Friday, October 25, 2013

waiting at costco.

this is super random, i'm warning you.

sam got his wisdom teeth out today so elliot & i picked up his prescriptions on the way home from the dentist while sam & parker waited in the car.  is there a better time for a photo shoot than when you have 20 minutes to kill in costco?  probably not.  so here it is.

also, i'm still doin the photo a day thing {day 99, say whaat?!} which means there are a lot of pictures that don't make the cut.  i'm trying to get better about only saving my very very very favorites but when every freaking picture of your kid makes you smile?  how do you delete them.  so this project is resulting in a backlog of at least 20 photos a day i don't want to delete.  they're piling up quick without a lot of time to edit or organize 'em.  whattya do?  post a few on your blog, i guess.

also, before we get to the photos, two more things:  1) i'm now watching x-files on hulu from beginning to end.  when i was little & this was on tv mulder & scully were so old.  now?  they're young.  so that's funny.  also, i thought this show wouldn't be creepy because it's all old & the effects are cheesy?  wrong.  but maybe watching it right before bed isn't the smartest either.

and 2) i'm back on twitter!  started a new account from square one today... if you tweet, read tweets or retweet tweets, check me out, say hi & follow!  i'm at with the new name @amynielsonphoto.  seriously, come find me because it's no fun tweeting if no one's there to catch your tweets.

^^ bribery will get me an extra 10 minutes.
^^ dropped it.  not happy about it.
^^prescription pager thing... aka: cell phone.
^^keeper of the list.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

our September, part 2.

and now we come to the fun part of our september... ya know, no more of that preschool, birthdays, half-marathon type stuff.  ok on second thought, all of our september was pretty amazing.  WE WENT TO NEW YORK!  At some point i may or may not post more trip photos... there are only around 400 or so.  and that's after i narrowed it down to my very favorites.

every year we try to go to a new city we want to explore & thought hey, why the heck not new york?  if i'm being honest, i was super intimidated at the thought of taking my little family to the crazy jam packed streets of new york but it was a blast.  the boys did great on the six hours of flying, they slept well for the eight nights in the hotel & they were {relatively} good boys while out touring the city each day.

ok, on second thought, i'll totally be posting more pics from new york... it was too good!  so for now, here's just a few of my daily photos from the second half of september.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

september, part 1.

so i came back from my blog hiatus capitalizing new sentences & big "i's" and whathaveyous & i just can't keep up the charade any longer.  we're back to little letters.  let's be honest, i'm lazy.  so now that that's cleared up, let's talk about the first half of our september!

ahhh, the end of summer, the beginning of fall.  parker started preschool.  PRESCHOOL!!  don't get too excited, this is technically pre-pre-school, he will do another year before kindergarten.  he's doing two hours a day, two times a week.  and he loves it!  it was a little bit of a rough start, there was some crying at drop off & some tears towards the end of class if the word "mommy" came up but we're good now.  he loves it.

and ummm, how cute is my little preschooler??  seriously, are you seeing that little guy in his little skinnies with his little backpack?  it's too much.

also, i had a birthday {the 2nd anniversary of my 29th} and basically the biggest thing of my summer, i ran my first half marathon!  and loved every minute of it.  i trained all summer, if you follow me on instagram {@amy_nielson!} you may have seen some of it.  my goal was to run the whole time & feel good doing it.  done & done!  i didn't walk & i had a blast.  you guys, i'm a half marathoner!  boom.

here are a few snaps from the first half of our september.  enjoy your monday, yo.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our August in photos.

You guys sure know how to make a slacking blogger feel good!  It was so fun to hear from so many of you saying you're still out there!  And here I am, posting my second post in a week.  Maybe there's hope for this little blog yet.

So here are a few of my August daily photos... some of my favorites from the month.  I can't even tell you how many times I've gone through my daily photos just to revisit each day & be inspired for future days' photos.  I can't wait to look back at all of these a year later & maybe make a book or something?  Let's not get ahead of ourselves... let me get through 365 days first.

Here we go... some of my August in photos!

{scene from a senior shoot.  it's one of my favorites!! check it out HERE.}

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our days in photos.

Ha!  It's been MONTHS since I've posted here.  And ironically, the last post was about how I hadn't been using my camera enough & this post is going to be a post about how I've been using my camera a crap-ton (<-- actual unit of measurement).  Since I was so frustrated with how little I was using my camera, I actually set out to start a P365 project... you know, those things everyone starts January 1st where they say they're going to take a photo a day for the whole year & then they stop somewhere around the end of February or March?  Well I started towards the end of July & have only missed 9 days to date.  I'm calling that success.  I started when I wanted & if I miss a day?  Who cares, there's always tomorrow.  So far, it's working out for me.

So this post is all about catching up a few of those.  I'm not gonna post every single one because at this point that's just too many (I've got 80 so far!).  Here are a few of my faves from July & I'm hoping to post August-someday soon.  Don't hold your breath.

Hope this post gets a couple views (:::knock knock knock::: anyone out there?) & I hope to post again sooner than another two months.

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