Wednesday, August 19, 2015

last weeks of summer

have i talked about this insanely hot summer we've had?  portland has set a record for the number of 90+ degree days... i think we're up to 25.  that's insane.  that's almost an entire MONTH this summer that has been over 90.  i'm over it.  we are so sweaty & just not equipped to deal with the heat.  if you need me i'll be laying on the floor with our one air conditioning unit blowing straight into my face.  okthanksbye.

here's a few pics of our last week.

projects & pictures

i've learned something about myself this summer.  i am happiest when i have a project.  whether it's picture taking or diy-ing, i have to be doing something.  when i'm on a roll with my p365 it takes up a ton of time.  we go on extra outings for photo-ops or i make a point to get outside during that time of day where the light is just right.  but when i have something else going on, it gets neglected.

these last couple weeks when i wasn't working, i was full force into projects.  i finished painting an old brass bed white, i finished the gallery wall in our entry way & sam & i finished our industrial-ish reclaimed bench for the entryway.  so now what?  you'd think i'd be enjoying this sense of accomplishment (and don't get me wrong, i am!  i love all the finished products!)  but i'm ready for the next project.  and i also just realized that i should take pictures of all these things for a post... oops.

but in the midst of all this i think i've created an addiction to house projects & makeovers.  it's so fun!  so while i'm thinking about what endeavor should be next, enjoy some of the pictures from our hot summer days in these parts.

Monday, August 10, 2015

summer stuff // parker learns to swim

this should be more appropriately titled "parker learns to get in water & not freak out" because that's a bit more accurate.  but guys, big progress was made this summer.  parker used to be pretty intimidated by water/pools/getting his hair wet but after two weeks of lessons this summer, he's splashin around & blowing bubbles with the best of 'em.

summer is still whizzing on by.  weddings to shoot every weekend, attempts to stay out of the heat on the weekdays.  it's been pretty awesome.  we're getting pretty excited for school to start though... it's hard to remember what day of the week it is for some of us.  they're all starting to blend together.

i was obsessed with the colors at the pool.  the water, bright sun, all of it was fun to me. here are some of my favorites!

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