Saturday, June 9, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 82

so this week felt a little more normal.  it felt routine, it felt laid back & it wasn't quite so hectic.  maybe because it didn't end with me sharing a hotel room with five other girls?  that's definitely one way to spice up your life.

this is what our week looked like through the eyes of my iCamera.

monday. started with stroller strides where my plank is feeing a little middle-heavy these days.  then it was off to the doctor's for a blood draw {screw you, thyroid!} where p-ray made good company in the waiting room.  as happy as he was there with me, i think he was even happier to have a costco-shopping date afterwards with his girlfriend, cami.

monday evening consisted of parker & i entertaining ourselves in fred meyer & playing in parking-lot puddles while sam met with potential car-buyers across the parking lot.  it paid off!  his car sold.  sorry to all of you who were holding out for a chance at his 1998 mazda with 200,000 miles, it's now off the market.

tuesday.  another routine trip to the doctor's office... this time to measure muh belly & hear baby brother's heartbeat.  parker's getting pretty comfortable with trips to the OB's these days.  after the doctor it was haircut time!  i didn't get any pictures of the cutting process, which involved him screaming & fighting against the clippers violently because i was trying to distract him with videos on my phone... it only partially worked.  but in the end he was left with a pretty snazzy new 'do.

tuesday afternoon was pretty relaxed.  naptime-mombreak & post-bath cuddles with dad.  and milk & cookies.

wednesday.  there's nothing wrong with starting your work day in your pj's in your living room, amiright?  love my work-from-home-day.  when there was a momentary sunbreak it was time for a quick walk outside to gaze at my ever-shrinking feet & the cute wildflowers that line the sidewalk.  they tease me, as if one day we'll have a summer here.

parker & sam were out & about wednesday evening so i took a solo trip to the grocery store followed by an aimless drive in the country while blaring good music & eating a chocolate dipped ice cream cone.  just what the doctor ordered for this momentarily-frazzled mama.  {reason for temporary frazzled-ness explained in this post}

it's hard to imagine life isn't perfect when you get to peek in at this little sleeping face each night though, ya know?

thursday.  dropping parker off at his girlfriend's in the morning before work always involves some light reading.  and work always involves one picture of me wearing real clothes, because that is picture worthy.  also, the little boy in the belly was doing some SERIOUS rocking & rolling that day & i loved it.

also?  lots of rain.  ew.

friday.  we slept in a little & since we saw rain outside the window, decided to have a lazy morning.  eventually we pulled on our rain boots & headed out to our favorite place in the whole world, where we hadn't been for a couple weeks:  target.  ok, parker's only pretending to like it there as much as me.

then it was back home for naps & watching the torrential downpour outside {really, june?} until we headed downtown to hit up one of our favorite local shops to pick up a couple things for my shower hostesses tomorrow.  and then the night ended with a father-son wrestle match... per the uge.

it's the freakin' weekend!  go crazy.


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
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  1. Can I just say that its pretty awesome your pregnant and still working out! Don't think I could say I worked out while pregnant! Love your sons rain boots!

  2. Wow! Looks like a great week! Sam sold his old car and that has got to be the most perfectly shaped dipped cone i have ever seen! Love how a treat can sooth the nerves. Sorry for all the rain - even if that is why it is so beautifully green up there, it does get tiresome. Good to see you making the best of it with Parker's cute rain boots...

  3. Oh man - Parker looks SO BIG! What a little man :) You are looking fantastic as usual too!

  4. Parker gets cuter and cuter each day - love the orange sweatshirt and his little hats. What a cutie pie!

  5. i feel the same parker does when i hit up the target. that boy is the cutest!!!!

  6. Great week! I love those more laid-back, take-it-easy days!

  7. I can't believe you're still doing planks! You go girl!! That ice cream cone looked so good!


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