Thursday, January 28, 2010

27 Weeks & We Take a Trip Down Under

I wish. Australia is one of our favourite places in the whole wide world and a trip back is highly overdue.

In the meantime, we find ways to incorporate Aussie culture into our lives back here at home and attempt to bring a bit of Australia to us (Tim Tam Slams, anyone?). So when Sam saw an article in the newspaper (who reads this anymore?) last week about an Australian bakery up in the Seattle area, we had to try it out. There is nothing like Aussie baked goods. Enter: the Meat Pie.

The Australian Pie Company totally lived up to the hype (that I had built up in my head). There's nothing like beef in gravy with onions and mushrooms, baked inside a flaky crust, topped with garlicy mashed potatoes, and dipped in "tomato sauce" (not to be confused with ketchup).

While devouring our pies (and discussing how we needed to take home at least half a dozen frozen ones for later) we realized another trip Down Under has to be made. Soon. More on this later.

(until then, we'll always have November 2008)

27 Weeks
Welcome to the 3rd Trimester

Baby N. is about the size of a large head of cauliflower. He is about 15" long from head to toe and weighs over two pounds. That's like dang near the size of a real baby!

He's growing. I'm growing too:

I'm starting to feel some of the pains and uncomforts of pregnancy. Does this really have to happen with 3 more months to go? Oh well. When I sit back at night to unwind from the day and can just focus on feeling Baby N's kicks and flips and other various acrobatics, it makes it all worth it.

So we registered last week. Thank you SO MUCH to all who put in a couple words of advice about what they found was useful/not useful/a waste/etc. It made us feel like we almost knew what we were doing. People have done this whole baby thing billions and billions of times before us, so I'm pretty confident we'll figure it all out at some point... and I realize that it will all be a huge learn-as-you-go process too. Like, on the job training. I'm good with that.

This is me convincing myself not to freak out.


  1. That meat pie looks and sounds delish! And I just ate dinner even! You are seriously all belly girl! Where did you register??? :) Yes, let the uncomfort begin. It will all be worth it of course. Can't wait to see him!

  2. You are doing great! Not too much longer and you will have a beautiful little boy!!

    You are hot...seriously.

    I love ya!

  3. The MEAT PIE looks YUMMY!!!! Please take us to this place when we come out:) WE MISS YOU GUYS and No need to worry about BABY N.. You will be GREAT:) AND everything will be BETTER than you imagined when he is FINALLY here!!! Im SOOO excited for you guys!!

  4. Amy! you're belly is lookin so cute! You are still so tiny. Can't wait to see it in person, miss you guys

  5. Yeah for the 3rd trimester! You look great! Not much longer! I wish we lived closer - we had a good time with you guys in December! p.s. Ryan convinced us to get an imac - just like yours....we LOVE it!

  6. Whenever we get together, we always talk about having tim tam slams but it has never actually happened :( I will just have to buy my own and try it at home.

  7. We are Tim Tam Slams lovers at our house. Tell Sam to come HT and bring you with him. We could have some then! And we could talk about cloth diapers! I also have a really fun toy and cradle that I am wondering if you guys would like to borrow.

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