Saturday, December 10, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 56

good week, friends.  good week.

we did lots of stuff.  parker's just in this little "my buddy" stage.  he's like this little dude that just hangs out with me & plays & goes shopping with me & chills.  so that's what our week consisted of... lots of me & parker.  no seriously, that's about it in the photos.  yes, sam was there too but he got a break from the camera this week.  he won't get off as easily next week, i'm sure.

this is what we did.

monday started off a little rocky.  p-ray woke up two hours earlier than normal & just couldn't deal.  and by "couldn't deal" i mean he couldn't deal with anything.  "want some milk?"  on the floor tantrum-fest.  "wanna snack?"  tears & screams.  you get the idea.  an early nap ended up being four hours long during which i got lotsa things done.  happy panda.

we turned our crummy day around by heading to the store to buy parker a string of colored lights for the window in his room.  they're pretty much his favorite thing ever.

tuesday started with some post-workout teriyaki with my good ol co-worker friend sophal.  we try to do lunch every other month or so & she loves seeing how much parker has changed in between.  and i love anyone who loves my kid.  win win.

then we headed home & p-ray dabbled with his softer side by playing around in my makeup bag.  a little rouge can do wonders on those pink baby cheeks.

and that last pic?  just parker sleeping.  with his legs up on the bars of his crib.  crossed.  business as usual.

wednesday was probably my favorite day of the week.  you know it's gonna be a good day when your kid wakes up & just wants to chill on his changing table, legs crossed, admiring some art.  he's classy like that.  the rest of the morning was chalk full of p-ray giggles & sock-monkey-hat antics.

to kill some time waiting for sam to get home, we headed out to the fabric store.  parker wooed the old ladies in his pj-bottoms-skeleton-hoodie-sock-monkey-hat number.  no seriously, the old laides LOVE him in that store.  why wouldn't you?

thursday started out a little intense.  ok, a lot intense.

on my way in to work i drove by this massive accident just minutes after it happened.  emergency vehicles hadn't made it there yet & witnesses were just starting to gather on the side of the road.  turns out the semi-truck driver hit another car from behind & then ran off the road into trees.  good samaritans weren't able to pull him out of the truck before it was overtaken by flames.  the freeway was blocked over eight hours & it took all day to clean it all up & get the truck out of the trees.  it was awful!

then i just sat around my quiet office all day & ate a tasty burrito from my favorite taco bus at my desk.  what do i look forward to every week most about my day in the office?  lunch.

friday.  parker clung tight to his favorite stuffed animals at stroller strides.  he is so obsessed with stuffed animals right now & i love it.  maybe because stuffed animals were my favorite thing as a kid & i love watching him grow attached to cute furry little objects.  because what's cuter than that?  not much.

friday night we babysat one of parker's friends & met up with more friends at a reading of "the polar express."  it was pretty packed & the kiddos had no idea what was happening.  and clearly parker had no idea how cool it is to have your picture taken with a guy in a conductor suit since the only pictures i was able to take were ones of him fleeing the scene.

maybe next year.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

Game Rules:
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  1. I love when you do these posts. it's like a day int he life (of your week)

  2. It looks like MORE than a good week : ) It looks like a great one. Very sweet.

  3. looks like a good week, minus the accident! yikes!! love, love the monkey hat!! what is it about hats that make kiddos that much cuter! :D

  4. Wow that accident gives me the chills. So sad.

    I love parker's monkey sock hat. He's so adorable chilling with style on his changing table LOL

  5. Fun week! Do you leave Parker's lights on while he sleeps? We put lights in Cami's room and I think she found them too distracting!

  6. That other baby doesn't look too happy to be meeting a train conductor either! Every time I see P-Ray in those dino jammies I want to tell you AGAIN that Evan has the same ones. I love them.

  7. The quote 'on the floor tantrum-fest' made me chuckle....
    Great post

  8. That truck fire looks so scary. The Polar Express reading looks like super fun!! Cute monkey hat on Parker!!

  9. I think I may run to the store tonight to get some twinkle lights for the boys' rooms. Great idea! And I especially love your Wednesday. So many smiles!


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