Monday, July 8, 2013

our {last two? three?} weeks in iPhotos

oh man... so many things!  so many days, vacations, splash parks, family outings & amazing summer days have gone by since i last stopped by my little corner of the internet.

i love these pictures.  i could look at them over & over & over.  we've had so much fun already this summer.  family bike rides to get cookies at the next town over, elliot's first mariners game, lots of running, a family reunion, a trip to the beach, 4th of july festivities, a road trip to see friends, more splash park fun & sprinklers.  in a nutshell.

i love summer, i love my little family.  i love this busy little life of mine.

peace out friends.

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  1. Seriously, I feel like the best thing in this recent weather is water. Just. Add. Water. It makes everything better! Looks like y'all are really enjoying family time together, too!

  2. Your babies are soo adorable. Looks like you have an amazing family. Loving your pictures too :)


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