Sunday, June 17, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 83

happy father's day baby daddies!

this might not be one of the best father's days in our family's history since we're nursing a sick little boy.  he's gone through all sorts of stages today:  fever, then bouncing off the walls, then coughing so hard he throws up, then completely normal, then coughing so hard he can't sleep or eat & repeat.  but i've had to laugh at the irony... sam is pretty much spending this day defining a great dad.  at one point parker didn't want sam to leave his side so he ate his dinner on the couch with one arm while a holding a coughing & crying parker in the other, taking bites of his food between p-ray nose wipes.   parker didn't want me, he wanted sam & that's the kind of dad i'm married to.  pretty much one of the best ones ever.

anywho, we had a pretty busy week around here.  this is what it looked like in iPhotos.

monday.  woke up real late but the sun was out so we had to get ourselves out to the last 15 minutes of stroller strides & time at the park.  then it was off to the car wash where parker was a little unsure of the whole process & then a much needed manicure during naptime.

tuesday.  met up with our bloggy friends stephanie & hunter for their first stroller strides class!  they just moved to the same area as us & it's so fun to get to hang out with them!

after stroller strides we opted for a lazy day around the house... parker read books to all his animal friends before nap time, watched a movie before dinner & hung out on the floor while i cooked in the kitchen.  after bath, sam got home from a late meeting just in time to push parker around on thomas before bed.  i think parker was pretty grateful for that.

wednesday.  drove parker to his sitter's on the way to work where the highlight was definitely seeing a train {"choo-choo!!!"} go across the street right in front of our car.  that makes two year old little boys VERY happy.  after a day at work {where my belly button seemed quite large} it was back at home with the silliest little boy i know.

thursday.  parker ran a fever off & on... which meant going back & forth between snuggly mopey little boy & happy giggly little monster.  by the end of the day it was business as usual which meant lining all  his cars & trains up in a row.  it's what he does.

friday.  parker woke up fever-free & showed no signs of sickness so we decided to get ourselves out of the house & enjoy some sun which kinda felt amazing.  we even spent a little time at the park & i'm pretty sure my nose & scalp got a sun burn.  yesssssssssss.

friday night i got to hang out with the amazing stacy jacobsen & shoot back up for her at a wedding reception.  ginormous barn, dance party, photo booth, a bride & groom who LOVED to boogie?  yes, yes & yes please.  it was a blast.  {see more shots of the wedding party HERE.  #'s 1-4 are from this night... check. them. out.}

apparently i misjudged just how well parker was feeling because here we are, back to nose wiping & hoping vicks on the feet plus a humidifier gets him a decent few hours of sleep.  boooo to sick kids, am i right?


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
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  1. Totally understand what you mean about Father's Day. It's been the same here. Cami's in her room coughing and crying right now and she's watched so much Elmo this weekend it's not even funny! Here's hoping we have healthy kids later this week!

  2. Hi! I found you via bebehblog and I linked up my phone pictures! I hope your little guy is feeling better!

  3. I'm seriously in love with Parker's face as you're going through the car wash! Silly boy! :)

    1. I know! You would think he was scared for his life, but the car wash was all he talked about the rest of the day! hehe

  4. hope parker gets to feeling better!! <3

  5. That wedding looks GORGEOUS!! And hope Parker feels better soon!

  6. Oh man, these really make me miss you all! oxox

  7. Love that nail polish! Hope Parker feels better soon!

    1. dude, did you even notice that you were IN this week's pictures??? hope we can meet up again soon :)


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