Wednesday, August 19, 2015

projects & pictures

i've learned something about myself this summer.  i am happiest when i have a project.  whether it's picture taking or diy-ing, i have to be doing something.  when i'm on a roll with my p365 it takes up a ton of time.  we go on extra outings for photo-ops or i make a point to get outside during that time of day where the light is just right.  but when i have something else going on, it gets neglected.

these last couple weeks when i wasn't working, i was full force into projects.  i finished painting an old brass bed white, i finished the gallery wall in our entry way & sam & i finished our industrial-ish reclaimed bench for the entryway.  so now what?  you'd think i'd be enjoying this sense of accomplishment (and don't get me wrong, i am!  i love all the finished products!)  but i'm ready for the next project.  and i also just realized that i should take pictures of all these things for a post... oops.

but in the midst of all this i think i've created an addiction to house projects & makeovers.  it's so fun!  so while i'm thinking about what endeavor should be next, enjoy some of the pictures from our hot summer days in these parts.


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