Saturday, October 1, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 46

happy october everyone!!

this week f-l-e-w by.  and i don't even know why!  i feel like i got hardly anything accomplished & it's all a blur.  why does this happen?  it was a quick week, but it was a good one.  here it is in pictures:

monday.  we woke up to pouring rain so instead of going outside to stroller strides, we opted to run errands.  that's kind of a work out, right?  a work out that includes eating target pretzels anyways.  anywho, parker decided to take a snooze so i let him catch some z's while i waited out the monsoon happening outside of our car.  and yes, myspace-fish-lips-pictures totally help pass the time.

after braving the torrential downpour, we spent some time trying on zebra hats & buying supplies for home decor projects that took place in the garage during nap time.  mmmmm, spray paint fumes.  {GAG!}

tuesday.  we woke up to sun & blue sky so we got outside & went for a run which made p-ray & i both very happy.  parker was so happy he decided to put his empty squeezy pouch on his head & declare himself hilarious.

that evening i got to do an awesome senior session which may or may not be one of my favorite shoots to date.  check it out here.

and then parker slept like a newborn all bum-in-the-air style & it made me happy.

wednesday.  parker's sick day.  i had to work so parker stayed at home with auntie jodi.  i'm so grateful he got to stay home with his auntie & spend the day snuggled up to her with his favorite movies.  if sam or i can't be home with him?  she's the next best thing.

after work we spent the evening cuddled up on the couch where parker slipped in & out of sleep until bedtime where he was pretty freaking cute.  again.

thursday.  parker & i made a quick trip to the pediatrician to make sure he was fine after his weird day of high-fever-lethargicness on wednesday.  he wasn't too fond of the doctor's office, but he was a big fan of the cute hat i tried on at target {ps:  love these hats, but what the heck do you wear them with??}.

thursday night we hit up some fro-yo.  it had been far too long.  and yes, parker wore his pj's all day.  and clearly he liked it.

friday.  parker tried putting some of his best moves on his girly-friend cami at the playground but she just wasn't into him.  it's ok... the rejection wasn't anything some time playing with the springy-riding-toy-thingy couldn't fix.

friday night was spent getting burgers & running errands.  don't worry, we have a hot date planned for saturday night so we're not totally completely lame.

and then there were more sleeping pictures of parker... sorry, i can't help myself!  and i can't help that my phone's flash makes him crinkle up his face in the cutest way ever.  it just happens.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. Happy October Amy! Parker is so adorable.. specially in his dinosaur pj's. I love those boots, where are they from?

  2. love your weekly photos! parker is such a cutie!

  3. I love these updates.. He is so so cute! Haha he loves to wear his hat! I wish we lived closer, our boys would have so much fun together, and you seem so awesome n sweet.

  4. looks like another fun week! what a silly boy you have!! that cami doesn't know what she is missing!

  5. Sorry he's feeling bad:( My son has been sick this week too and it just breaks my heart. I hope Parker is feeling better!

  6. Aw it makes me so sad to hear that Parker was sick! But I'm glad he's feeling better now. I love all his bum in the air pics.

  7. I love this post. You made me feel very special when you said that I am the next best thing. Ahhh! thanks I too, love his dinosaur pjs. Maybe I'll get some and be Parker for Halloween. What do ya think?

  8. He is soooooooo cute. Idk how you stand it!

  9. He seriously is the cutest little pajama clad little guy in the world. I think I say that every week, lol.

  10. dying over that crinkly nose picture! kinda wanna squeeeeze him, he's SO cute!!

  11. Ok the duckface picture made me laugh my rear off lol.

    Looks like a very busy week. Can you believe its october.

    And Parker's Dino jammies are really epic :P he is so adorable. Glad to hear hes feeling better

  12. I love all the sleeping pics of P-ray! So adorable! I can't sneak in and take those sleeping pics, he wakes at the slightest sound of his door opening.

    Glad he's feeling better! It's so scary when they are sick.

  13. I love love love this!!! I'm sooooo doing this next week!! :)

  14. Looks like a great week. I love your boots in friday nights photo. Parker is so adorable!!

  15. E had one of those sick days today. Glad he bounced back fast. I'm hoping E is like new in the morning.

  16. Who doesn't love wearing their PJs all day?! I'm glad he's feeling better :)

  17. i need to start doing this. i always love reading yours. ps, i feel like we should be bfs. your posts always crack me up and i think we are alike. kind of. but how do i really know from only reading your blog? sheesh. creeper alert. but still...parker and dane should probably be best friends.


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