his sleeve.  maybe i should teach him to be a little more subtle.

and you guys thought you were gonna get through this week without having to hear about Quilt-pocalypse 2011.  oh you're so wrong.  three of the seven fabrics i ordered online arrived & i celebrated by slicing them up into millions of pieces.  yup.

and then parker slept in a weird position.  unless you sleep with your arm up in the air, then it's business as usual.

thursday.  while i sat at work thinking about how my hair is ridiculously long when straightened & how my shirt/sweater combo looked like ketchup & mustard, parker watched movies in his sitter's car {forward facing!  oh the horror!} & bundled up to watch girl's soccer.  he told me his day was awesome.

during bath time he decided his bath-alphabet made better rug toys than bath toys & threw them all out of the tub & i punished him by making him take about 15 self portraits with me.  trust me, he was sorry.

and apparently parker enjoys sleeping with his feet hanging out of the crib?  i don't know what else there is to say about that.

friday.  after stroller strides we just hung out around the house reading books & the such as until it was time for me to head out to a photo shoot with one of my favorite families ever.  i posted a few of the pics already on the photography by amy lee facebook page, so feel free to check 'em out.  you know you want to.

after i got home we drove off into the sunset {which was gorgeous} to our favorite mexican restaurant & stuffed our bellies full of carne asada, beans, rice, chips, salsa, guacamole, prawns, french fries & animal crackers.  the last two were me snitching off of parker's plate.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wordless{ish} wednesday: the hat.

one of the most frequent questions i get through comments/emails/twitter/instagram/etc. is the following:

"how the heck do you get him to wear that hat?"

well, honestly he wouldn't at first.  we would put it on his head & off it came.  but we kept trying & finally this last summer he realized that wearing his hat would keep the sun out of his eyes, so he starting asking for it any time he stepped outside.

but to this day if he realizes he's wearing it indoors, off it comes.


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