Sunday, July 15, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 87

hello blog friends!  another crazy week has come & gone & i'm just trying to keep my head above water.  in other words? life as usual.

here's a quick rundown of what our week looked like through iPics.

monday.  threw some workout clothes on the belly & hit up a little stroller strides before heading to the lake where parker just looked like a creeper on the shore & watched all the swimmers {aka, just his girlfriend cami}.  monday night was popsicles & bbq.  heck yeah summer.

tuesday.  put on real clothes & met lindsey & cami for a movie.  the kiddos lasted about 15 minutes at the movie so it was off to the bounce houses next door where they were entertained for a good hour.  per the usual, i napped while parker napped... it requires approximately 10 pillows.

tuesday night parker antics.  nuff said.

wednesday.  worked from home wednesday & parker couldn't be bothered while reading his book on the way to the store wednesday night.  also?  sometimes 11pm cookie dough is so necessary.

thursday.  drove into work on a sunny day & spent a good part of thursday night with parker admiring the construction going on on the road in front of our house.  and parker goofball faces during bathtime.

friday.  getting soaked during a torrential downpour at stroller strides required some hot chocolate to recover.  so our summer lasted about five minutes.

friday night we hit up some of our favorite seattle spots {top pot donuts & a ride on the monorail} before a mariner's game with home-team-dugout front row seats.  and when i say front row seats i mean legit front row.  it helps to have friends with the hook up.  thank you tim & lindsey!  i have two boys that went home very happy that night.


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

Game Rules:
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  1. fun! i love how busy summer weeks are! you look adorable in all those belly pictures!! and how cool to have front row seats at the m's game! i can't believe we haven't been to a single game all season.

  2. Oh that cookie dough looks yummy! I love the censored picture of Parker! And hot chocolate? In July? Seriously...the weather "this year" is so weird here. :)

  3. Those seats at the game looked awesome!! The summer is going way too fast!

  4. Awesome seats!! We aren't Mariners fans, but Josh and Noah would have LOVED being that close to the field. :) And that cookie dough?! Yum, yum.

  5. Sounds like an eventful and fun week! You are looking good girly and it's getting close huh?! So exciting :o)

  6. That pic of Parker being a creeper at the beach still makes me crack up. What a goof! :)

  7. don't you love getting the hook up at sporting events?! randomly we will get lucky with amazing seats from our friends, it's fun to soak it all up. :) can't believe how close you are getting to seeing your new little dude! so exciting :)

  8. Great pics. I found you on Instagram :)

    So close to having that baby now- its so exciting!

  9. Hi Amy! I'm new to your blog, and am a fellow Seattlite (well, Eastsider), yay! I love your week by iPhone. I have an excessive amount of pics on my phone (I try to take one every day of my baby girl), and this seems like a great way to get them into my blog. One question though - what do you use to edit multiple iPics into one image for the day? Thanks!

  10. I look forward to joining in on this Sunday!


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