Thursday, January 21, 2010

26 Weeks & I'm a Mac

Yup. 26 weeks. One more and we're on to the 3rd trimester. Crazy. Right now Baby N's favorite activities include growing, practicing kung fu, & hiccuping. Other than that I would imagine he's pretty bored.

My belly grew this week... there are still 14 more weeks to go, & I'm having a hard time imagining how big this torso is really gonna be able to get. Actually, I don't really imagine it, mostly I have nightmares about it.

Speaking of the belly... here it is this week:

So that's what it looks like to have a whole 2 lb. chuck roast in one's belly... or at least that's what my pregnancy book says the baby is this week. Equivalent to a 2 lb. chuck roast. Yummy.

I'm a P.C... no wait, I'm an iMAC!

So we did it. We got our new computer last week down in Portland and have made the full switch over to being an iFamily! I LOVE it.

A big THANK YOU to Ryan (pictured above, working on the computer & looking a little bit... ummm, "special") and Christie for coming over last weekend and setting us all up. We had a good time hanging out w/ them for the first time as a married duo & could not be happier with our new iMac.

Registering for Baby - Calling for some Words from the Wise

We have BIG weekend plans: I think Sam and I might venture out to Target and Babies 'R' Us this weekend to do some registering. I know, go crazy! There are definitely lots of you out there who have been through this and totally have words of wisdom you could share. So now is the time to share it!

Let me know what you couldn't live without, what you never used, what you didn't have enough of, etc. etc. I need to know these things.

If your advice is make sure Baby has lots of super cute new outfits, then I am SO on top of it. I may have NEVER changed a diaper in my whole life, but I'm gonna have one well dressed kid. Heck yes.


  1. I love how much your belly has GROWN in the last week:) SOOO CUTE! and YOU ARE ALL BELLY!! I love it!! As for advice, KORRY & I would recommend that your car seat hook on the seat belt has individual hooks.. this is hard to explain... FOR ME:) You want the belt that hooks in seperatly instead of having to be hooked together snap the baby in.. I dunno if it doesn't make sence FB me:) HAHA I wish KORRY was here to translate:) and other than that..... Get a cute diaper bag:) THE Dad wil be carrying the BABY seat and RARELY be carring the bag:) HAHA Im excited to see the advice you get:) ill be ckecking back:)

  2. I absolutely LOVED having our's the best thing since sliced bread.

    And just 'cause it's expensive ((stroller, carseat, etc...)) doesn't make it the best. Usually it means it's more complicated to figure out.

    Good luck! You're gonna need it! ;)

  3. Amy, Taffee is talking about whats called a 5-point harness system. Basically the safest type of carseat belt there is. The majority of all carseats are equipped with them anyway. I'll email you all my other recommends.

  4. This definitely isn't a necessity, but we have LOVED our video monitor. As paranoid parents, it gave us peace of mind.

  5. Amy, for us the lifesaver was a swing!!! We didn't have one for the first 2 weeks and Hayden was a fussy baby and needed to be held in a very specific way to stop crying. Then we got a swing and our lives were changed forever because Hayden loved it! Of course every baby is different, but that's what I would recommend. That and LOTS of onesies! :)

  6. You can never have too many burp rags. Seriously!

    I recommend getting a light-weight car seat. Nothing worse than carrying a 15 lb baby in his (or in my case, her) 15 lb car seat.

    If you plan on nursing, buy a tube of Lanolin ointment. It helps with cracking and soreness.

    Loved, loved, loved my boppy!

    Tried the bumbo and a swing, but all my girls hated them. I think that one just depends on the kid. Since those can get a little spendy, I would recommend borrowing them from someone and if your baby likes them, buy some of your own.

    I always carry biodegradable diaper sacks with me. Very helpful for those smelly diapers when you are out and about. They also come in handy when your baby has a blowout (sorry, but they are inevitable) and you need something to keep the soiled clothes in until you can get home to wash them.

    Maybe I should just email you. I have lots more to share.

  7. One more thing....I don't care how much you spend, splurge for the pack-n-play!!! We still use ours and we love it! Most of them all come with a bassinet insert so you can forgo buying a seperate one of those. Plus, some of them also have a changing table insert (our first one did). They are great for taking on trips because they fold down nice and compact and they are just downright great!! Another thing that we had but really only works for the small baby stage is a portable bassinet. This worked when we went to my parents' house since they had a crib, we didn't need to bring the large pack-n-play. I received mine hand-me-down style from a friend so I don't know where to buy one but it really was a lifesaver for us.


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