Saturday, October 15, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 48

another week has come & gone & now we find ourselves in the middle of october.  whaaaat?

our week was awesome.  it was busy, it was rainy, it was lazy, it was productive, it was sunny, it was lots & lots of fun.  and apparently parker slept in lots of crazy positions this week because there's lots of that too.

just see for yourself.

monday.  we woke up to pouring rain & although stroller strides was indoors we opted for a lazy morning at home.  lazy mornings are just better when it's pouring outside, right?  actually that lazy morning involved lots of cleaning & catching up on stuff around the house, but when all those things are done while never changing out of your pj's?  it feels lazy.

then the UPS man brought parker's new boots & he celebrated the occasion by wearing them around the house over his pj's.  i snuck out for an hour or so to take some senior pictures & parker did some extreme sleeping.

tuesday.  we actually fully intended on making it to stroller strides tuesday morning but when the rain started coming down in buckets we *ahem* accidentally took a wrong turn & found ourselves at the mall.  oooops.  hate when that happens.  i also hate when my favorite stores are having 50% off all markdowns & i'm forced into a shopping spree frenzy.  hate it.

after our shopping excursion we came home & parker put the new boots to good use.  man, i love that kid.

wednesday.  holy moly friends, we made it to stroller strides.  after we got our workout on parker had his friend kaylee get a little fresh with him & he wasn't feeling it.  and by "fresh" i mean, she tried to hold his hand.  and by "not feeling it" i mean he cried & pulled his arm out of his sleeve.  maybe i should teach him to be a little more subtle.

and you guys thought you were gonna get through this week without having to hear about Quilt-pocalypse 2011.  oh you're so wrong.  three of the seven fabrics i ordered online arrived & i celebrated by slicing them up into millions of pieces.  yup.

and then parker slept in a weird position.  unless you sleep with your arm up in the air, then it's business as usual.

thursday.  while i sat at work thinking about how my hair is ridiculously long when straightened & how my shirt/sweater combo looked like ketchup & mustard, parker watched movies in his sitter's car {forward facing!  oh the horror!} & bundled up to watch girl's soccer.  he told me his day was awesome.

during bath time he decided his bath-alphabet made better rug toys than bath toys & threw them all out of the tub & i punished him by making him take about 15 self portraits with me.  trust me, he was sorry.

and apparently parker enjoys sleeping with his feet hanging out of the crib?  i don't know what else there is to say about that.

friday.  after stroller strides we just hung out around the house reading books & the such as until it was time for me to head out to a photo shoot with one of my favorite families ever.  i posted a few of the pics already on the photography by amy lee facebook page, so feel free to check 'em out.  you know you want to.

after i got home we drove off into the sunset {which was gorgeous} to our favorite mexican restaurant & stuffed our bellies full of carne asada, beans, rice, chips, salsa, guacamole, prawns, french fries & animal crackers.  the last two were me snitching off of parker's plate.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. OH my Gosh! I LOVE those red boots! So cute and perfect!!! :)

  2. love, love, love his red boots! Looks like a good week despite the rain! You guys must be used to it though!!

  3. Looks like a good week! I got to see you more than the past couple weeks so that was a bonus! Your dinner sounds amazing last night. We got home, took one look at the kitchen, decided we were too lazy to cook and pulled out my emergency stash of (gasp!) packaged ravioli for dinner. Sometimes convenience tastes oh so good. Thanks for spending some of your Friday night with us!

  4. We have the same set of dino PJ's from Target - love them, and they look so cozy too. After reading about your dinner I REALLY want some Mexican food. Mmmmm....beans.

  5. Parker in those boots is TOO MUCH! Love it. And his sleeping positions are hilarious :)

  6. These are all so sweet and the various sleeping positions really made me giggle!!

  7. Ha, I love the sleeping pics! And those little red boots ... oh he is too cute!!

    Looks like a good week :)

  8. the sleeping photos are by far my faves. i'm always jealous of other moms getting cute sleepy toddler photos, riley wakes up every. single. time. i try to take a pic of her sleeping!

  9. Looks like a fun week! :)

  10. That pic of Parker looking at all the letters outside the bathtub is awesome. Too cute!


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