Wednesday, October 5, 2011

oh no! pouty-big-lipped-little-boy needs your help.

it's that time of year again... the time that makes parker very very sad.  they've reset the votes at top baby blogs!  if ya don't mind, could ya click this link & help turn parker's frown upside down?  we need your votes to get back in the top ten & i promise, he'll love ya for it.


don't like clicking text links?  click this banner instead.  it's all the same!  thanks!
Vote For Us @!


  1. That photo is too cute! Just voted :)

  2. Just voted! I love this picture, too cute :)

  3. Awe love that face! Done!!! :-))

  4. Oh dang that TBB for always resetting the votes. I have to be honest, I will vote this time because you asked so nicely, but I don't vote much anymore cause I don't like TBB. (but i do love you!)

  5. i just voted. your blog is way cooler than the others in the top 10.

  6. Done! no more pouty baby now :P

    He is such a cutie


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