Friday, July 27, 2012

thirty-eight weeks. bumpdate!

so i just realized with parker i only had updates up to 39 weeks because he was born two days early.  that means i might only have ONE MORE of these updates before baby day, guys!!

and between you & me & the fly on the wall?  i'm kinda glad.  check that, reaaaalllly glad.  can i please have something else to blog about besides pregnancy... please?  give me a cute baby to take pictures of, show me parker's face when he meets his baby brother & for the love of pete, let's have some posts about getting back in shape, yes??

so as i type this i'm having braxton hicks like whoa.  nothing's been regular, i've never been inclined to time anything but my belly just seems to love to contract.  i'm a wee bit dilated & effaced which i know doesn't mean anything about when i might go into labor, but i'm thinking it might have something to do with how quickly things will go once labor does happen?  is this true, does anyone know?  parker's labor was only 11 hours, if this went faster that'd be cool with me.

i spent last night doing baby laundry & can now say baby boy officially has something ready to wear home once the time comes.  parker's bag is packed if he needs to quickly be sent over to someone else's house for the day.  i have a list of things to grab quickly as we run out the door but haven't packed anything just yet... i should probably do that.  just give us one more week baby boy, i think i could really be ready in one more week.

sidenote:  ya'll excited for the olympics?  i am.  when else in your life can you be excited about your country having the world's best shot-putter or triple jumper or synchronized swim team?  the olympics are rad & i hope the opening ceremonies are awesome tonight.  we're getting pizza & camping out with an opening ceremonies party... go crazy!

go usa!


  1. You definitely look like you've dropped! And I hope this doesn't come off as annoying, but I figured if you hadn't noticed and are turning these into a book... I'm assuming you meant pelvic pain in your picture/text combo? It says pelic... Sorry, just want to make sure you didn't miss it (or maybe I'm an idiot and pelic is something, who the heck knows :o)

    Love hearing about pregnancy, but yes, can't wait to see pictures of your new little man and hear all about life with two and so on. Hope he comes soon!

    1. oh yeah... pelic pain, duh!! wait, that's not a real thing. I fixed it! :)

  2. This is getting so very close! Any day now! So very exciting, too!

  3. How exciting (could be applied to the Olympics and the fact that you have less than two weeks before you have two little boys in your house)!

  4. Ahhhh! Amy, I'm so excited for you. Won't be long now and you'll be a mama to TWO sweet boys ;)

  5. almost there! so happy for you, I hope your delivery is quick & not to painful

  6. whoah boy! you're so close, that's awesome!!!! i'm excited for all your baby picture posts and getting back in shape posts. i have cruised your getting in shape posts from last time and love how you put them together. i can't WAIT to get into shape after this little dude arrives!

  7. First thing, I love the summer olympics! But more importantly... you are 38 weeks!!! OH my gosh. This is about the point that I am obsessively checking my twitter/IG/FB feeds for any news of labor! I went into labor at 38w 2d with East and I have a feeling your little boy #2 will come a tad early as well :)

  8. Yeehaw for getting close! You look super cute! Despite what you say about how you feel, you are a hot pregnant woman! :)

  9. Oh my gosh girl, you are like a time bomb ;o) Are you just counting down the days or what?! I bet you can't wait to meet the little one! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that your labor is shorter. If it makes you feel better I hear the second time around IS usually quicker ;o)

  10. you look so freaking cute and i am sooo excited for you!!

  11. Sees like you are ready for your new baby boy to come! I too am super excited for the Olympics!

  12. I have heard that the more preparing your body does, the faster labor goes once it hits. Like effacement, dilation, and Braxton-Hicks beforehand means you'll have a fast labor. I've also heard that subsequent births after your first go quicker! So I wouldn't be surprised if you have a nice, fast (and hopefully easy) labor. :)

  13. I can't believe how close to the end you are! You look AMAZING and I really hope labor and delivery go smooth and fast! SO EXCITED for you!

  14. Labor seemed to speed up dramatically for me with each baby.
    1st baby--8hrs
    2nd baby--6.5 hrs
    3rd baby--4.5 hrs
    4th baby--2.25 hrs
    5th baby--it's a good thing the hospital is only 5 blocks away!!!

    Hoping that all this discomfort during pregnancy will equal a speedy delivery and super easy baby (for both of us, hahaha!!).


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