Thursday, April 1, 2010

36 Weeks & Some Long Lost Friends

I have LOVED being pregnant. It's been a great experience and I am so grateful to spend the last 3/4 of a year growing a baby in my belly. It's seriously been incredible. But, there are things about having my body back to myself that I am definitely looking forward to. And something that has been on my mind for months (but way more now that the weather is starting to look like Spring) are the following:

Ahhh, to train again. To push my body to limits of exhaustion. To program my iPod with an awesome playlist, strap on my runners, and take off through the front door. To jump on the seat of Tess (my bike) and speed down the road at 18-20 mph with nothing around but country roads and a new route. Yeah, I miss that.

And there a few things laying around the house serving as a constant reminder of this part of me that will soon get the dust blown off of them and put back to use. I hope.

My wetsuit. To be used again this summer for lake swimming and training and for a triathlon... hopefully September?

Tess. My road bike. (Named "Tess' b/c it's a Scott Contessa Speedster... but she goes by "Tess" for short.) I see her every time I pull in the garage and reminisce about spending my Saturday mornings with her for hours on end.

My runners. There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after you return from a good run. Good because you completed your distance in a faster time, or good because you went further than ever before, or just good because you got through it when you were convinced you couldn't do it that day. Yeah, running, I miss you.

And those are my long lost friends.

36 Week Update

Here we are, a week from full term! Wow. Baby N is pretty close to fully baked and ready to make his appearance. But not so full that I'm holding my breath expecting him any day. I'm fully attempting to mentally prepare myself for 4 more weeks and beyond. Anything earlier would be a bonus, but completely unexpected.We're getting pretty dang close to ready for this little boy. I really feel like we've created a nursery that we could actually care for a baby in (although the walls still need some last minute decor touches) and I feel like the essentials are all just about complete.

This last Saturday we had the last of our showers. It was SO much fun, but can you believe I didn't take a single picture?? I didn't even realize it until it was over, I guess I was just having too much of a good time to mess with photography. Bummer. It was great though, and I was once again, showered with so much love from the girls who came and Baby N got some very much needed essentials that I am super excited about. THANK YOU to all who came... it was a blast.

At 36 weeks Baby N is about the size of a Crenshaw Melon. What is that? Who knows. But apparently it's about 18-19" long and weighs about 5.5 lbs because that's what the doctor told us Baby N's looking like these days. We've started on our weekly doctor visitation schedule and the home stretch is near.

Same ol' same ol' pains. Nothing new, nothing exciting to report except that Baby's definitely getting bigger. He moves constantly and his favorite thing this week seems to be sticking his butt out as far as he can and making my belly completely lopsided. I think I have a booty-shakin' little boy in there. What will his Daddy think of that?


  1. You will very soon be reunited with your friends again. Don't you worry. I wish I had the motivation you do, and I'm not even pregnant. Ah well.

    You look cute as ever.

  2. Sigh...I know nothing of your old friends, lol. Off to finish my cookies!!

  3. Looking good AMY:) You POST is really cute.... old friends:) I LIKE IT! Um.... I cant believe you have NEVER had a CRENSHAW!! How SAD!! LUCKY for you... WE GROW THEM!!! The way we discrible them is.... The CADILLAC of the MELON world:) They are YUMMMMMMY!! I will HOOK you up:) well... We can't wait to see your LITTLE BOY!!! Hope you guy have a GREAT Easter!!

  4. Great post this week! I know what you are talkin' about, the freedom of a good run w/great music and the bike thing - all outdoors. Exhilaration personified!! Sounds like you have your priorities straight, though, about taking a year off to bring this special little guy into the world. Lucky baby!

  5. I totally know what you're talkin' 'bout, Willis.

    Those last few weeks always made me more antsy to be able to run again.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see the wee ones face.

    --the word verification is 'gasee'. ;)

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