Sunday, October 23, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 49

another whirlwind week folks.  this week seriously went by in a blur & i can't believe the weekend is almost over too.  someone.  PLEASE make time slow down.  ok?  i'll be very appreciative.

i was kinda lacking in the iPhone-picture-taking department this week.  sometimes i'll be in a situation where i know i should whip out the phone & attempt to take pictures, but then they don't come out doing whatever is happening justice, or i missed the ginormous smile parker was making or it's too dark & the picture is blurry & i'm like, "well that was 30 seconds i'll never get back."  ya know?

but i did take a few, so take a look.

monday.  after i buttered parker up by letting him throw sawdust on the big toy at stroller strides, i proceeded to take him down a peg or two by spending some time at the craft store.  poor kid.  but he forgave me when he saw the cool new "BATH" decoration in his bathroom, so that's good.  

that afternoon he chased squirrels around the wildlife refuge with sam while i had a family session {yes, that is parker hurdling the boardwalk & staring down a squirrel}, & then i stayed up into the wee hours of the night editing this said session.  because most the pictures looked like this & were adorable... so obviously i couldn't stop.

tuesday.  you guys, i swear we did lots of stuff on tuesday but for the life of me i can't remember what.  well, besides ride around in a shopping cart eating samples & giggling at trader joe's & then go home, eat an apple & spy on our neighbors, of course.  

wednesday consisted of some happy-pretzel eating at target {as if there's any other kind of pretzel eating}, some closet cleaning where i found this old newsboy cap & took a picture that i hoped wouldn't show my dirty bathroom mirror as badly as it does {don't look close} & then some pre-bedtime father/son cuddles.  we did other stuff, but apparently those were the highlights.  

thursday.  while parker hung out with heather & kaylee at stroller strides crafting & playing with cars, i worked in the office & treated myself to some chipotle for lunch.  which was kinda awesome.  amazing.  delicious.

friday morning p-ray & i went to starbucks with all our stroller strides homies {because class was cancelled due to some unforeseen downpouring} & had time for some mommy/son photoshooting while waiting for our hot chocolate.  isn't parker thrilled?

friday afternoon i drove to my family session in the pouring rain since they didn't wanna cancel {how's that for some true pacific northwesterners??} & came home soaked & happy.  we had an awesome session.  then it was bath time for parker where we practiced color sorting.  i figure it's probably time to start teaching my kid something.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

Game Rules:
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  1. Great pics as always. I've never tried the pretzels from target. wait, do we have pretzels at the target here?. I gotta check it out. I love parker's superman shirt!

  2. mmmm starbucks hot chocolate. i want some. except I always have raspberry syrup added to mine. raspberry hot chocolate... mmmmm......

    looks like a good week!

  3. adorable photos, looks like a great week!

  4. Such cute shots! Looks like a fun and busy week.

  5. I hear ya about being busy busy busy!! I feel like there isn't enough time in the day! But I'm the one sorely lacking with photos... I took like 7 this entire week! ha ha

  6. oops. i don't know how i missed this post? sorry! i linked up properly.

  7. Took a bunch of phone photos this week with a new app and was super stoked to link up this week, and alas, NONE of them were saved on my phone. Bummed. Although, yours are super cute as always!

  8. ughhh, I always make the poor choice NOT to whip out the iphone at great photo moments :(

  9. Parker has his own little signature hat. Love it! My little man had one, but I lost it in a Hospital. I can't seem to find another one that I like as much as that one. Love all of your photos.

  10. cute pictures!! looks like a great week!! :)

  11. That squirrel pic is AWESOME! And so is every pic of Parker's adorable little face :)

  12. Found your blog via Mandy @ Harper's Happenings. Thank you for inspiring to get some of my pics off my phone. I'm pretty sure the almost 1900 photos I have on there is choking it to death!

    Love your pics!

  13. Love Parker's squirrel chasing antics - hilarious! Starbucks hot chocolate sounds so good right now!!

  14. sometimes i catch your sneaky little pictures on instagram before you delete them! haha i do the same thing though. love all these PER USUAL!

  15. hey girl. just found your blog. this is such a fun link up. i saved it to my page list and ill be here sunday!!! :)

  16. Gah! you're one of those girls who looks good in hats like that. I sort of hate you right now :)


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