Saturday, April 14, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 74

i'm gonna try & write something coherent as i sit here & watch episodes of "smash" on-demand because i'm a little into that show right now.  have you seen it?  it's my new obsession.  it's at least filling in for csi & law & order: svu since i've breezed through all the on-demand episodes of those.

anywho, we had a pretty sweet week.  lots of good weather & time spent outside which pretty much automatically makes everything better.  this is what it looked like in iPics.

easter sunday!  forget the easter ham, we were all about the barbeque steak this year.  after some napping we hit up the capitol campus & went for a little strolly-stroll to enjoy the flowers & the view.  it was a little bit amazing.

monday.  stroller strides on a sunny day & parker realizes playground tunnels are kinda awesome.  we hit up target after i dragged him away kicking & screaming only to have him glue himself to the giant red balls outside the target doors.  thanks target for that.  once we made it inside i shopped for san diego trip-attire & bought parker diapers whose empty diaper box provided long amounts of play-time.

and then the other part of the day that was kinda awesome?  sam coming home & whipping up some amazing dinner from the scraps in our fridge.  i think i'll keep him.

tuesday.  way-too-early morning snuggles before heading to the mall for more shopping & an important lunch date.

ended the day with a fro-yo date with girlfriends & then came home to a cute little boy sleeping all crazy-like.

wednesday.  woke up to a rainy day so p-ray & i strapped on our rainboots & met up with friends for errands.  the day got a little brighter when i got an unexpected break while sam & parker ran more errands & i got some alone time.  i love my guys but who doesn't like some bonus alone time, amiright?

oh yeah, & then i blinded parker with the flash in his sleep.  sometimes that happens.

thursday.  i went to work dressed like an easter egg & then ran off for an amazing pedi on my lunch hour.  easter egg toes to match my mood.

after work i picked up my little monster & met up with sam & friends for my girlfriend's birthday dinner... happy birthday lindsey!  then it was home for baths for little boys.

friday.  we spent the morning with friends at the children's museum & ate lunch out on the grass soaking up the sun & picking flowers.

after p-ray took a three & a half hour nap {holllla!} sam came home & we ran family errands.  there was an amazing sunset & i ate peanut butter twix to top off a pretty awesome day.

happy weekend!


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. Looks like an awesome week!! That will crack me up when I see those huge red Target balls next time and think of Parker! I love your sandals (and toes!).

  2. I never get tired of that sweet boy's amazing smiling face! I totally love the toes with that cute aqua-palette outfit! Matches the cute decorative pillow in the living room, too! Looks like a winner week to me... Have a wonderful weekend! oxox

  3. Looks like an amazing week, and I am again loving your Spring photos! Super cute easter egg toes, and loving your vacation clothes shopping!

  4. washington is a gorgeous state anyway, but spring time is amazing! love!

  5. My heart longs for the PNW and your photos make me wish to live there even MORE! PS PB Twix are a-ma-zing. ^_^

  6. I LOVE Smash. And your photos just get more and more impressive every week.

  7. yay! my first link up! hooray for instagram & android making me take more pictures on my phone :)

  8. So bummed I missed out on half of this gorgeous week by being sick! Boo! But it ended pretty nice. Thanks for coming to my birthday dinner!

  9. i kinda hate you because you have got to be the prettiest preggo!! you look so good... i looked like a whale :(

    i LOVED the maxi skirt look on you... and i can't get enough of parker lately! he is too cute :)

  10. You have such cute clothes to wear! I was always sportin' PJ's. Ha ha. I really need to go shopping for summer clothes. Downeast Basics is calling my name, but first I need to lose my baby weight. Sorry-- don't know why I just put all of this in your comments! lol


  12. I love all your spring photos and the belly! Looks like a great week!

  13. I had to laugh when I read your comment about those big red balls outside of Target. My 6 yr. old and 3 yr. old are STILL drawn to them like magnets every time we go. Glad I'm not the only one!


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