Thursday, November 5, 2009

15 Weeks & a Vacay!

Yes, yesterday marked 15 weeks prego! Woohoo... only 25 more to go. I think there's been some definite growth in the belly department this week although the pic doesn't quite capture it as much. I swear there's been a few times I've felt movement in there, but really, I never really know what is going on in there so it could be anything. But there have been some very distinct "slithering" feelings and little "pops" and such that I can't help but wonder if it's Baby N. I pretty much have decided that it is, and it makes me pretty dang happy.

Here is my 15 week pic:So Sam and I have a pretty huge vacation coming up soon and I am SO freakin' excited. Like, beyond excited that using exclamation marks to describe it just cheapens the whole feeling. So yes, let me assure you I am ecstatic. I haven't really been thinking a ton about it because dwelling on an upcoming vacay to me just makes it come that much slower, but now that it is just around the corner I am starting to feel so unprepared and overwhelmed with how much I need to do before we go!

Do I have enough summer clothes that will fit? Where the heck is my passport? I need to do like 14 loads of laundry, some toiletry shopping, picking up around the house, and throwing away of everything perishable in our fridge. I suppose these are good problems to have though, and don't get me wrong... I'm not complaining. I love this feeling! We have people watching over our house/house sitting so at least that's taken care of. I won't be able to post my 16 week update next week (oh darn! I'm sure many of you are going to have to mark that off your calendar for next week... shoot!) but I hope to post lots of pictures of a tan prego Amy in two weeks :) So I'll make up for it, I promise. I don't want anyone to feel cheated out there!

So on top of being baby obsessed at the moment, I'm also feeling a bit puppy-hungry. I have ALWAYS been a dog person my whole life, and not having a little mutt of some sort running around the house has been hard for me. Well, at times. It's also really nice and the freedom that comes from being pet-free is pretty liberating too. But I think the perks of pets mostly outweigh the negatives. Luckily, we have some friends that have the CUTEST little English Bulldog puppy and we often get to puppy-sit. Last weekend "Duke" stayed with us and reminded me why I could probably go puppy-free a little bit longer. That guy was a TERROR. He's lucky he was made so cute because I'm not sure how long he would last otherwise.

I got a small taste of what having a toddler will be like because this little guy needed CONSTANT attention. If he wasn't within eye sight, he was definitely up to something. And even when he was within eye sight, he was up to something. He even cried off and on all night, waking Sam and I up at least 3 times. Am I ready for parenthood??

Anyways, we enjoyed it but I definitely got my fill of puppy-dom for a while. I wanted to blog about this a while back but got distracted and now seemed like the perfect time to talk about something other than pregnancy.

So folks, I'm signing off for a week or so and I will post pictures upon our return! When we get back, there will only be 5 more days until we find out what Baby N. is (hopefully it's a boy or girl) so leave your votes in the meantime... until then, adios amigos!


  1. Hooray!! You are going to have so much fun. I want to see cute, tan, preggo pics of you for sure!

    and yea, I understand the whole puppy hungry thing, but trust me, that's the last thing you need right now. When I was pregnant I had to clean up a couple accidents from Ella, even though she is "house trained" and believe me, I was not someone you wanted to mess with when that happened. Yep, I would cry while I was scrubbing. Pretty funny now, but not at the time! haha
    Okay that's enough from the peanut gallery.
    I love you and be careful. I can't wait to find out what the little critter is!

  2. Have fun on your vacay!!! By the way, what would Baby N be if it wasn't a boy or girl??? Teehee!! =) Talk to you when you get back!

  3. 15 weeks was when I first started to feel better! It just gets fun from there. That is also the time I started to feel things that I was not sure were me or baby, just wait until you can really feel it!

    Can't wait to find out what you are having!

  4. ohhhh english bulldogs are one of a freaking kind... and so damn cute.

    here's mine, Singer, who is THE best.


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