Tuesday, July 9, 2013

vacation naps & rambles.

the reasons i don't take very many pictures with my "big camera" are super lame.  you see, i take my camera out & before i know it i've shot two or three hundred pictures of parker & elliot in my living room & then what do you do?  spend two to three hours going through them?  aint nobody got time for that.  or if we're out & about actually doing something photo-worthy, who wants to lug five or six pounds of camera around in one's purse among diapers, wipes, snacks & the such as only to realize you're never actually taking your camera out because you end up carrying a child ninety percent of the time anyway.  

i told you, the reasons are lame.

and in the end, they are excuses.  i need to take more pictures.  i need to rediscover the love affair i have with my camera & find a way to shoot the everyday.  i have a passion for photography.  a special moment immortalized forever in my camera literally makes my heart beat a little faster.  

like this one.

after a day of playing in 95* heat with his cousins, parker crashed.  on an air mattress in a spare bedroom, with sam by his side watching over him.  these moments are coming & going & my boys are getting so big & i'm spending all this time running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  how do you make that stop?  if someone could sell me the secret to making time freeze i would pay a pretty penny.  

but for now, staring at these moments frozen in time will have to do.  

Monday, July 8, 2013

our {last two? three?} weeks in iPhotos

oh man... so many things!  so many days, vacations, splash parks, family outings & amazing summer days have gone by since i last stopped by my little corner of the internet.

i love these pictures.  i could look at them over & over & over.  we've had so much fun already this summer.  family bike rides to get cookies at the next town over, elliot's first mariners game, lots of running, a family reunion, a trip to the beach, 4th of july festivities, a road trip to see friends, more splash park fun & sprinklers.  in a nutshell.

i love summer, i love my little family.  i love this busy little life of mine.

peace out friends.

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