Thursday, April 8, 2010

37 Weeks & Some Progress

Not the kind of progress one might think of when referring to a pending due date. No dilation, no effacement for those who are interested. Nope, I'm talking progress in being READY for Baby N.

Things are coming together. The nursery is taking shape and I think a baby could probably actually live in this house if he had to.

I'll give you a sneak peek into what's goin on in the nursery, I know you're all dying to see. I actually ordered his bedding this week and have been watching the UPS tracking info like a hawk. This is his bedding:

And my mom is working on some art to put up above the crib, which I'm super excited about... it's gonna look something like this:

Freakin cute, right? Don't worry, if you like it I can hook you up. She does this stuff for a living.

Oh, and this week's splurge/source of excitement? I bought Baby Boy a sock monkey. I couldn't be happier with him.

37 Week Update - FULL TERM

If I was to go into labor today, this baby would be considered fully baked. All his vital organs are fully developed and all he's doing in there from now on is getting fatter. Just like his momma. So... any day now Baby Boy!!

At 37 weeks, needless to say... I'm uncomfortable. Sleep is the worst, followed only by walking. Oh yeah, and standing up... and getting out of bed... and getting out of the car... and... you get the idea.

I found a new source of happiness this week. SWIMMING. It felt amazing to glide through the water feeling completely weightless without any sort of weight or pressure on my back/pelvis. I went yesterday, and am counting down the minutes til I go again tomorrow.

I was a bit nervous about walking out into the public pool amongst onlookers of all sorts at 37 weeks prego, but I got over it quick. I love my big bump. The real self-confidence tester will be doing the same thing a few weeks post-prego... oy vey.


  1. Oh yea, I forgot about how fun it is to get in and out of the car. Especially when your car is really low to the ground like mine was. yikes!
    You look great!
    Love ya!

  2. I am in love with the jungle theme of your nursery. It's so close to the Noah's Ark theme I want to do if we ever have a little boy.

    Swimming when pregnant is the BEST!! I swam 5-6 days a week when I was pregnant with Ellie. That's when we lived in MN and we had a heated pool in our backyard.

    I know you feel awful, but you look super cute. And all the pain and discomfort you feel now will be totally worth it once you hold your baby.

  3. Amy you rock and look awesome!!!

  4. Ahh! Baby N will have THE cutest nursery! I love the bedding (which, I may add, somewhat matches the new page banner)!! Also, mega excited
    about the sock monkey.

  5. P.S. You're so prego! And so cute! Sorry you're uncomfortable but you'll get to meet Baby soon. :) wish we were there! Love you guys. XOXO.

  6. Devin: I can't wait until I forget about all these fun pains too!! It's a miracle that we do forget, or else everyone would always only have one kid!

    Laura: I sure hope you guys keep trying for that boy... cuz you make the cutest kids!

    Maria: THANK YOU!! You made my day :)

    Jess: I LOVE the sock monkey, seriously, he makes me very happy. AND, wish you were here too. Let's shoot for June, yeah? Yeah!

  7. Countdown is very close! You look amazingly slim to me! Looks like the baby's nest is getting very compfy & cute! Love you!

  8. You look so cute! I can't wait until I'm that far along. I can't wait to see you in person and see the preggars glow. Hey by the way I don't have to close next week if you guys wanted to do FHE on the 19th! See you sunday! :)


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