Friday, October 25, 2013

waiting at costco.

this is super random, i'm warning you.

sam got his wisdom teeth out today so elliot & i picked up his prescriptions on the way home from the dentist while sam & parker waited in the car.  is there a better time for a photo shoot than when you have 20 minutes to kill in costco?  probably not.  so here it is.

also, i'm still doin the photo a day thing {day 99, say whaat?!} which means there are a lot of pictures that don't make the cut.  i'm trying to get better about only saving my very very very favorites but when every freaking picture of your kid makes you smile?  how do you delete them.  so this project is resulting in a backlog of at least 20 photos a day i don't want to delete.  they're piling up quick without a lot of time to edit or organize 'em.  whattya do?  post a few on your blog, i guess.

also, before we get to the photos, two more things:  1) i'm now watching x-files on hulu from beginning to end.  when i was little & this was on tv mulder & scully were so old.  now?  they're young.  so that's funny.  also, i thought this show wouldn't be creepy because it's all old & the effects are cheesy?  wrong.  but maybe watching it right before bed isn't the smartest either.

and 2) i'm back on twitter!  started a new account from square one today... if you tweet, read tweets or retweet tweets, check me out, say hi & follow!  i'm at with the new name @amynielsonphoto.  seriously, come find me because it's no fun tweeting if no one's there to catch your tweets.

^^ bribery will get me an extra 10 minutes.
^^ dropped it.  not happy about it.
^^prescription pager thing... aka: cell phone.
^^keeper of the list.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks Heather! they mean it when they say it happens so fast!

  2. super cute pics! i just love your blog!! :)

    1. thanks Kristin! I just love it when you stop by!! :)

  3. Replies
    1. couldn't agree more Danni... but I'm a bit biased ;)

  4. Serious cute factor here! :)
    Costco does scripts too!! Wow!

  5. i can't believe how much elliot has grown up! looking a little more like parker, yes?

  6. If a tweet is sent and no one is there to see it, is it still a tweet? Just kidding (so cheesy...ok I'm done.)

    Did you bring your big girl camera with you?!

  7. love love love these!

  8. LOVE these pictures! He's so stinking cute!

  9. Such a cute kid :D
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