Wednesday, July 16, 2014

life lately // july

and a second post!  just too many pics i wanna share to all put in one post.  so here's a second in one day.  i'd love to say i'll get a little more regular with the posts but i just won't make any promises... we all know how that goes.

summer is pretty much killin it.  my boys can't get enough sprinklers & water action & i'll be honest, i'm workin on one of the best tans i've had in years.  we are getting pretty used to these 85 degree days around here & are living like they'll never end.  life is good.

here's a few pics from our july so far.  most of them are from my photo-a-day project (see them all here: flickr // my website) which i'm still stickin with!  almost to a whole year now... although i technically started over january 1st so that i'd have a whole calendar year when i was done.  i can't even tell you guys how must this has changed my photography & shooting style!  photo a day has been awesome.  although, it is SO HARD.

anywho, how is your summer going?


  1. great photos! looks like an amazing summer!

  2. I'm loving your pics very much. I hope you had a great summer. Happy weekend.

    Lisa x

  3. Impressive collection of photos you shared here and I love it a lot.
    Alin shop


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