Thursday, October 20, 2011

october large sponsors are rad.

have you noticed that "rad" is kinda my new word?  the weird thing is that i don't think i've said it out loud once.  i just call things rad in my head & in my blog apparently.  anywho, here are the awesome people who believe in this little internet space i call home enough to actually sponsor it.  they're rad.  see for yourself:

jessica from scentsy.

who hasn't heard of scentsy?  i'm pretty sure only people living under a rock.  we love our scentsy warmer & i pretty much want to drink the wax out of the dish since the smells are so tasty.  but then again i tend to get all the food-related ones like "toasted sugar cookie", "baked apple pie" & "sticky cinnamon bun" so i really only have myself to blame.

and have you seen scentsy buddies?  ummm, pretty much some of the cutest little stuffed animals ever.  and add in the yummy smell pack factor?  heaven scent.  ha!  i'm so punny.

good news:  jess sent us our very own scentsy buddy to try out {we got "roarbert the lion"}.

better news:  she's giving one away on this here blog very very soon.  stay tuned.



by now ya'll should be used to seeing jamie, owner & mastermind behind lilybaby, & her pretty face around these blog parts.  but how much did you guys love her teepee giveaway?  i loved it long time.  

didn't win?  bummer.  you should probably go check out her etsy shop asap & treat yourself to some retail therapy by picking up an "avery hoodie" {i know you all love that one} or a super cute dress for that little lady in your life.  you won't regret it.  jamie's items come at ya completely handmade by herself with love & skill jampacked into each stitch.  promise.  

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amy from photography by amylee

ok yes, this one is me.  shameless self-promotion.  don't hate... you would do it too.  and while we're talking about it, ya need any pictures done?

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