Sunday, April 25, 2010

39 Weeks & More Off the Bucket List

So since our lives will be changing pretty drastically here any day now (hear that Baby? ANY DAY NOW!) we've continued to fill every spare second with something we know we won't be able to do for a while in the future... well, very easily anyway. Or, very spontaneously.

Saturday was supposed to be a lazy day. It was supposed to be a stay-at-home-and-get-things-done-around-the-house sort of day. Sam was going to organize the garage, I was gonna catch up on laundry. Ya know... standard Saturday activities.

We sat in bed until around 10 (when will we EVER be able to do this again??), eating breakfast and watching the news and thinking about what we could do for fun. Next thing I know, Sam is looking up Blazer playoff tickets on Craigslist and finds a deal we couldn't pass up. In a matter of 15 minutes, we were Portland bound flying down I-5 trying to make 12:30 tip off. Crazy.

We didn't think the Blazers had a chance, but thought a playoff game would be a blast anyway. Neither of us had ever been to a playoff game and thought it would be fun. Much to our surprise, Brandon Roy was suited up and looked like he would be playing... just EIGHT days after knee surgery. It was incredible and somehow the Blazers pulled off the win. The energy in the Rose Garden was electric. So much FUN. (Thanks for going with us on such last minute notice Jodi and Jason!!)

I took quite a few videos of the game, but it doesn't come close to capturing how loud it was in that building. It was nuts. This is one of my favorite clips. I love you Steve Nash, but I'm sorry... this was not your game.

39 Week Update

We had our 39 week appointment on Thursday. Baby Boy doesn't show any signs of coming any time soon. I actually committed to another week of work this week (why? why? why??) and we set up a date to be induced, if it comes to that. 41 Weeks. Cinco de Mayo. Yup... Mexican food it up, then head to the hospital for a late night induction. Let's just hope he decides to come on his own before then.

My belly has gotten pretty big, and I'm starting to think about what it's gonna take to get him out. I kinda hoped he would come early and just be a little guy... but now I have all these thoughts (nightmares!) of pushing out a little monster.

Ah well. I suppose this is the first of many many things to come with having kids, and experiencing things that are beyond my control. Oh boy.


  1. OK - now I see why you vanished in mid-conversation on IM yesterday - you were headed to Portland! Oh and yeah - i remember those thoughts of how is this baby going to ever get out? Even so, your little guy is way less work where he is...but you are in for so many incredible experiences you can't even imagine after he arrives...Love ya. Mom

  2. You're SO ready to pop! Really, any day now, Baby.. Feel free to enter this world! The game looks like a total blast but it'll be better when it's a party of three at those games! We all know Baby N will have souvenir gear to go around. Can't let him go to games without the proper attire! (Which has already been exhibited with the M's hat!) We're waiting to hear of any news up your way! :)

  3. i seriously can't believe that belly! i bet you don't even look prego from the back...i'm sure everyone's said you're so cute and you think they're smoking something that resembles crack, but you really do look super cute and tiny. way to go on that front!

    ps i read your ode to earth and you've almost inspired me to try cloth diapering...which is a big feat let me tell you. i just hate poo so much. i got a little bit of a glimpse into cleaning out draws when luke had a few accidents thanks to potty training...its not pretty, but if it really IS cheaper and you know, good for the environment of whatever...maybe i will think about taking the plunge with numero tres. yipes. good for you and your granola ways though. here here!

  4. Mom - Sorry about that! We seriously had no time to lose. Thus why I jumped up and our conversation ended... haha. We got to the game with like, 5 minutes to spare before they introduced the team. It was perfect!! :)

    Jess - Yeah, we looked around for some Blazers baby gear but just weren't seeing anything cute. Don't worry, it's only a matter of time before he's sporting his own little jersey. We wouldn't have it any other way!

    Tara - I've enjoyed the belly, and have been fortunate in the way I've carried him... I can still wear a lot of my pre-prego pants (w/ the old rubberband trick, of course) but am SO ready to see this little guy!!

    And kudos for even thinking about cloth diapering. It's a bit overwhelming at first, but I've done a lot of research so if you ever have any questions I have LOTS of good resources to point you to and can maybe answer some questions :)

  5. AMY you are LOOKING good and READY TO HAVE A BABY!! Thank GOODNESS there is an end in sight RIGHT?!! I cant wait to see this little guys face:) AWWWWWWWWW! I wish you good LABOR LUCK!! We LOVE YOU GUYS and you are going to be GREAT PARENTS!! Im glad you enjoyed the GAME! We WATCHED it here in UTAH with you:)

  6. I was hoping to come see some news like you were in labor or something (DANG IT!) but looks like you are hanging in there!! Can't wait for this week to come and go, as I am sure you are!! Will be anxiously awaiting..!!!! xoxoxo Gina

  7. Thanks Taffee! And a HUGE congrats to you girly!! We are so excited for you guys :)

    Gina - do you really think you'll have to find out I'm in labor from my BLOG? I'm not sure what sort of calling tree/email/texting/FaceBook method we'll use to get the word out, but trust me... you'll hear somehow a bit more personal than my blog :P

  8. Enjoy these last few days of sleeping in. I haven't slept past 8:30am for the last 6 years. Even my surgery 2 weeks ago didn't buy me a morning to sleep in.

    I'm sending you labor vibes and hope to get a phone call (or text/email/etc) soon announcing Baby N's arrival.

    And as a little side note, Makayla has been learning about the Earth in school this past week. Tonight during family prayer she said, "And please help the Earth to be healthy." haha! I totally thought of you when she said that.

  9. Amy, you are amazing! I'm so glad you guys are getting your bucket list taken care of and you are enjoying your time together before baby comes. I'm not too worried about you guys and not dong things even when baby is here. You'll still have some spontaneous moments, I'm sure of it!
    Don't worry about labor and pushing that baby out. It is amazing how natural it is and if you have an epidural, you won't feel any pain. It's AMAZING!
    Be careful about too much spicy mexican food on cinco de mayo, if that be the day you get induced. hahahaha I had a spicy soup the day before Hayden was born.....poor nurses and doctor...:)

  10. You litterally look like you have a basketball under your shirt! You look perfectly round! SO CUTE! I am so excited for you guys!


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