Thursday, March 4, 2010

32 Weeks & Just a Quick Update

Life has been crazy lately, it's not slowing down anytime soon, and I'm good with that. That's what keeps everyday interesting, right?

So this week's post is just going to be a quick prego update & picture. says Baby N is the size of a large jicama this week. You all have that image stashed away in your head for weight and size reference, right? Yeah, jicama is a weekly staple at the Nielson household. Psyche. We had our 32 week update this week with the Doctor and everything appears to be progressing along as normal... yay! My belly's measuring spot on, my blood pressure is good, Baby N's heart is healthy and beating strongly...

...and BONUS: this week I asked the doctor if they could tell how he is positioned. With a couple slight pokes at my belly she said "yup, here's his little head pointing towards your pelvis." For the record, I felt nothing. I was like, "really? You can feel something?" She looks at me like it was so obvious and just says, "yup, there's a little softball in there."

Whatev, I'll take her word for it. It's still early and he has weeks of maneuvering left before he makes his grand exit out of the womb, but it's pretty cool to know that right now he's all positioned for a quick getaway. Let's hope he stays that way!

And this week's belly pic. Yup, I grew. Yup, my belly's getting big. But what I'm REALLY excited about in this week's picture is that I got my HAIR DID this last week! Woohoo. Note the bangs and the highlights.

I didn't get any length off because very early in my pregnancy I read something that said a pregnant woman should NEVER cut her long hair short during a pregnancy. Interesting, right? I didn't forget that. Something about freaking out and hormones and making last minute irrational decisions. So for now, the length stays the same.

We're within the 2 month mark now! Baby N comes NEXT MONTH! (let's hope.)


  1. I love your belly! I really do. You look so cute. And your hair is HOT!

    Love you!

  2. oh my gosh Amy!! your so big!!

  3. Thanks Devin... and i love YOU.

    Bekah, I'm giving you a pass since you're my niece, but let's just refer to the BELLY as "big" for now. ;)

  4. ok haha but the BELLY is so "big" (:

  5. Totally loving your hair. I keep thinking I want to get bangs. Then I remember how much work they are and I quickly come to my senses.

    And we love jicama at THIS Nielson house. In fact, I might get some when I go grocery shopping tomorrow. Thanks for the idea ;)

    We are so excited for your baby to make his grand entrance next month! We are thinking of coming up your way sometime this summer if that's cool with you guys.

  6. I LOVE the highlights! Now you are ready for the big day!

  7. Thanks Mom... can't wait for you guys to come visit!! And Laura, I seriously don't even know what Jicama is. We'll have to have it when you guys come visit, which OF COURSE is ok!

  8. Love your hair! Have fun counting down!

  9. I love these updates. You are hilarious! BTW, you can go on Sultana's website and register for stuff you want. If you do it before your shower, people would be able to donate towards some of those cute Li'l Joey's.
    And, funny you should bring up jicama, I am making a salad with jicama in it for your shower. I LOVE it!!

  10. I was just looking at this again and I REALLY want to rub your belly. Like, REALLY want to. It's perfect.:)


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