Sunday, October 9, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 47

so yeah, this post is a day late.  but sometimes a girl just can't do it all ya know?

i had four photo shoots this week guys... yayayay!  i am so happy to say that my photography stuff is keeping me busy but i am sad that i don't have an extra five hours in my day to do all the blogging/parker picture editing/laundry folding/sleeping that i also wanna do.  ok, maybe not so much on the laundry folding.  

anywho, another week has come & gone.  and this week?  will forever go down in history as the week my quilt project {check that, projects} turned into a monster.  it's a MONSTER!!  i may or may not have gone to the fabric store four times this week & i may or may not have ended up buying more fabrics from three separate online sites.  yeah, that may or may not have happened.  i'm telling you... it's a monster. 

ok, enough about that for now... here's our week!

monday.  oh wow... big surprise.  we started the week off with a trip to the fabric store.  look how excited parker is as he waits for me to get my stuff together.  it's almost like he knows where we're going.  that kid's a freakin' trooper i tell ya.  

those fabrics?  they're going into quilt one.  yup, we now have two quilts in the works.  quilt one & quilt two.  this is a whoooole other post my friends.

after a five & a half hour nap {not joking}, parker washed his hands of all that nonsense by shampooing up his head & creating masterpieces on the walls of the bath.  and then skyping his nana.  

tuesday.  clearly heather & i were pretty excited to be reunited at stroller strides... it had been a week since we'd seen each other after all.  how cute is her belly, anyway?  

oh my gosh i'm so lame.  laying out all my fabric colors made me way too happy.  at this point i think i have what i need to make the world's most perfect patchwork quilt when in reality this whole mess was just starting.  so naive.

tuesday night consisted of blasting some new downloads on the way to costco where p-ray shoveled samples into his mouth.  business as usual.

wednesday.  stroller strides with homies followed by... ugh, buying more fabric.  {stab, stab, stab}.  i have a sickness.

wednesday night consisted of a much overdue girl's night.  pedicures, mexican food, fro-yo.  that's the making of a perfect night, muh friends.

thursday.  i worked.  lunch time-errand running for me, video games & walks for p-ray.  he hung out with his girlfriend kaylee all day... he likes a girl who can make him laugh... what can i say?  

when we got home we found parker's new boots from had come & he was pretty excited about it.  until we realized they were girl boots... & thus returned them.  oops.  then wrestlemania ensued.

friday.  i multi-tasked by reading emails & planking at stroller strides while parker went for a ride on the playground toys... he likes them a little bit.  his crazy antics continued on for a pre-naptime wrestle-sesh & then after an hour nap he woke up happy & ready to get some dinner.  we hit up red robin for some coloring & bottomless steak fries.  win.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

Game Rules:
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  1. You are one busy lady. Great shots. Can't wait to see your quilts

  2. Please do a tutorial on how to post pics from the iPhone so I can join in!

  3. your week sounds as busy as mine!! love all the fabric you bought!! made me laugh...i have a thing with buying fabric too!! lol!

  4. Looks like another great week :) Can't wait to see these epic quilts!

  5. I am always impressed when you post pictures of yourself doing exercised at Stroller Strides. Mine pics are always just of the kids playing on the playground afterwards. Clearly one of us is trying a lot harder (answer: YOU).

  6. please do not ever stop his cuteness!!! Love him even in his girly shiny red boots. I wanna see the new ones/replacements. =))

  7. I can't wait to see these quilts! And I'm calling my girlfriends today to see when we can have a girls' night with Mexican food. mmmmmmm

  8. Gosh, your weeks always sound way more exciting than mine! Hmph.

    I'm missing out on your link up, because things just aren't the same with a blackberry :( I'll be switching back to the iphone this week though! yay!

  9. Wow you had a very busy week. I love the fabrics you've chosen. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  10. Looks like a busy, full week!! :) Cant wait to see the quilts either :D

  11. I'm loving Parker's comb-over on Friday. Also, ever since you told me you were thinking about starting a quilt, I've been dying to know how it's going. I'm not brave enough yet. I'm thinking from your post that not being brave is a good thing when it comes to quilts.


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