Saturday, December 3, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 55

you guys.  i'm not sure if you were aware of this but it's DECEMBER!  christmas & a new year are just around the corner!!  whaaaat?  yup.

another week down, another week closer to christmas!  yay!  we did some shopping, some crafting, put up our decorations & some other stuff.

check it out.

monday.  our weekly costco trip, which p-ray doesn't mind at all.  he's my favorite little co-shopper.  then he marveled at the "balls!" on the christmas tree in a shop & went home for pre-bedtime wrestle-mania with his dad.

tuesday.  just chillaxin in the craft store shopping cart, no big deal.  that night i put up our christmas decorations while blaring christmas music & sam & parker {any guesses?} wrestled.  

wednesday.  p-ray slept in til 9:00 & then woke up suuuuper happy.  so happy that he didn't want to get out of his bed.  but when he did?  he asked for oatmeal & hot dog.  seems normal.

then auntie jodi came up to hang out with us which was pretty much our favorite.  and guess who just entered the iPhone club?  my mom & dad!  hooray!  we celebrated by using facetime.  i'm sure my mom is gonna love this screen shot i took.

thursday.  i have a puffy vest obsession.  i'm working on pretty much having one in every color for both p-ray & i.  apparently thursday was red puffy vest day.

thursday night parker did such a good job shopping for our groceries that we rewarded him with his first very own fro-yo.

friday.  parker woke up with a nasty fever so i threw him in a lukewarm bath to break it.  he sat in it & whined but didn't wanna come out.  goofball.  the rest of friday was spent snuggling in bed watching movies in our jammies until sam got home.  then we did some shopping with a happier feeling-better parker who loved the rocking horse.  hmmmm, maybe santa will put one in his stocking!

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

Game Rules:
1.  your pictures have to be taken by your camera phone. that's it!  you don't even have to have a picture for every day.  got one camera phone pic of something fun from this week?  link up!

2.  if you want to grab the code below & put it in your post to have the linky with all the thumbnails show up on your blog do it.

and please post a link to my blog so others can come here to grab the code, too.
the more kids who come out to play, the more fun it will be, right?

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  1. looks like an awesome week! and what a great shopping buddy you have!! he is too cute!! :)

  2. Yay for Christmas!'re gonna have a hard time fitting that rocking horse in your stocking. :)

  3. looks like a great week! woo hoo for christmas being close!! love the shopping cart pictures. :)

  4. he is just the cutest. I wish it was cold enough to wear puffy vests here in HI. my kids are my favorite shopping buddies too, most of the time.

  5. Wow! Hmmm - Now I know it is not safe to have facetime with you! I do like the puffy vest theme! Dang cute...

  6. Looks like another great week! Your boys do love to wrestle, don't they!?! Isn't Facetime so much better than Skype, love it with my parents!!

  7. I used to LOVE puffy vests (when I lived in cold Colorado)!

    Did you change your header? It's looking very festive!

  8. Love it! Where did you find the rocking horse? SO want to get one for my little guy, but haven't seen one yet!


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