Friday, June 29, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 85

i've gotten kinda lazy about picture taking these last couple weeks.  actually, maybe i've just gotten lazy in general.  i have valid reasons, right?  i'm growing a human & it's tiring.  but we did have a pretty good week & i did manage to take a few pictures.

here they are!

monday.  got up & went out for stroller strides on a rare sunny day.  parker had a blast swinging on some swings after class & there were post-nap snuggles.  those are some of the best kind.

tuesday.  followed parker around trader joe's as he did his grocery shopping & then hit up round two of the swings.  this time?  big boy swing!

tuesday night sam mowed the lawn & parker insisted on helping.  and by helping i mean running around after him screaming & laughing & throwing grass in the air.

wednesday.  while the sun was still out, i stripped parker down to his bare bum to help a nasty diaper rash get a little air.  i think he totally pulls off the socks, shoes & no pants look.

wednesday night i got all kinds of productive & pulled out all of parker's old clothes that were in no sort of order & organized them by size & packed them in labeled boxes.  basically the most useful thing i've done in months.

thursday.  parker was up bright & early & woke up slowly with some light reading.  i went to work & waddled around the halls & then came home where parker & sam had their nightly wrestle sesh.

friday.  parker & i had some time to kill friday morning & stopped by our friends for a short visit.  this is parker & cami acting like they are playing nicely but approximately two minutes later this scene ended with toy throwing, toy hitting & a timeout.

parker insisted on more reading in bed after his nap & we ended our night with fro-yo for the first time in a long time.  sam looks like he's upset to be sharing here, but i think the frowny face has a lot more to do with my incessant picture taking.  you'd think he'd be used to it by now.


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
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  1. Whoa I'm jealous of that clothes organizing. I need to do that so badly, but it's sooo much work! You'll be so happy you did it when the baby gets here though. And it looks like he's a little lower maybe?? Getting closer!

  2. He looks so cute in the big boy swing!

  3. Check you out with your mad organizational skills. I need to get on the ball with this baby buying and preparing. Aside from one box of diapers and a pack of onesies, I've bought nothing.

  4. Omg. That little shopping cart. He is so cute. I have most of Brayden's clothes in bags. I think I secretly knew I would have another boy. Haha.

  5. Ha, I went through my son's old clothes and organized them by size too!

  6. when did parker get so big? ha! He looks like a giant kid in the little swing!

  7. Good for you getting all organized!! He looks so cute pushing his cart around TJ's. What did he buy?


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