Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hello Cyberspace! It's true. All those rumors you've heard the internet bloggers speculate about... I'm leggo-my-prego! Knocked up! With Child! Got a bun-in-the-oven! A pea in the pod! Etc, etc... you get the point.

How did this happen you ask? Really...? Dumb question.

Ok, not so dumb... we didn't think it was possible either and yes, I was having problems in the normal-female-reproductive-functioning-area (aka: very irregular cycles. TMI? Maybe). Then one day at a check up with a reproductive specialist (think back to my "mystery health problems" post) where we were like, "Hey doctor, why don't I have periods like a real girl?" He was all like, "I don't know... let's do an ultrasound and take a look!"

After about 30 seconds he starts laughing. "Oh, I see why... you're pregnant. Yup. About 5 weeks." Apparently this is what 5 weeks pregnant looks like:

Crazy right? No, the black part isn't the baby. That TEENY TINY little white speck in that black part is the baby. Or really, more like a ball o' cells. The black part is my ute.

He told us to come back in 2 weeks and if all is well we should be able to see the heartbeat flicker. I'm telling ya, two weeks have never taken so long in my WHOLE life. Sure enough though, it did come and this is what we saw:

Yeah, this time it actually kinda looked like something... a little monkey, I think.

I thought after seeing that little heartbeat (beating at 140 bpm) all nerves would settle and this would start to feel real. Nope. I left the doctor's office feeling pretty good, but by the next day I still wasn't convinced. Luckily, we had another appointment set up for two weeks later (9 weeks) and he said we should see some baby movement. Yet again, the longest two weeks of my life. September 24 DID come. And yes, there WAS movement!! Yay!!

Not only did we see movement, but we got to see the heart flicker again, even in such detail that we could watch all 4 chambers of the heart move. Pretty crazy that a teeny little 9 week grape sized thing could do that. (Btw, the pic at the top of this post is from that appt.) We also saw all 5 fingers on one hand and watched the hands wave and the feet kick. Pretty cool.

Sitting in that doctor's office I thought... "ok, I can relax. The baby moves, the heart functions well, the heartbeat was 175 bpm... things are looking good. I'll never worry again." Yeah freakin' right.

I've heard the heartbeat on doppler twice since that last appointment Sept. 24 and am STILL on pins and needles for my next doctor appointment next Wednesday. Is that normal?

Well, today marks 13 WEEKS exactly, so I thought I better take the plunge and out myself to the world. It's official... I have a baby growing inside of me. My mom would probably freak out and think I'd gone all-porno if I posted bare belly pictures on here, so I'll keep it PG for the world wide web and save the skin shots for my personal collection. Sorry blog lurkers (I know you're out there!)

Here is my last week "belly" pic (please be nice and ignore the fact that it was first thing in the morning, in my PJ's with no makeup because that's the time of day when the belly looks best. aka: post-bathroom and pre-breakfast. TMI? Again?? Maybe. Let's blame it on the baby.) Ok.. here's the pic:
Yup. That's what a 12 week pregnant Amy Wang looks like. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. It might include a 13 week shot.

Well folks, that's enough for one night. Now that I've outted myself, I promise I will blog more (I know you guys have given up on my empty promises) but really, I was avoiding blogging because with news this big since August, I was afraid to blog since I knew it would somehow spill out. These little fingers can be mischievous.

Oh, and please keep all pregnancy/delivery horror stories out for now. I'd love to hear them in 6 months. Sweet.


  1. congrats! That is so exciting...keep posting belly pics. I kind of regret not taking monthly pics, because I felt like a freakin cow!

  2. Congrats guys... That so exciting!!!

  3. So I have the scariest labor story for time..............

    I'm just kidding. I wouldn't do that to you my love!

    I'm so happy for you guys. I can't wait to hear all about your pregnancy as it goes along. I can talk about this stuff til my face turns blue. Seriously. Love it!

    and I love YOU!!!!

  4. YAY! SO exciting. Congrats to you guys. It gets really real (can I say that) when you can start to feel the baby move - that is the best part and when it finally set in for me that YES there is actually a BABY in there and it is moving and I can feel and now see it moving. I think its fun, others think its weird - everyone to their own. ANYWAY, hope you are enjoying it and feeling well. Congrats again!

  5. Congrats! I so totally had suspicion when you had a status on FB some time ago "now always just wants to stay home & be a house wife this time of year!!" Yes, I searched for the one. BUT, that is very exciting! Congrats! Hopefully you have not been sick but if you have, my condolences.


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