Friday, January 13, 2017

santa photos 2016 // HIPSTER SANTA

so we decided to mix up santa this year & by "mix up" i mean we did it portland style.  we visited HIPSTER SANTA and he was kinda the best thing ever.  his chair was made out of pdx carpet, he had a man bun, he wore "the dude" sweater over a flannel, he had a deer head over his seat, peppermint candy earrings & "naughty or nice" tattoos.  i mean, ya don't get much more portland than that.

coincidentally this was the most fun the boys have ever had visiting santa.  it was the first year both kiddos wanted to actually sit up on the chair with him & they had giant smiles on their faces the entire time.  he was so fun & nice to them, they just had a blast.

i mean how many of the same ol' santa photos does one family really need?  i'm so happy we did something different & special for where we live that we can look back at & laugh at for years to come.

merry christmas.

december // snow, christmas & snow

so here's the rest of december.  and if i had to use one word to sum up the rest of december (and pretty much all of winter so far) it would be SNOW.  holy crap, so much snow.  i love the snow but portland? does not.  we don't do too well here in the snow.  school is canceled, the roads shut down & all hell breaks loose.  so i guess that makes it annoying.  but it's so pretty in an otherwise dreary season & it is a fun way to break up the normal day to day.  so we've been making the best of it.

christmas was great.  the boys are totally into everything christmasy from christmas lights to decorations to santa (santa photos will be posted in a separate post) and we really talked about the season of giving & love this year too.  every holiday just seems to get more & more special with these guys.  we just stayed home this year, sam made a killer prime rib & jodi & jason came to hang out for a good part of the day.  all was well.

in photography related news, i bought my first medium format film camera!  it's going to be a fun way to expand my photography in the new year & is something i've been wanting to do for years.  so now it's happening.  i'm stoked!

anywho, here are some highlights from december.  enjoy.

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