Thursday, April 15, 2010

38 Weeks & Why I Love that Spring has Sprung

There are so many reasons why Spring is one of my four top favorite seasons. I'm not sure exactly where it falls in line... cause I really do love the Fall. And the Summer. Winter has its perks too. But today we're focusing on the greatness of Spring.

There is something therapeutic about seeing the brightness of the sun and feeling its warmth. Maybe it's as simple as the dose of Vitamin D the sun provides? But that doesn't explain why I LOVE wearing sunglasses and driving with the windows down. Or why flip flops make me giddy and the sound of a lawn mower is like music to my ears.

So here are some of the things I L-O-V-E about Spring:

Ahhh, pedicures and flip flops. They go together like peas and carrots, I always say. I had my first pedicure of the season a few weeks ago and felt whole again. I love you painty toes and flip floppity shoes... you complete me.

Mariners Games. Sometimes I liken the Mariners to a bad boyfriend, who I keep going back to even after he's hurt me so many times. Being an M's fan isn't easy.

But Spring is the time when a Mariner's game graces our TV most nights and frequently requires trips to Seattle for a game in SafeCo Field... aka: My Happy Place. There's nothing like taking in the gorgeous views of the Puget Sound with a hot dog in hand and baseball on the field. Love it.

And lastly, this is something I love to hate.

Hello blog reader, I'd like to introduce you to Sam's yard-work shorts. Ahhh, these things are atrocious. I even went so far as to hide them under our bed for a good few months. But alas, he sniffed them out somehow and now wears them more than ever. Sam loves these things, and now I've come to love them too. With that, love-to-hate emotion.

I'm sure most husbands have an article of clothing that just rubs their wife the wrong way. These shorts are my nemesis.

Thank you Spring, for bringing them back into our lives.

38 Week Update

We had our 38w appointment today. Nothing going. This boy is very content to keep his head locked and loaded right in my pelvis and camp out a few more weeks, I'm convinced. But I'm actually doing alright.

Dealing with the daily uncomfortableness is becoming normal and I don't really remember what it felt like to not hurt all the time, so I guess we'll just keep doing this.

The mention-worthy pain of the week (on top of previously mentioned ones) is the constant pain in my ribs. Not sure if it's because he's pushing on them with his little feet, or if my ribs are expanding to make room for his growing body, but they feel as though someone has grabbed onto them and is slowly pulling them apart. So that's fun.

How lame is this week's picture? A leek? That's what baby boy is like this week? How did he go from a water melon to a leek, is what I want to know. But whatever, this is your picture this week. Lame.

I don't think I grew much this week. I didn't gain any weight, and "they" say these last few weeks it's normal to just maintain your weight or maybe even lose some. Baby can still gain like an ounce a day though, so he's continuing to get chunky, which will be cute I'm sure... if he ever decides to come out.

Welp, that's it for this week. Just think, there will be THREE more of these updates MAX. But let's just hope for one more. Max.


  1. Love the fun pictures of Safeco, etc. Sam's shorts are a riot! Very fun, upbeat posting... Love you!

  2. I love spring too!!!

    Hurry up, baby N, and get here already!

  3. I totally hear you about the love-hate relationship with a piece of your husband's clothing. :) Bryan has this purple UW sweat-shirt that he LOVES and I can't stand! Thankfully he only wears it out in the yard but when he's doing yard work in that, I stay hidden inside!

  4. Mom... I believe you were on the phone w/ me when Sam found these shorts after I'd hidden them! I don't do many sneaky things as a wife, but this was one I wish had worked out... haha!

    Devin... too bad your guys' crazy Spring has included inches of SNOW! Silly Utah. And yes, get here Baby!!

    Shelly... You had me at "UW Sweat-shirt". Gross :P

  5. I can't believe you're so close! I had to laugh about the shorts. You are right. Every girl hates something in her husbands wardrobe which they just love. haha. Can't wait to see pictures of cute baby N.

  6. Ohhh! I want to renew my relationship with pedicures and flip flops. Today it's 66 degrees. Surely that's warm enough to break out the sandals.

    One thing I always notice seconds after delivery is how much easier it is to breath. It's amazing how many little pains are instantly gone just by gettin' that little baby out. Can't wait for you to feel the relief!

  7. 3 things:
    2. HILARIOUS work shorts...Kevin wears these purple UW ones ALL the time. We call it his uniform when he gets home, they are his comfy lounge shorts. Ug.
    3. Love the toe-sers! Too cute. can't wait to baby N!

  8. aah, pedicures and i love thee as well. they sure the next best thing to crack i'm sure of it. so, i've been loyally following your updates week after week and finally realized that there is not a name for this little dude. do you have one? are you keeping us all in suspense or are you in suspense yourself? enjoy the pain my friend...pretty soon you'll have more it as well as a little buddy hangin around. good times


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