Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our August in photos.

You guys sure know how to make a slacking blogger feel good!  It was so fun to hear from so many of you saying you're still out there!  And here I am, posting my second post in a week.  Maybe there's hope for this little blog yet.

So here are a few of my August daily photos... some of my favorites from the month.  I can't even tell you how many times I've gone through my daily photos just to revisit each day & be inspired for future days' photos.  I can't wait to look back at all of these a year later & maybe make a book or something?  Let's not get ahead of ourselves... let me get through 365 days first.

Here we go... some of my August in photos!

{scene from a senior shoot.  it's one of my favorites!! check it out HERE.}


  1. wow....taking out your REAL camera everyday is making me want to maybe learn how to use my REAL camera.....maybe.....one day....when I have time.....which is probably never....so I will vicariously live through you :) haha

  2. Beautiful photos and so fun to see what your boys are up to. I hope you keep blogging even if it is only every once and a while. :) It definitely is harder to keep up with it having two little guys running around!

  3. Very nice! And to think we were there for the Elliot birthday meltdown! Nice shots - now ya gotta come visit MY blog? ox

  4. Love this and think I need to copy the idea! Are you using your DSLR for all of them or phone too? I just can't imagine lugging the DSLR everywhere everyday, so curious what you're doing!

  5. this is such a fun idea! love this and love your photos!!


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