Wednesday, October 16, 2013

our September, part 2.

and now we come to the fun part of our september... ya know, no more of that preschool, birthdays, half-marathon type stuff.  ok on second thought, all of our september was pretty amazing.  WE WENT TO NEW YORK!  At some point i may or may not post more trip photos... there are only around 400 or so.  and that's after i narrowed it down to my very favorites.

every year we try to go to a new city we want to explore & thought hey, why the heck not new york?  if i'm being honest, i was super intimidated at the thought of taking my little family to the crazy jam packed streets of new york but it was a blast.  the boys did great on the six hours of flying, they slept well for the eight nights in the hotel & they were {relatively} good boys while out touring the city each day.

ok, on second thought, i'll totally be posting more pics from new york... it was too good!  so for now, here's just a few of my daily photos from the second half of september.


  1. wow! i love just looking at your photos! awesome shots and such wonderful moments captured!! *love*


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