Monday, July 30, 2012

just passing the time... pinterestingly.

still no baby!

and that's just fine, the due date's still 10 days away {what?  only TEN?  yikes.}  so in the meantime, things are starting to calm down around here & i'm starting to feel more on top of things & a little bit ready for the newest member of the fam to make his appearance.  my bags aren't packed yet but all the baby clothes are washed & i know we could grab what we needed {by going off the list i've made} in just a matter of minutes... so i'm no longer sweating that.  we've reorganized a lot of the house & decluttered {two trips worth of goodwill donations feels goooood} & things are generally pretty tidy around here these days so the nesting bug has simmered a bit too.

i'm all caught up on photoshoot edits & am finding myself with just a little more time than usual which has led me back to a long lost love of mine... pinterest.  oh man, how i've missed thee.  and i've missed projects.  being creative & watching things go from just an idea to an actual physical completed thing.  i don't think i've done very many projects in the last nine months on account of all my napping.  seriously!  parker's naptime was generally when i'd do cool stuff like fun DIY projects & blog posts & lately his naptime has been MY naptime.  which is nice but not very creatively fulfilling.

so i was perusing pinterest yesterday & found two pins that went together perfectly.  a personalized alphabet book & a code for a free 8x8" photobook from shutterfly.  it was like it was meant to be!

i started on it approximately five minutes later.  that's gotta be some sort of new record for acting on a pin, right?  i'm creating the pages in photoshop & just importing them into the book as full page pictures.  most of the pictures are from archives... it's been awesome to find some use for those pictures that are just living sad neglected lives in my iPhoto albums.  a few of the pages are pictures i've taken just for this project though & that's been fun too.

this book is all about parker & his favorite things.  there's no mention of baby brother because i'm hoping he'll have it as a little keepsake of when he was our one & only... i'm sure there will be lots of parker + baby brother in his future so i want this to be a special little book for him.

and why have i not been doing more photobooks in my life?  such an awesome way to display your photos!!  i feel many many more of these coming on in my future.  i think i'm addicted.

here are just a few examples of some of the pages.  when the book actually comes i'll take some pictures & show off the final product.

but first i have to think of something for U, V & Y.  hmmmmm... any ideas?


  1. That is such a cute idea!! Gotta love Pinterest.

    Um... Umbrella? Virginia? (have you ever been to Virginia? LOL) Yellow? Hah, good luck. :)

    1. lol, funny thing is we don't own an umbrella! here in seattle, we just invest in really good rain coats ;) And nope! never been to Virginia... hehe. i thought about yellow, it might end up being that!

  2. Funny - I have the exact same project in the works!

    U - underpants / underwear
    V - vacation
    Y - YOU!


  3. I make a ridiculous amount of photo books and my oldest loves looking through them! I hate scrap booking so I make a book each year for their birthdays instead.

    Y- yawn!

  4. I was going to do this for Ryann's birthday since we had an alphabet party, but never got around to it. Yours looks like it is going to be really cute!

    I was thinking underwear for U as well. Y could be yogurt? You works too. V for veggies maybe.

  5. I'm currently making photo books of Delia's first and second years...I hate that I'm bad about printing all of the photos I take! Some friends of mine do this ( Maybe you can get some ideas from that for your remaining letters =)

  6. This looks like so much fun!! I think I will start one today. I am addicted to photo books also. Porter has like 7 already and he just now turning two.

    U- Umbrella - seems like it's always raining there.
    V- Vegetable
    Y- Yellow

  7. Super cute! I second underwear, vacation and you.

  8. I saw that pin for the photobook on pinterest. I'm TOTES making one.

  9. I am addicted to making photobooks! I have made one for every year of my son's life, special vacation trips, family pictures etc. They are fun!

  10. How about for U you do "Up" with a photo of Parker reaching up for you or looking up at an airplane? For V, I like the "Vacation" idea, and for Y I like "You".

    I love making photo books, it is so satisfying to see all my photos collected in one easy to flip through book.

    Have fun keeping yourself busy Pinteresting!

  11. Great idear! ;)

    U = Under (Under the bed)
    V = Vehicle/Veggies
    Y = Yellow/Yelling/Yard

  12. U = underwear
    V = vacation
    Y = yelling

  13. Lots of great suggestions - mine are already mentioned! Such a great idea! You will do a super job as always...

  14. This is an awesome idea and your commenters have left great suggestions!

    I would go with up (child being picked up), veggies, and yellow.

  15. Umbrella! {Parker playing in the rain}
    Vegetables! {Parker eating}
    Yummy! {messy face of chocolate/cake}

    Love the idea ---- may just have to do one myself!

  16. 10 days - Oh MY!!!!! So exciting! Yes, I've seen that alphabet book before and love it! Yours is coming out so beautiful! So let's see... U for underwear, uniform, undecided, uncle. V for vacation, victory, veggies. Y for yummy, yams, you, year, yelling, yellow, yikes, yippy! I don't know; just some ideas :o)

  17. this is such an adorable idea!! i think i might make one for owen for christmas!! :)

  18. I started this exact thing with the last free book code I got lol! I never got around to finishing it before the code expired though :(

  19. Hmmm...

    U - Under?
    V - I liked the Vacation idea, or a color, like Violet
    Y - Yum! Maybe a cookie picture?

  20. LOVE, LOVE, love! great idea!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. awesome idea AMY!
    How funny is this... I was doing the same thing
    {making 2 free photo books} the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy.
    CRAZY!! I can't believe I was still pregnant just a few weeks ago. HAHA
    Well... 10 days left & we are so excited for our cute little family!
    To add to the excitement... 3 new little NIELSON boys in 2012!! YAY!!

  23. I love this! What font are you using?

  24. Thanks so much for the great idea! Working on my list now! How 'bout yogurt for Y? As in yogurt in neck creases? ;)

  25. OMG OMG I missed so much! I'm so excited for you! Wishing you the best & safe delivery. I can't wait! Eek!


  26. I did this for my oldest a long time ago (before digital scrapbooking--gasp!).
    I just checked out her book and for U we had Upside Down, Under, Unwrap, Umbrella
    V=Veggies, Visor, Vest, Vase
    Y=Yellow, Yuletide, Yummy

  27. I'm totally getting in to the photo book stuff too! & have just started making a list for an alphabet one! I think we'll do yogurt for y, because Daniel loves them! :) xxx


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