Friday, June 15, 2012

thirty-two weeks. bumpdate!

and now we're in the less-than-two-months mark.  time?  you're a-flying!!

i am so excited for this baby to get here.  like, i'm starting to feel "ready."  we had our baby shower last weekend & got some awesome & much needed stuff for this guy.  my vision for our nursery is starting to take shape & i'm really falling in love with a certain name... sam just has to sign off on it {or think of a better one, ha!}.  our families are starting to make concrete arrangements for their visits & everything is starting to feel real & exciting.

also, it's comforting to know that if i was to go into labor tomorrow for some freak reason, baby boy would most likely be just fine.  i can't believe he's that big & strong!  i already have a real baby all ready to join our family in there, now we just have to wait for it to be time.

for some reason this last week brought on my first round of "wow, you have two more months still?  you're huge!" comments.  i got it at LEAST four times in the last week.  which is weird because i honestly don't feel big at all.  well, i mean, relatively speaking.  i feel like i've done a pretty good job staying on track with weight gain & i realize this belly has a ways to go still.  huge will happen in t minus two months, y'all.

also?  i just think that people don't realize how big the belly really does get at the end.  i mean seriously, you are carrying a full human being in there!  but still, people.  think before you speak.  when in your lifetime is it ok to tell a woman she is huge?  never!!

ok, moving on.

i've gotten a lot of people who have asked why i'm smaller with this pregnancy than i was with parker.  traditionally, your belly is bigger with your second pregnancy & for me, this hasn't been the case.  it hasn't just been luck or "beating the odds," i have actually gained less weight this time around.  i started this pregnancy about five pounds under my pre-parker weight {holla at ya stroller strides!} & have gained about five pounds less so far, so at this point with parker i was about ten pounds heavier.

reasons for this?  ummm, more self control?  less "woohoo, i'm pregnant let's eat two of everything!" mentality?  because i gained a lot right off the bat with parker for those reasons.  like, we're talking 14 pounds before i was outta the first trimester.  so that has something to do with it.  also for some really weird reason i have no appetite with this pregnancy.  i get full super fast & food still kinda leaves me feeling sick.  except chocolate milk & cookies, of course.  seriously, eating healthy has been a struggle for me this whole pregnancy since nothing besides junk EVER sounds good.  just ask sam, it's been real annoying trying to figure out dinner each night & we've eaten cereal for dinner way more than once.  and i think this kid is gonna come out expecting chocolate milk from the boob... oops.

so anywho, that's that.  every day i say i'm gonna eat healthier & drink more water & maybe even eat a salad.  but the thought of ranch or vinaigrette or honey mustard or ew, cucumbers, radishes & tomatoes make me wanna throw up.  and these are all things i've loved my whole non-pregnant life.  i'm sorry unborn baby boy!  bright side?  fruit is still delicious & i eat lots of that.  so maybe there's hope.


{disclaimer:  i've gained a bit over 20 pounds so far & am on track to land somewhere between 25-30 pounds gained total... so i'm still gaining a healthy amount.  i'm not starving this kid & i promise i do eat real food still, even though it makes me gag, & i take my vitamins.  so i think we're gonna be just fine.}


  1. I only gained 20 pounds with Ryann. I was definitely heavier than you so that had something to do with it, but also NOTHING ever sounded good. Except junk food and fruit :). And onion rings and soup... awesome four food groups right?

    I don't think your bump looks at all that big either. Yeah it is definitely there, but come on, that is not huge, that is cute!

  2. My 2nd pregnant was smaller than the first one too, also the baby weighted slightly less than the first one. well, both of them were huge (yeah, they got to be told they are "huge" since they were born) .. 9.5 lb... well, good luck for you, only 2 months to go.. yey!

  3. I agree your belly isn't huge at all! Clearly those people dont' know what they talkin' 'bout! :)

    I am 10 weeks and really trying not to gain more than 20 lbs during this pregnancy. (my doc recommended 20 lbs) I have gained 2.5 already. Hoping I can do it!! :)

  4. You are doing great! I think your body kinda knows what is needed. You have been seeing your DR. regularly and all systems (glucose, etc.) are carefully monitored. Excess sugar would show in tests. It is not like you eat a quart of ice cream & cookie dough daily - right? As for the size issue - expectant moms are wearing more form-fitting styles now that do not camouflage like they did back in the day...still it is just plain rude, ignorant & tacky to make those comments!

  5. Seriously, WHO is telling you that you look huge!?! I have thought all along following your bump photo's that you have a little belly. I have gotten some of these comments too (am due in two weeks, gained 25) and I am short so my belly looks big no matter what. I honestly think you look great!

    Btw, my favorite comment to shoot back at ppl who are ignorant and would say I am big has been something like "oh, I don't know, I think I look pretty good for 7 months pregnant" (or whatever month you are) and watch them squirm and backtrack. They end up feeling like big idiots. Good learning lesson for them. Never call a pregnant woman huge. ;)

  6. People are dumb. You're not huge at all! I cracked up at that chocolate milk from the boob comment. Ha ha!

  7. i think you look tiny! This is my first baby, and at my last appointment my midwife informed i had gained 9 pounds in one month. Geez...and i still have 11 1/2 weeks to go!

  8. you look fabulous!!! wish i could of looked like you do with mine! :)

    ignore the silly comments from people! they don't think before they speak!

  9. the first thing i did was look at your picture. my thought was, "aw, she's soooo tiny for 32 weeks!!" not. even. lying. then, i read that people said you looked huge. really?! 'cause you don't at all. people who make these comments are obviously looking for some attention and to get a rise out of you.

    you look radiant!!

  10. You look great, and I don't think belly looks that huge yet either. Keep up the good work mama!

  11. I think self control is key during pregnancy. With each pregnancy I get a little better about eating healthy and keeping the weight gain to a minimum.

    Also, I am smaller with each pregnancy. But my babies keep getting smaller, too, so I'm sure that has loads to do with it!

  12. I was smaller with #2, too. I think once you have lost the post partum weight once before you kind of think twice before going crazy! At least I know that was the case for me :)

  13. I think you look great... You're carrying well, you definitely don't look full term yet, and you look very fit and healthy. People say the rudest things and they're probably completely unaware of how a full term woman actually looks lol! And the truth is, the baby will sap it's nutrition from you whether you eat well or not, for the most part. I've been throwing up and can't keep down anything but like, bread, and that is what my doctor told me.

  14. I just love reading these updates! You sound like you are doing great and your hubby sounds like a great daddy! You are still looking good girl! You remind me of how I looked when I was pregnant. I gained around the same amount. It's getting so close; it's crazy how the time flies!


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