Wednesday, November 18, 2015

free fallin // just photos

kinda obsessed w/ the leaves this year.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

a little bit of fall // mostly photos

i love fall.  i'm obsessed with the changing leaves & the crisp air & going back to school & the cozy evenings.  we wake up in the morning & turn on the fire while the boys get ready for school & we're just in a good rhythm.  except for maybe right now where i'm up posting random pictures at 12:30 am & should probably be sleeping but i digress.

it's a hard time for me photographically because i lose light earlier in the day, we're challenged with more rainy days which keep us inside & i find myself just wanting to take pictures of leaves over & over.  so sorry if you get sick of seeing that.  i'm still doing my p365 for the most part but am in one of those creative funks for my personal photos... we all know the answer to that is to just keep on shooting, right?  so i will.

in other news, things are great.  parker is loving kindergarten & elliot loves his preschool.  parker is learning to read & elliot is working on potty training... still, two months later.  we had a great halloween.  elliot chose to be a skeleton (again) and parker picked out the most ridiculous buddy the t-rex dinosaur costume.  it was amazing.  it poured buckets on halloween but that didn't stop us from getting out & getting two pumpkin pails full of candy.  the boys had a blast & it was fun seeing so many of our neighbors out getting soaked & having a great time.

sam & i just keep on doing the same ol' same ol'.  we have nice relaxing evenings during the week but kinda live for our little adventures on the weekend.  lots of hikes, road trips & city adventures keep us busy.  i am in a workout funk though & reaaaaally need to find a way to get exercise back into my life.  i mean it's like MY THING.  and yet i've literally gone months without a regular routine.  who am i even?  work is (kinda) starting to slow down & i hope to light a fire under my own bottom to get back into shape.  just kinda dreading the process that is gonna be.  it always sucks to start over!

anywho, that's all i really have to say about that.  here are a few of my favorite pics from the last few weeks... enjoy!

Monday, November 16, 2015

a post about our beacon rock hike // why not?

i enjoy keeping my little corner of the internet over here with my own rules where i'm allowed to come & go as i please.  of course i blog a bit here & there during my slow season & then when my summers get crazy i vanish off to work.  elliot always gets the rotten end of the deal because i always seem to miss his birthday update while i'm editing weddings like a madwoman so perhaps i will try to throw that up here but otherwise i never even attempt to "catch up."  again, my blog, my rules.

so while i sit in my bed at almost midnight like a zombie trying to pull myself away from facebook & the news & all the other things from the weekend that are making me numb (ie: paris, terrorists & the refugee crisis) i wanted to take a minute to create something pleasant.  here is a little post with some pictures from a family hike we took a few weeks ago.

we hiked up beacon rock in the columbia gorge... it's one mile up & one mile down & the first hike our kiddos completed entirely on their own.  we didn't carry them at all & that was kind of amazing.  a real hike!

it was gorgeous, the views were amazing & the forest is just so peaceful to walk through.  i tried not to imagine what would happen if something crazy went down & one of the twenty something bridges on the trail switchbacks became inaccessible for some reason while we were hundreds of feet up the rock but whattyaknow, nothing bad happened in the end.

it was a great day.

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