Friday, April 6, 2012

twenty-two weeks. bump.


i'm not sure why it's taken twenty-two weeks but it's really hitting me that i'm pregnant.  i feel pregnant.  i feel this little boy moving in there all the time & it makes me so crazy happy.  i walk into a room & strangers look at me & i'm about 75% sure they can tell i'm pregnant, not just eating too many peanut butter twix {which maybe i still am}.

every now & then i think about how we're having another boy & i get so excited.  i get so excited about being the mom of two little boys.  and, i've spent a lot of time this week wondering if he'll look like parker or if he'll be completely different.  will he be another bald baby?  will he have my dark eyes like parker or blue eyes like sam?  it's so fun to wonder & i've done a lot of that this week.

i spend a lot of time thinking about baby boy names too.  yes, i have a favorite.  no, i probably won't be talking about it here.  sam & i reserve the right to change our minds up to the last second & honestly?  sam's opinion is pretty much the only one i care about... no offense friends.  i will say we're having a hard time coming up with something we love as much as the name "parker."  but i also realize it's unfair to attempt to come up with something as good since we're so biased due to this hilarious little kid we have in our lives who makes the name so awesome.  does that make sense?  obviously we're not gonna just automatically love a new name as much as the name "parker" because well, we know parker.  all these other names are just names.  so i have to keep that in mind.

i'm still feeling pretty good.  although, after sitting for long periods of time {ie: internetting & blogging}, i do feel a little stiff & sore when i get up.  but i'm not having any problems running & working out... getting up early & getting there on time?  another story.  i'm a lazy morning girl.  but that has nothing to do with pregnancy.

some other things i really need to sit down & write about?

how scared i am of having two kids.  how i'm already anticipating missing having parker as my one & only & how i'm so scared of feeling like i have even less time to do all the things i would like to do in a day.  i promise these posts are coming... but this will have to do for now.  i'm trying to be in bed by midnight every night & if i get on those topics?  we're talking hours later.

bright side?

it's friday & it's the freakin weekend.  have a good one peeps.  {<-- hehe, easter pun!}


  1. Pretty sure you don't need to justify not sharing your name choices to the interwebs. If anyone gets their panties in a twist about that they have some serious issues!!!

    Oh and I snorted at your Easter pun. :o) After of course you pointed it out. And it may have been funnier because I'm a little loopy because I woke up at 5:30 for no reason and can't sleep (and whoa, I stayed up past 11 which is late for me!).

    And well... ok that is a novel. Um, hope you have a good day? I'll try to stop being awkward.

  2. I think withholding the name is completely fine! It's no one's business but yours and Sam's. Plus, it's another fun surprise around here :)

  3. I love that you say what is sometimes "unspoken" your fears about baby #2. I'm not even pregnant yet (and not sure if it even will happen again - but hopefully). Anyway, I already have those thoughts! Definitely one of my biggest fears is having to "share" my time. But I've had multiple people assure me that having two is wonderful - just imagine how happy Parker makes you and multiply that by two! :)

  4. Everything you just said could have come from my very own brain. Except the running part. Yeah, everything except that.

  5. Totally cute bump!! Love it!!

    Oh and I'm totally with you about not sharing the name online or to anyone else. We were the same way (as you know). I think there is something really special about keep them between you and hubby. (and maybe a really good bloggy friend or two) ;-). But really... everyone else's opinions really don't matter!

    Also? Can't wait to read your upcoming posts! Happy 22 weeks my friend!

  6. you look amazing! such a cute bump!! i love having my two boys, they are the bestest of friends now and its cute! i am so excited for you and your cute family and i can't wait till august to finally see him!! :)

  7. Happy weekend to you! I think it's good to reserve the right to keep the name private, it's your baby after all! :) Hope you guys have a great Easter!

  8. how exciting! you look so gosh darn adorable! xo

  9. Have you been to the baby name genie? It's a fun can use the name generator or peruse the mailbag. He answers questions about what to name your child, particularly a name that will "mesh" with your other child[ren]'s names. It's at least worth a laugh!

  10. You look amazing! I totally agree on keeping the name to yourself until your little guy arrives. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on having number two!!

  11. Looking great lady!!!! I can't believe it's flying by so fast!! Can't wait to meet this sweet one :)

  12. You are glowing with your bump! And I'm sure you'll be a great mom of 2!

    xo Becky

  13. You look adorable!

    Don't be scared about having 2 kids. It's totally natural and it will go away :) You'll be able to handle it ;)

  14. You look great! And seriously having two under two is SO much fun (in my opinion). I was totally stressed about it when I was pregnant and it is WAY better/easier than I had anticipated!

  15. "yes, i have a favorite. no, i probably won't be talking about it here. sam & i reserve the right to change our minds up to the last second & honestly? sam's opinion is pretty much the only one i care about... no offense friends"

    I totally appreciate that you do not wish to share your baby name ideas, b/c i sure didn't when i had my two. but considering this is a BLOG & everything is written rather than said, it's kinda hard not to take the above comment as rude. try to be a bit nicer next time when stating things kk?


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